I will intro introduce the watch brand. The watch brand as demo as a fashionable brand or for many amazing variable, smart device. Okay, let’s start to introduce the two smart watches. The left, one is the w26 plus smart watch and the right one is the w26 smart watch this. The left, one is the plus version. Okay, let’s, try check out the appearance of the watch. The water size is the same: there are both 44 millimeter and the one is that is pink. Color with red rose, gold watch case and w26 is silver color with white silicone strap. There are all there both one ground button with red circle. The auto appearance is almost the same: okay let’s check out the back, and the watch back back are also the same watch. Cr6 44 millimeter aluminum case ecg, hazardous okay and this job can be both removable and be replaced with standard size of apple watch band. From other appearance they are see, they are same. Okay, let’s turn power on the watch to see the soft software well and the application. Okay, we can see the default watch face are different. The w26 plus the plus version has a blue color black background watch face under the w26. The right side watch has a colorful amazing watch face okay, let’s just slide through the screen manual buttons. Almost the same, we can see the icons added same okay. We slide through the screen from top to down it’s the same with on the left.

Side has bluetooth connection status and the battery the battery surface indication. The third one is qr code for the application we have to download and install on our smartphone to class with the watch, and we can see the application. Qr code is also the same application, okay and the way sliders through the screen from left to right. We can see the sports mode and the sports function are also the same working it’s more interesting. Now, oh, we can see the heart rate sensor are different. On the left side, the plus version has four small sensor where the older version of has only one hardline sensor that’s the deep big difference between the two models: okay, let’s check out the back of the watch again it’s different okay, then let’s change to the mem Menu star to 9 apb style we can see the layout of the screen has been changed to line grid star and the application of the menu icon. Also, the same let’s check out the watch face and we and the plus version we can scroll the clone button to change the watch face, but the w26, if we close the ground button, it doesn’t function, that’s, not another difference between the two models: okay, let’s change, The watch face we can see the watch faces are also different, although they are have the same. Seven watch faces. Okay, this. This is the compel video of the two amazing models. The left, one is the w26 plus smart watch and the right right one is the w26 smart watch.