First, oh, my god, fellas we’ve been wondering when exactly the raid was going to drop. Was it going to be delayed, let’s find out destiny. 2 beyond light? Is about a month away from launch for us, this means closing out the game and getting ready to hand it off to you with a few more fun social moments to unveil along the way for you, this means a final stretch of anticipating the new story and The new world, you experience as you aim down the barrel of your weapon of choice or the weapon that won’t be sunset right got em for the elite raiders in the room. This means a new shot at glory the race to a world’s. First, completion of a raid is one of the most spirited traditions in the destiny community race day is when the world turns its eyes to destiny, to see who emerges as the hero. We have stood next to some of those legends on the stage while they claim their titles in front of a cheering crowd it’s almost time to fire that starting pistol again. So the next race for worlds first begins on a saturday november, 21st. 10 a.m. Pacific hold the hell okay hold on let’s. Look at this november. 10Th is a tuesday we’ll have essentially a week and a half to grind, and then the 21st on the saturday dude that’s, perfect, oh bunjy’s. Definitely taking the approach allowing for everyone to partake in the raid this time, because normally it’s, like yo expansion, drops tuesday friday.

The raid drops everyone pretty much kills themselves trying to grind. This is fantastic. That budget continues. That should give you plenty of time to get ready. We see you assembling your fire teams and conspiring how to power your way up to a competitive level. We hear you asking when you should call in sick now. You know so get to finalizing your plants here’s. What else you also need to know contest mode will cap all players at 20 power below each encounter for 24 hours again. This is actually a way to make the raid more difficult to complete the first 24 hours, but simultaneously it puts everyone on the same playing field. Also, artifact power will be disabled during contest mode 12. 30 power is your team’s goal to be at for the cap. For all of the encounters being above 1230 will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight this year. The ritual for naming the winners will be different following all the immediate fanfare and bustle that follows the checkered flag. Our data scientists will be spending extra time validating the finishing. Team’S runs aka for those that are thinking about cheating it ain’t gon na happen expect the official announcement for world’s first to come a bit later than usual disqualifications can happen as per the official rules. To finish strong, even if you hear rumors of another team’s victory, fantastic yeah, bundy’s, probably gon na go there and vet every single team that actually passes the encounter that might be in the run for worlds first.

Hopefully, whatever anti cheat updates that bundy puts in place, though, would just pick this up all on its own. Now, an award ceremony will take place as well in the days following the raid will crown the champions who return first to orbit after a respectable effort. Once we validate a mission, completion we’ll enter their names into history. Every member of the six player fire team, who is certified as world’s first finishers, will receive a title balance as their ultimate reward. We will unveil the new belt close to the start of the race. Even if you don’t win world’s first honors, the earliest victors in the reign could claim some awesome rewards to let the world know you’re among the first to fight. Everyone has completed the raid in the first 24 hours, while contest mode is activated. We’Ll receive this emblem right here: oh that’s, sexy look now completing the raid on contest mode is no easy task. So if you actually get one of these emblems flex, it fellas it’s worth being flexed really really for those of you who want to flex in style. We’Ll also be offering a new europa ready raid jacket. You can purchase through the bungee rewards. You finish the raid before december 1st at 9, 00 am pacific. You can claim your coat. You can also use the code to make your purchase anytime before 11 59 pm pacific on december 31st. We’Ll show off a preview of the jacket close to the launch of the raid for those who, like to savor new content like a fine wine and not rush through to the raid experience, you will have rewards waiting on you when you get there, along with the Redacted weapons and armor, everyone who completes the raid will earn this emblem right here.

So there you go guys. Those are the raid details really really considering how much is changing when it comes to sun setting what weapons will be available next season, mods being completely removed? Armament mods, especially the playing field this year, is the most leveled i’ve ever seen it and they’re also doing it on a saturday. I think we can have some potential upsets this year, like really really that dad squad out there, man better, like the most diligent raiders, suddenly squeeze off the world’s first win, simply because it actually landed on a saturday instead of the middle of the week. That’S, fantastic and considering it’s a week and a half after release, i don’t even know what sick days you really need to actually take. I mean once you reach the level cap, you’re good man, there’s, no point to keep leveling so honestly, just playing in the evenings. After school or after work, i think you’ll be completely prepared for the raid on the 21st. Now moving on star sign the next generation. Oh yeah, this was the big announcement earlier today i was hoping they were going to cover in the 12 as well. Earlier today. We announced how disney will perform on your next generation console devices. If you have a pre order in hand, we want to set expectations for when the full suite of next gen enhancements to the destiny player experience will land. These upgrades will be delivered on december, 8th here’s, a preview of what you can look forward to if you’ll be one of the first to install a shiny new deck in your entertainment center.

