This is one of them, so here's the deal somewhere in the middle of this review. You are gon na learn what this is and I guarantee you're gon na want it greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks. We are a YouTube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks comm and today is an unboxing of a smart watch. I guess you kind of figured that, but I did do a ring review. Have you seen that review on the aura ring? You got ta watch that one amazing, but we do other things beside watches. So we are doing a watch today and I want to tell you you know: watches are a lot like people when you meet them. There'S things you like about just about everybody, some stuff you're, not too happy with and nobody's ideal right, except except misses, ticks yeah. Definitely that's ideal whoo. I just thought she must have heard me. I just touched up a thing and it went on well. This is one of those cases where I've got a really nice watch. A really nice. Look at this beautiful thing with the Melanie's. I hope. I'M saying that right type of a band that's, the kind that usually is a metal fabric like this and it loops through and it's, got a magnetic clasp and you can adjust it to wherever you want when you put it on as I'll show you later. But the thing is, you know they all don't have everything you want.

This has some stuff and I'm gon na point out to you. What I would take from this if I were gon na make the absolute ideal watch there's a couple of things. I would say, then, the band being one of them. I really prefer this kind of a band and some of the screens, but before we get to that, lets, tell you what we're looking at brand new player here we've got a new partner called, dig or dige. Our Igor and from their Aliexpress official store they're presenting us with the new q20 it's a waterproof. I think they got their languages mixed up, SmartWatch and it's here, and this is what it's got inside of it. It'S got a little bit of storage for watch faces and whatnot it's got a 1.2 two inch. Ips high definition, resolution to 440 by 204 touch panel screen and that's, where the beautiful faces come in fully ip67 waterproof. However, it says: do not wear to swimming or diving or put in hot water. So you know ip67 says you can put it underwater for up to 30 minutes down to at least one meter that's three feet, but do not wear for swimming. I think what they're getting at is, you know swimming when you actually swim, you're, putting a lot of water pressure against a watch and you're turning it in different positions and definitely diving, so it could probably drop accidentally in the sink. You could probably get it wet with washing your hands and it should survive that, but for swimming you want higher rating than this, like 580 m5 atmosphere or higher built in 200 milliamp hour battery five days, normal use and a full month standby, which is really really Great it's got a pretty bright screen to a heart rate: blood pressure measurement.

Wait till you see this call reminder and so forth, it's using the H band app, which is a tried and true app that we've seen a lot very good one. Actually, bluetooth 4.0 iOS 8 and Android 4 for a higher, and these are all the different functions which we're gon na get to that whole female physiological cycle thing has to do with H, band and it's built into H band and any device that uses H band Can activate that because it's part of the app but certain ones have a tie in through tethering that will notify you on the device itself, where you are within your cycle and that's beneficial if you're not constantly checking your phone, so it has that feature. These are the different app languages, it says, wearable devices monitor human activities through electronic sensors and they are at the consumer electronics level, not the medical level. Okay, it's normal for certain deviation. The user should treat data objectively and I really like the fact that they're putting this little disclaimer on there it's not hospital equipment, and it never will be so. As you see in every review, I do on something that does blood pressure. I'Ve got a disclaimer down at the bottom that it's a toy it's just for educational and and entertainment use, but rely on your medical professional for actual believable data. In other words, we haven't got a way to verify the the calibration of it and whether it's accurate it's up to you to do all that stuff here's, the overall specs.

You can read them from right here and it's time to move on see what else is in the box. We come with a charging cable, which is a little 2 pin one. This is tricky. You got a magnet there. You got magnets here and and and it's right next to here. So a lot a lot of times. It just gets stuck so I'm gon na. Advise you to make sure you're connected here and then plug this into your charger, so that you don't accidentally, have the two electrical points: making contact to a metal band and perhaps shorting out your computer or your phone charger or wherever this is plugged in. I haven't had that happen and I have had this thing accidentally. Do that I'm. Just warning! You it's much smarter. I know I'm going into a lot of detail, but you know: where else? Do you see this on the web? I'M? Sorry, nobody tells you this stuff. It'S much better, if you actually make sure it's connected here, then plug it in and charge just for overall safety and it's, good and strong. It holds the thing now: we've got a user manual and that finishes out the Box, multiple languages and we will page as we usually do. You can, of course, get past this or put it in 1.5, X or 2x to get through it, but most of the time, these manuals are not anywhere on the web they're, not in PDF format, and they do cover more things than I have time to talk About in these reviews and their good reference, if you actually buy this thing and accidentally throw out err, can't find the manual so for this channel it's my habit to go ahead and give you all of this information noise, the heck out of some folks.

