Both of the watch comes from the same brand demo. Okay let’s introduce the two smart watches on the left side. The wall is the iw13w56 smart watch in black color and on the right side in pink color is the iw26 plus smartwatch. Both of the watch are amazing. Okay, let’s check out the appearance. First, most of the watch has the same size in 44 millimeter. We can see the buttons are different. The w 56 has two buttons, while the right one has only one round. Button w56 has two button: one run clone button and and one power button on the left side. They both have two holes for the speaker and let’s check out the back of the watch. We can see the back difference at the top of the w20 t6 plus. It has two ping connected us usb charger connector to connect with the usb charger and because the w 56 is uses wireless charging, so it doesn’t l connector for the charger and at the center there both have a heart rate sensor and we can see it’s the Same sensor, okay, let’s power on the watch to compel the power button are different between the two models. We can see the w56 start faster than the w26 plus the watch face are almost the same as a little difference in the blue color of the background. Okay let’s slide through screen from from right to left. We can see the menu icons, we can see the menu.

Icons are the same, so they both hold the same functions. Okay, let’s slide through the screen. From top to down, we can see the status bar bluetooth, questions that has battery status, indication and qr code. We can see the qr code are the same, so the two watch use the same applications which we have to download and install our smartphone to connect with the watches. Okay about the watch device, name version release time and the way let’s change the menu style to the line, apb style we can see. The layout has been changed to line grid one. The icons are the same between the two models: first page, second page third, page. Okay, okay, let’s check out the spot function slide through the screen from left to right. The both of the same sports patterns that check working we can see. The sensor are the same let’s check as the column scroll clone button. We can scroll the clone button to change the watch face and on the w26 plus we can also scroll the clone button to change the watch face. There is 50 watch faces supported by the w56 wow, while the w26 plus has only seven different watch faces as a whole. Has some same watch face: okay, that’s. The two amazing smash watch on the left side, that is iw13w56 smartwatch and on the right side, is the w26 plus smart watch.