Okay, let’s look at the watches. There are two watches in the table on the left side. The black one is 44 millimeter. Why? On the right side, the pink color is the 40 milli meter. There are two sizes for the smart watch: iw13w56. Okay, let’s, compare the watches we can see. The 44 millimeter is bigger than the 40 millimeter pink color, so the 44 millimeter is more suitable weights. Man rather 40 millimeter in pink color, is more suitable with women we can see. Both of the watch has two buttons one wrong ground button and the other power button. The left side is also the same. Let’S compile the back. We can see the heart rate sensor at the center of the watch case are different. Therefore, if form the black wire in 44 millimeter has four hazardous sensors, while the pink color in 14 millimeter has only one hazardous sensor: okay, let’s power on the watch to see the software of the watches. We can compare the starting time the starting up time. Almost the same okay let’s slide down through the screen from right to left to see the menu icons we can see the menu icons are the same on the screen. Okay, let’s slide through the screen. From top to down. There are status bar bluetooth, connection, battery indication and qr code for application to download their same application between because they are same model. Okay, let’s check out the sports mode. Sports mode has the same sports pattern: working running, climbing cycling, basketball table tennis, football, okay and then let’s test the clone button to change the watch face both of the two edges of the screen.

Button works, okay, let’s change to the line grid, ui star to compile the functions first page. Second page, the layout of the applications are a little different, the grinder in the 44 millimeter, as in the middle of the bottom, while the 40 millimeter is at the right side of the bottom. Okay, then, this is the amazing smartwatch of iw13w56 smashwatch and it has two sizes: 44 millimeter in black color and 40 millimeter in pink color.