The fitness tracker helps monitor the 24 h real time. Heart rate blood pressure, sleep heart rate cap reminder – will vibrate to notify you when the hr exceeds the upper limit. Turn on the scientific sleep function in app, the tracker will automatically record your daytime and night sleep. It will analyze your sleeping status by forming an intuitive graph and help improve your sleep quality check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one: 24 7 heart rate plus blood pressure, monitor electrodes, plus green light, plus red light, plus infrared four layers. Detection smartwatch help automatically monitor hr every minute in bp. Every five minutes and record the daily data to form reports set cared person at the app and easily check your family member’s daily health data. All monitoring data are only for reference not for medical purposes: number 2, espo, 2, plus hrv, tracking and scientific sleep. Fitness tracker adopts advanced sensor to detect blood oxygen, osos, apnea and hypoxia and hrv from 000 to 7. Am scientific sleep monitor tracks the all day. Deep sleep light sleep, rem, sleep, stay up, late and awake time help. You know more about your sleeping habits. Number three! 10 sports modes and ip68 waterproof collect daily exercise data, including steps, calories, distance, 10 sports modes activity, tracker supports running walking, cycling, hiking, stair, stepper, elliptical, and so on, motivate you to find a workout that will get you to move ip68 waterproof and sweatproof fitness watch allows You to wear it when swimming raining, washing hands, etc.

Number four music control and smart notifications simply tap. The fitness watch face to play, pause or switch songs. After connecting the smart band with a music app successfully, the watch could not store music smartwatch will vibrate to notify you about phone calls, sms text and sns notifications, never miss any phone calls messages and important information. Number five. Other practical functions find phone alarm, clock, sedentary reminder stopwatch countdown remote camera event, reminders, etc, set up the watch through the woefit app compatible with devices of android, 4.4 or ios 9.0, and above support 12 languages. English, japanese, german, french, italian, spanish, russian korean portuguese. Swedish turkish number six connected gps smartwatch connected with the phone’s gps, will accurately keep track of your workout, including steps pace, speed, calories, burned, duration, distance and roots number. Seven hang up phone call. When you receive a phone call during an important meeting, you can hang up the phone call or switch it into silent mode directly on the smart watch. Without interfering with others. Number eight brightness adjustment directly adjust the brightness on the smart band. Multiple brightness level for your selection, protect your eyes in different situations: number nine low consumption mode, new type magnetic charging provides fast and easy charging. One fully charged for the smartwatch for about two hours can work for five to seven days. Automatic detection will cause more power, consumption and the battery only lasts for three to five days and so much more. Some common questions question number one: how to hang up phone calls answer.

The smartwatch is connected successfully with the phone app. Please turn on call reminder at the app while a call is coming on mobile phone. The device will vibrate to remind you, could select mute or hang up call question number two: is this the same watch as the one with a black band answer? Yes, the green band and black band watch are the same modeled gt2 question number three. This ad in one place says for men and women another place. It says for boys, which is it answer. The watch is suitable for men and women, boys and girls, and also suitable for the elderly. Thanks for watching, i leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time.