Dies ist anuj von Gadget Gig.. We have recently reviewed the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 on our channel, and now we have with us one more watch in the series and its the Colorfit Pro 4 Max. And in Todays video. We will do the unboxing and show you its features., Starting with the Unboxing experience in the front of the box. We have the picture of the smartwatch and the model name Colorfit Pro 4 max and its a fitness smartwatch., And here we can see it comes with built in Alexa.. Auf der Rückseite der Box. We can see that this is the Jet black variant and, abgesehen davon, dass, its available in few different colours. In terms of the main key features you get. das 1.8 inch TFT Display 24 Stunden, Überwachung der Herzfrequenz, 60 Sport-Modi, Aluminium body, Bluetooth, calling Auto spo2 monitoring Social media, quick reply; Noise detection, AI Running competition, Stressüberwachung, 7 days battery life and its ip 68 wasserdicht. About the app its Noise Assist and its available For both android and ios., Die MRP auf der Box ist Rs. 5999. Jedoch, its available to purchase right now for Rs. ’99. Lassen Sie uns nun die Box öffnen und Ihnen den Inhalt anzeigen.. So On the top we have the envelope which has the documentation and you get the Welcome card, and here we have the warranty details. And then we get the user guide, and this has the detailed info about the features of this smartwatch.

. Danach, we get the noise stickers., And then here we have the smartwatch itself. And my guys, my first impression is that the watch feels well built and this boxy design looks good.. Wir werden uns die Smartwatch in einem Moment ansehen. Können, Sehen Sie, was wir sonst noch in der Box haben.. So we get the charging cable and here is how it connects at the back of the watch. Das ist also. Alles, was wir jetzt in der Box haben, lassen Sie uns die Smartwatch genau betrachten. Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max, wie der Name schon sagt, is a bigger version of the Colorfit Pro 4. Blick auf das Design und die Verarbeitungsqualität. There are a lot of changes in this watch., So design wise. We get this boxy design and you get the aluminium alloy body in this watch. In terms of the build quality. I really find this watch well built and the straps also feel soft., And you get this apple watch like straps. In Bezug auf die Übersicht haben wir die 1.8 inch Display in this watch, and here you can see that you get the curved glass with very minimal Bezels. At the side we have the crown function, button and the mic. At the back of the watch. We have the sensors and we have the charging points on the top. Insgesamt also, in terms of the design and build quality. The Noise Colorfit Pro 4 max looks good and build quality wise. It doesnt look like a budget smartwatch.

Jetzt schalten wir es ein und koppeln es mit unserem Telefon.. Hier ist es also auf. And to pair the watch. We need the companion, app Noise Assist. And for pairing just scan the qr code and thats it. Your watch is now paired with your phone.. Lassen Sie mich Ihnen nun die Funktionen der Uhr zeigen.. So the first thing which i want to tell you here is that you dont get the 60hz display, which we have in the Colorfit Pro 4., And also this crown button is not functional. Now in terms of the features.. Hier sind wir also auf dem Zifferblatt und bei langem Drücken, you switch between different watch faces. And you can add more from the companion app. Wenn Sie von oben nach unten wischen, wird angezeigt, dass Sie, die Benachrichtigung, history and swiping up from the bottom shows you, the quick settings, and Here we have brightness, dnd, find phone torch and the battery status.. You can access quick apps by swiping, right or left on the watch face and guys here. Wie Sie sehen, we have some stutter in this watch and the animation is not that smooth. So greifen Sie auf das Hauptmenü zu. You would need to press the crown button once and Here the stutter is present, but its not that much. About the menu. Erste, we have the Noise health, and here we have the activity which will show you your current days, Fitness-Daten., And then we have the heart rate and guys the heart rate.

Detection in the watch is fast and the data is also fairly accurate.. And then we have the spo2 monitoring, and here in this watch you get the auto spo2 monitoring.. Danach, we have Stress monitoring., And here you can see how stressed you are And then in the menu we have the noise detection, and here it can detect the noise level. After that in the menu we have the sleep which will show you details about your Last nights sleep. Now coming back to the main menu. Then we have the noise buzz, which has the calling functions, and here we have the contacts which you can sync through the app dial pad by which you can make a new phone. And then we have the call history. After that we have Alexa and guys, wie bereits erwähnt, you get the Amazon Alexa in this smartwatch. And at the time of initial setup, you need to login with your amazon account. And about the functionality it works. Okay, aber, it takes some time to respond to your query., But the best thing is that you get the voice response, such as for weather, etc.. Next in the menu we have the workout, and here you can see your workout history and you get the neatly. Categorised 60 sports modes.. After that we have the breath by which you can do breathing exercises to calm yourself, down., Dann, in the menu we have Clock, and here in this you get the alarm Stopwatch Timer with some preset timers, and then we have the world clock.

