Heute, Ich habe die wunderschön gestaltete Xiaomi-Uhr S1 Pro Music in die Hände bekommen, So xiaomis neueste Smartwatch mit AMOLED-Display Saphirkristallglas, 5 ATM Wasserdichtigkeit, lange Akkulaufzeit, Bluetooth, Kerne und vieles mehr. jetzt. Der Verkaufspreis für diese Uhr liegt bei etwa 300.. Jetzt in der Box, you will find a multi language user manual. Weve got a really handy wireless charger and, Natürlich, the Smartwatch itself. Now the watch is made from a stainless steel watch case with very thin. Bezels youve got a stainless steel, rotatable Crown which is used for navigation and every time you turn it youre going to feel some haptic vibration, which does feel really nice. Now the straps are quite nice, this is hand polished, real leather finished in brown and, Ja, they do feature a quick release, so können Sie sie durch Ihre eigenen ersetzen 22 millimeter strap on the side. We have two buttons and a loudspeaker which is located just underneath. Auf der anderen Seite, we have nothing. The bottom of the watch is also made from sapphire glass, which has been covered with this smooth comfortable ceramic type material, and you can see all your health sensors in the middle, and this watch does support wireless fast charging so 10 minute charge on this wireless charger. Will give you a two day boost of battery life, and this is a magnetic wireless charger and it takes around 85 minutes to fully charge that 500mm amp hour battery.

And you can expect up to 14 Tage der Lebensdauer der Batterie, typically on the default settings and up to five days of battery life with heavy usage, so with all features turned on, inklusive always on display, which I really like. This has a beautiful display. Die Uhrengesichter. Look really nice and there are over. A hundred plus watch faces that you can change to and the always on display is different for every watch face and it really takes advantage of that beautiful AMOLED display. Now you can keep all the features on, including the aod. All your health tracking on that means all day heart rate all day, spo2 and all day, streß, monitoring and all the advanced sleep monitoring features on, and there are some great features if you switch them all on, like I did, you can still get a solid 5 Day battery life really happy with the battery life. So far now this watch is 46 Millimeter Durchmesser, mit einer Dicke von 11.2 Millimeter und es wiegt 48.6 grams on the front. Sie sehen eine schöne 1.47 AMOLED display and Im, not exaggerating with the screen quality. This is definitely one of the most attractive. Amoled displays Ive, seen in a smart watch to date. Screen resolution is 480×480 and you have sapphire glass protection on front. So absolutely loving the screen quality. The first time you look at the screen, you are going to say wow. Des weiteren, touchscreen is very responsive and the system OS is called the new MIUI watch OS, which is very user friendly, and you do have lots of customization options.

Widgets Etc, which were going to look into a little bit later in the video. Des weiteren, this watch functions by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, 5.2 and your health data automatically syncs to and from the watch. Please note this Smartwatch does not have built in Wi Fi and it actually borrows the data from your smartphone via the Bluetooth connection. Jedoch, you do get a very decent built in GPS and thats, a dual band: GPS, featuring five satellite positioning. jetzt, if all that was not enough, you also get Bluetooth phone calls. So when someone calls you, you have the option to answer directly on the watch, so Health monitoring options if we start with heart rate, so you do have continuous heart rate monitoring and you can actually select the frequency from every minute to every 30 minutes or you Can switch it completely off and use it only on demand blood oxygen monitoring can also be set to all day. So when youre not moving, your spo2 gets tracked automatically or again switch it off. If you just want to use it manually on demand, sleep tracking and the sleep tracking in this watch is amazing its on by default. So you dont have to do anything, but you do have the option to switch on Advanced monitoring which tracks your heart rate. Throughout your sleepand you can also switch on your breathing score, which monitors your nighttime breathing stress, monitoring all day monitoring.

So when youre not moving, the watch will track your stress levels. So there are a lot of Health Options. I have everything switched on in order to test the features, and even if you do, you still get a solid five days, which I think is pretty awesome. Now all your health activities can be viewed from the smartphone app and it supports both IOS and Android, and Im actually connected with my iPhone 14 pro and every function Works absolutely fine. There is no compatibility issue that I have found so far. So schnell, look at the app its called the me fitness app when you open it up. You will see your health at a glance showing you all your health metrics and every time you open the app it will automatically sync the data to and from the watch. You can view detailed reports of any of these by simply tapping on the metric that youre interested in, and it will give you full detailed stats of that subject based on day week and month, so really really good health tracking. There is a workout section, so you can initiate workouts directly from the phone now, if you tap on the device section, it will give you a whole bunch of settings to play with. So you see your watch status connected and battery life info over here. It says online and thats. Actually your watch faces so local. So these are all the watch faces that are stored on the watch.