Ah, let’s check this out guys xbox series x, which is the beefier xbox 4k resolution, 60 frames per second field of view: slider that’s right we’re, getting an fov slider for consoles, faster load times cross generation play and then, of course, the uh. The smart delivery. Now let’s look at playstation 5., essentially the same thing: 60 fps field of view slider and then the xbox series s will be locked at 1080p 60fps. As far as i know, playstation 4 and the old xbox will not receive this frame rate bump and by the way, for those that are wondering what field of view is. Maybe you play console field of view puts more of the game on your screen. It literally allows you to expand your field of view. A lot of people go wow. Why does your game look? Fluid well, that’s tied to frame rates? Anything above 60 looks incredibly fluid, especially compared to 30., but another thing that aids, that fluidity is just backing off. The current field of view – and i think, console’s current field of view – is it 76. Is it 76 guys put in perspective on pc? We play at 105. it’s a ginormous difference. Now the question is: is how high will this field of view slider? Let us go. I don’t know man the fact that they’re locking at 4k resolution i’m gon na go ahead and just throw out a wild guess, 85 field of view.

I think it’s going to lock at 85, maybe 90., a very big improvement over current engine consoles. But you know what’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be a field day for people that own the new consoles like really really you’re going to be playing destiny. The way we play it on pc and you’re going to be playing against players that are locked at 30 frames per second 76 field of view. The ultimate pay to win right now. Outside of that guys, there have been an increase in cipher, drops that’s right, double drops. You get two instead of one and of course there was just an overall increase in drop rates from completion of activities. Bungie actually outlines here that the increase in cipher drop rates does not apply to gamut matches, enemy kills forge completions and non playlist strikes. So for those that are trying to do some workarounds, my guys out there trying to macroforge us, you know so guys. That is pretty much your twap man beyond light is right around the corner. What are we three and a half weeks away? It’S crazy bj actually leaves us, though, with a final note, one last time when the business of the weekly ritual is done. The author usually closes on a personal note, so gather around, and let me tell you a story once upon a time on november, 7th 2011. i’m telling my family that i was running away from home to join the circus, starting my very first day at bungie.

I was starry eyed, terrified and in no way prepared for the triumphs and trials that awaited us all fast forward to now past dozens of events, hundreds of deployments, thousands of patch notes and millions of spent shell casings from my soros regime. My last day at bungie will be november 6 2020. What that’s closing out full nine years in the service of the player? It has truly been an honor i’ll, never forget having the chance to see this community come together and create its own movement, the next destination. On my professional journey lies down another path, but i’ll always enjoy retracing the steps we’ve taken together. I made a lot of stops in my career that has been spanned on many different lives. One of my earliest mentors gifted me some wisdom that has proven true time and time again always be engineering yourself out of a job and replace yourself with someone better. He insisted the truest measure of success is building something that can thrive in your absence. Bungie has been a very special place where i could do just that. The teams that i have had the privilege to work with will carry the conversation forward from here as they have for years now. They are a fine group of people who care about you as much as the awesome developers who work so tirelessly to create these worlds, that we explore together. In so many ways. The community managers who are here to succeed me are better than i ever was at.

Anticipating your curiosities, stick close to them and they’ll keep treating you like the heroes that you are i’m proud to say that i’m leaving bungie even more a fan than when i arrived those nine years ago. Whoever warned that you should never meet your heroes. Didn’T have a chance to work in a place like this i’m. Taking with me a lifetime of incredible memories of guardians, i would have never known otherwise. Destiny will continue to be an amazing game in part because of you. People who play bungie games together are the pride and joy of this comedy. It has been my pleasure to keep our community tradition strong during my time up front. Let us not say goodbye, my friends. The online is experience that i’ll share with each of you. You’Ll still see me around the weeks leading up to the launch and then i’ll be reverting back to my original role as a passionate member of this community seeing europa. Thank you for everything and please do be excellent to each other dee chow man. I can’t believe that, like when i think of the the community or the face of the community i’m bungie’s in, i definitely see deej uh. You know big shout out to deetch for what he’s done for destiny. He’S done a lot man. I i personally have been in summits, and there there’s a lot of people at the summits they’re talking, and there was a lot of times that i felt like i didn’t – have a voice where i wasn’t able to give my feedback, and indeed you would cut in And ask for my feedback, and that was uh.

It was really nice to be included. Deegeu really included me, and it includes everybody he doesn’t leave anyone out so guys i would say, wish him well deej good luck to you with whatever you’re gon na be doing. Man always enjoyed the conversations with you, the professionalism, the incredible theatrics you always put into your dialogues. It was always a wonderful experience, guys. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this twab. How do you feel? Do you like the raid date being? What it is, are you happy about the field of view, adjustments, good stuff, man all around great changes? I wish we had a frame rate slide or two. You know to crank it up to maybe like 120, but 4k resolution is still beautiful, especially at 60. Fps. I’M still blown away that the consoles are gon na, be able to pull that off, especially with a field of view slider hands down. If you are buying one of the new consoles coming up this november, you will have such an incredible gaming experience. Destiny 2 is a beautiful game, but with that jump in resolution and in frame rate and in field of view, the game is absolutely stunning.