. After that we have weather here we have the current temperature and you have this all new weather app in this watch., Und abgesehen davon, you can see the weather conditions along with the weather forecast., Then in the menu we have the music, and in this you Can control the music on your phone. And then finally we have the settings. In den Einstellungen. We have the activity goal settings and here you can set goals for your daily fitness activities., And then we have the screen, timeout settings DND watch faces, and after that we have the ringtones. And from here you can select the call and messenger tones.. Danach, we have the menu view and from here you can select list or grid view., And then we have the usual Reset Restart and power off option.. Also, Insgesamt, in terms of the features and options. Feature wise, this smartwatch looks good, but i am disappointed with the stutters and lag in this watch. And I hope noise can fix this with an OTA update.. Now let me quickly show you the companion app features., So here we are on the homepage and on the top you can see your fitness data and then we have the sleep heart rate, spo2 stress and ambient sound level data.. You can tap on any of these cards to see the historical data.. After that we have the exercise and from here you can start a workout session.. Dann, in the app we have the Device pageand here you have the connected device on the top, and then we have the watch face market, and here you can see the available cloud based watch, Flächen.

Und Jungs. Some of these watch faces look beautiful on the watch.. Danach, Wir haben die Benachrichtigungseinstellungen, Und hier können Sie die Apps auswählen, für die Sie die Benachrichtigung auf Ihrer Uhr haben möchten. Und darüber zu reden. So erhalten Sie die Anrufbenachrichtigung. Und Jungs in dieser Uhr. You can accept or reject the call, but you dont get the quick reply feature. And about the performance its decent and you can easily take calls with this watch and you get high speaker volume. In terms of the app notifications. Zuallererst, you get this notification page with the categories, which is a very good addition in this version. And about the notification. Here is how you get the social media notification, but for some reason we were not able to get the quick reply feature in this smartwatch. And during our testing there is a slight problem with the smartwatch as it froze on the notification page., But after the restart It was working fine., So there are definitely some lags and software issues here and there. Now coming back to the settings. Then we have the alarm, and here you can set the alarm and see the alarms you have using alexa.. Danach, we have the call settings and from here you can sync the contacts with your watch. And then we have the Health Tracking features. And from here you can set the Auto Heart rate, feature Stress monitoring, and then we have the SPO2 monitoring and, as mentioned Earlier you get the auto spo2 monitoring in this watch.

. Danach, we have the Drink, Water reminder, Schlaf, Überwachung, ambient sound detection, and then we have the Period tracking for females. And after that, in the settings we have the alexa settings, and from here you can login with your amazon account to enable the alexa on your Watch. There are few more settings in the watch, and here you can turn on the auto sport detection raise to wake and by the raise to wake works, pretty good in this watch and the response time is very less.. Also, Insgesamt, the Noise colorfit Pro 4 Max is a decent smartwatch.. You get a big 1.8 inch Display in this watch.. The touch response is good, though you will see some stutters and lags here and there. Feature wise. This watch is good and you get all the necessary features and, in addition to that, you get the alexa, Auto noise detection and also the auto spo2 monitoring. Fitness data in this watch is quite accurate, and this smartwatch feels really comfortable on the hand.. Also, um es zusammenzufassen, if you are looking for a bluetooth calling smartwatch with alexa support around 4000 Rupien, then do check out this newly launched smartwatch from Noise. Und wie gewohnt, wenn es Ihnen gefällt und Sie kaufen möchten, one then do check the buy link in The description below. So thats it guys this was the unboxing Review of the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max.. Lassen Sie es uns wissen, wenn es Ihnen gefällt und teilen Sie uns auch mit, wenn Sie Fragen oder Fragen zu dieser Smartwatch im Kommentarbereich unten haben.

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