If you tap on online, you can actually download watch faces so lets just switch. The watch faces to a local one. So lets choose this one which says Crystal hit apply and you can see its immediately changed. But if you go to the online section, I want to show you how long it takes to download a watch face. Also lasst uns. Try this one over here. Its called nostalgic, its only 2.94 megabytes in size, so hit apply, and you guys can see for yourself how long it takes to transfer this watch face to the watch. You should see a timer on the screen as well, so the reason why it takes long 2.94 megabytes gets downloaded to the phone straight away, but transferring it wirelessly via Bluetooth is what takes long. I would like to see watch face transfers much faster than this. Das ist also, where Wi Fi comes in, if this watch had built in Wi Fi, the option to download the watch face and transfer would be much quicker, aber leider, this Smartwatch does not have built in Wi Fi. Hence the transfer speed relies on Bluetooth and it takes a longer time for that transfer to complete. But on the positive side, once you download and install your chosen watch face, it remains stored on the watch. Also dann, changing between these downloaded watch faces is pretty much instant. So there you have your new watch face and that watch face. Doesnt, look bad at all and you can see the always on display has kicked in really nice aod on this now lets just quickly switch back to my favorite watch.

Face theres this one here awesome other options you have at notifications. You can switch on your app notifications and you can actually select which apps you want to be notified, for if we go back incoming call feature can be switched on or off. So you can take your phone calls directly on the watch. Ive already shown you, the health monitoring section, there is xiaomi pay, so NFC payments is supported and in the United Kingdom you are kind of limited to which bank you can connect to and also read that only MasterCard works. So the NFC payments is a little bit Limited in the UK. That is events, so you can sync to your current calendar. Weve got widgets that you can play around with, so you can move things around as you wish. You can add and remove widgets here now. We do have emergency SOS. If you quickly press the bottom watch button three times, it will actually call your emergency contact and then you have Amazon Alexa, which I have connected to. So you cant activate the Amazon Alexa assistant as well and under the profile section, you can set your goals and Mark some some other options, aber, noch wichtiger ist,, you can integrate with apple health or even Strava, so a very nice user friendly and detailed smartphone app okay. Des weiteren, Diese Uhr ist wasserdicht, so youve got five ATM water resistance, so you can wear this while its your swimming and it can track all your Strokes, Ihre Entfernung, Kalorien, Etc.

But I wouldnt recommend you go swimming with a leather strap on because thats not really designed to repel water, its going to get soaked and its going to feel really uncomfortable on your skin. So you want to really replace this with a silicone, riemen 22 Millimeter in der Größe, Schnellspanner. Take this off put the replacement strap on, and then you can Dive Right In now. Let me show you how to change your watch face directly on the watch, so keep the center press youre going to feel haptic feedback, and then you can swipe to access a whole bunch of watch faces. You can even use the crown to scroll through the internal watch faces so heres. A quick look at some of the watch faces available on this watch. Okay, so Im going to show you a couple of watch faces, but Im also going to show you the corresponding, always on display for each watch face Music foreign Music now lets take a closer look at the watch features if we swipe down from the top youve Got your notifications if we swipe up from the bottom youve got a whole bunch of quick toggles like brightness sound torch, and you even got a shortcut to your main system settings now. If you swipe towards the right or towards the left, youve got your widgets, so the first one is based on health. You can see all your health metrics, your current heart rate and youve got a shortcut to your favorite activity.

Now you can actually edit the layout of the widgets as well. So if you keep an icon press, you will see the widgets zoom out. Then you can individually change things around, so you can actually choose a specific workout for me, its walking. I do like going for long walks. If you didnt want heart rate there tap on it and you can select anything else, you like you, can have stats calories, Schritt, counter, standing moving temperature, spo2, Schlafstress, Atmung, weather and so on so forth, so completely customizable widgets. You can also adjust the layout as well. So if you wanted a totally different layout, you can create your own widget. Also, Zum Beispiel, you can have stats Ill make one right now. I like looking at my steps, a step counter and I think Ill have my sleep record and finally, total calories burnt, so Ive just created my own widget there, which is pretty awesome now. If we keep going youve got calendar, weather and sleep tracking. Next we have timer breathing stress and spo2 and then finally, we have the Alexa voice assistant. So the world is your oyster. You can customize this, how you want um, really really liking, how xiaomi has implemented the customizations for the widgets very useful. jetzt, if you press the bottom button, it will take you straight to workouts and you can select from over a hundred different workouts, and there are a lot of categories and a lot of workouts you can go through.

