This is a horizontal edition and of course the tagline says always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Well, we just hope so and here on the box, you have uh some of basic features: some top features: it’s featherlight only 1.4 kgs, 35.49 centimeters horizontal display, powerful, sound up to 10 hours of battery life, ultra high speed storage and robust metal body. So these are some of the top features that xiaomi is promoting. As far as this laptop is concerned, and as you can see, the packaging is pretty basic and let’s open it now Music. You get, of course, this charger. Look at the design, it’s, nice it’s, a matte silver finished laptop here you can see, of course, is the usb port. The speakers. Of course there is an aux cable input as well. This is the power button Music and see it’s it’s width. If you see it’s very, very slim, it’s a slim laptop and which is why xiaomi has named it the main notebook horizontal edition in the meantime, let me show you the charger. This is the charger and you plug it on the side of the laptop, and here is the other connecting wire, and you just directly put it on the switch along with this. What else do you have in this packet? See? Yes, now you also get a camera along with this. You know, whenever you have to do any me, show it to you. This is the camera.

Whenever you have to do any video calls or video chats or conferencing, considering we’re all working from home these days. So this is what the camera is meant to. Do you just simply place it on top of the flap, and this usb needs to be connected into one of the ports of the laptop Music. Yes, it’s all set and done so guys. Look at the display. The display is pretty smooth and in fact the keyboard keypad also that i’m working on you just have to do one click and it performs all the basic functions now it’s very important. To remember that the mean notebook horizontal edition is available in two variants. Of course, the performance is good for a thin and light 14 inch laptop. The slim screen borders actually come at the expense of a webcam, because you have to put a webcam, which is why the borders are perhaps thinner. So, overall, this model is quite light and compact and of course, with this laptop actually, this xiaomi has entered the laptop market in india and the premium uh laptop market in india. So this has an all metal body, including the body of the webcam. This is an aluminium magnesium alloy. We, like the minimalistic, look that xiaomi has gone with it, especially with the fact that there’s, no logo or any kind of design on the lid i’ll show you once again, it’s just a plain surface, i’ve personalized it with some of the stickers here, but nothing.

But the sand blasted texture of the metal is here and it’s amazing. You know. We also noticed that the silver metal takes on a warm you when seen under bright sunlight. It almost looks gray when it’s dark, so i think it’s amazing. Overall, the laptop looks pretty decent, looks pretty nice and, of course, this is all from this unboxing video, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. This dell inspiron laptop, weighs only 1.66 kg. The laptop comes with pre installed windows 10, making it ready to use the laptop is equipped with 1.0 gigahertz intel core i5 10th generation processor for smooth performance. This laptop has 8 gigabyte ram and intel hd graphics. This dell laptop has a one terabyte hard drive, which is sufficient to hold all your videos, movies and photos. This laptop comes with one lithium ion battery. The laptop has a 14 inch full hd display for an immersive experience. This laptop has one usb 2.0 port. Two usb 3.0 ports, one hdmi port, one audio outboard, one ethernet port and one microphone port. This laptop comes with ac adapter included in the box. This laptop comes with standard brand warranty. You can avail emi and exchange options. You can also pay online using your debit or credit cards, net banking or other methods for further information on the product, warranty, payment and delivery options and other offers visit the product detail page this mineral silver hp, pavilion, x360 laptop comes pre installed with windows 10 home Making it ready to use this convertible two in one touchscreen laptop, weighs only 1.

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