Sie können. Just you can choose things like belly. Dancing or even Zumba so yeah over a hundred workouts built in now. If you press the top crown like a button, it will bring up all your apps and there are a lot of apps, and this is one of the layouts. You can choose icon layout. You can use the touch screen or you can use the rotatable crown, so that was the grid layout. You can also switch to list layout for the apps and Ill show you. What that looks like lets quickly go through the apps weve got workouts running history, Statistiken, Herzfrequenz, Temperatur, spo2, Schlafstress, breathing Cycles, Alexa weather cards, events, favorite context, phone recorder, Musik, camera alarm, stopwatch timer barometer Compass, Handy finden, flashlight and settings now Im going to skim Through the settings as well so weve got watch faces, weve got headphones, so you can actually connect to some Bluetooth headphones. If you wanted sound and vibration, weve got display options, so brightness Ive got it set to maximum brightness, its probably better, to have the brightness set on auto, but for this video um just so, I can record it properly. I have it set the brightness to Max weve got auto lock from Five Seconds all the way down to five minutes. Weve got raised to wake all day or you can even turn it off or you can schedule it for a specific time. Youve got cover to sleep, so thats cover to sleep double tap to wake always on display is actually scheduled, so you can have it off.

You can have it smart or scheduled, so I have it on from 8 am Morgen, um 10 Uhr. Immer auf dem display. You can have that something like nine to five. If you prefer so thats pretty much the important display settings youve got, do not disturb youve got Auto workout detection this by default is off, so you need to go into settings to switch it on. I have it on now, so it can automatically detect workouts, Übung, Verknüpfungen, app layout, pin system settings and about under system settings. You can reboot power off connect to a new phone or factory reset and then youve got about where you can see the model numbers and the watch, OS version, Etc. So now its time to test the health features to see how accurate they actually are here is the O2 ring its a medical grade sensor, which you wear on your thumb, and it will give you an accurate reading for your heart rate and your blood oxygen. So were going to compare this medical grade device to this watch and were going to see how far off the results are. So already you can see 97 blood oxygen and the heart rate is around 74 Schläge pro Minute, so lets open up the heart rate sensor. Zuallererst, also das ist, the current reading 70 Schläge pro Minute. 68 beats per minute versus 78 72 Gegen 79, 74 Verse 79. So after about a minute, we are getting closer 74 Gegen 77, 4, 78, so thats how it Compares with the heart rate.

The watch does a decent job in trying to keep up with the medical grade sensor, aber, Natürlich, the medical grade sensor is faster and more accurate, but in comparison this is what you can expect now lets test out the spo2. So if you open up sbo2 tap measure, I have to stay very still all right, 93 blood oxygen and you can see the O2 ring – Ist 98 percent thats way off Im going to try it once more so again, 93 exactly same, and the O2 ring is Saying 96, so the spo2 results are not as accurate as I would have liked. So there you have it guys that was the xiaomi watch. S1 Pro. This smartwatch has the best looking screen on a smartwatch that I have seen in quite a long time. Die Uhrengesichter, look so damn good on this, and the custom individual always on display designs are also very nice. To look at youve got five ATM water resistance beautifully, designed watch with sapphire crystal glass finished in stainless steel, tiny bezels, very light on the wrist nice. Large responsive touchscreen and in case youre wondering I have a wrist circumference of seven inches, and this watch does not feel too big for my wrist. Youve got decent Health tracking features with accurate heart rate monitoring accurate step counter. I really like the Sleep monitoring and the advanced sleep monitoring features. The spo2 was not that accurate, but this is a brand new smartwatch.

Maybe xiaomi will fix that in a future. Firmware update battery life is amazing, with everything on you get five days easily switch off. Some of those continuous tracking features and the battery will further extend. I love the included fast charger, but you can actually drop the Smartwatch on most wireless charging pads to charge the watch or you can even reverse charge with your smartphone. Also, alles in allem, if you want a premium, smart Fitness Watch, the xiaomi watch S1. Pro is pretty nice for the price. I hope you found this one useful hit the like button.