But again you can always skip through and there's other languages in here as well. You'Re ready gon na charge it up and turn it on. So you see there's no button on either side anywhere on the device itself, just a flat screen which has an active spot on it. The the bands are removable. You can see that with a quick disconnect, so you can put any kind of band you'd like on it and we just simply touch the bottom to light it up. Now we get into what I really like. I really like big bright, easy to read. Screens and this device has a you've got the time of day screen in big digits tap again. You'Ve got your step count. Distance travel and calories burn now they're a little bit small, putting all of that stuff on one screen and I got to keep moving cuz it's gon na time out on me. Here'S, your last night's sleep time overall light and deep sleep, but then we get to your heart rate. Your blood pressure and they're beautiful, beautifully bright and big sports takes you immediately into a timed run and that's all you have for sports it's gon na give you your heart rate, calories burned in steps vs. time, and it looks like there's a little arrow here there. We go, you can pause it or you can exit it and I press and hold long and I'm back out of it again then there's a message section which will push any messages to you from the phone and more long press.

So the button is at the press or a long press. You can activate a stopwatch or countdown timer, there's information setting and that moved me to countdown and there's information. Then I can come over here to a back button. I got find the phone if you're tethered your overall brightness and auto lock and switch then clear data and about – and we are back to the beginning. Long press takes us back and you can shut down the device with a nice big long press on that button. There that's the watch face pressing long here lets us change. Different watch faces here's, another one and another one, and this one's kind of wild and then we're back again so we'll cycle through and get that wild when up here on the screen. For you, a long press and there you go – got a picture of a bird white against black contrasts. Nice bright should be easy to see outside its time. At the beginning of this video, I asked you guys if you knew what this was and I'll answer. You now by asking you: do you know what this is yep? They go together on the brand new lympho le mt. This is a quick reveal of what this watch looks like as I get ready to review it. It'S got a little plastic thing, it's bubbly, because I've been playing with it already, but I am not yet ready to unbox it. I got some stuff I'm working with lympho on to get you the details.

Nope not gon na turn it on for you yet either, but I will be showing it to you soon, that's the charger game for the new lympho le empty. Of course, I have a buying link for this already just check the show notes if you want to get it right now before you even see the review, you can pick it up, so let's go a little deeper. I did an overview for those of you want to bail out now go ahead, but if you'd like to see more, I want to show you more so uncle tix, really big wrists here. We can actually take it out, but I'm gon na try and slide it on which I can oh it's, coming out, bring it back up in through here in order to do the heart rate and blood pressure. Oh, it has to be on I'll, just put it on there. We go again. The nice thing I like about these bands is, you can adjust them as tight or as loose as you want and just slap it down if it's, too, tight or too loose. You can micro adjust it just very, very easily my favorite kind of ban. Now we were doing a blood pressure, heart rate type of a test, so let's come over here and give it a chance to sync up on the heart rate again the way this is working there's little green diodes in the back of this device, it's shining light Into my arm, bouncing off of my blood moving through my capillaries, where it's giving a little bit of change in brightness it's registered by a diode and an algorithm in the device, is calculating the time between the the changes in the brightness of the light to compute.

An overall heart rate – and it comes up really big, like this again when you're synced to the H band, app which we're not going to reviewed today, because I've got long, beautiful reviews of it in other places. But I will tell you you to be able to transfer this to that app, and it just keeps going. I switch over here now, one more click and I'm into the blood pressure section and again it's going to be in millimeters of mercury. This works in a similar way, there's two or three different ways of getting blood pressure, but because this does not have ECG in it it's using PPG, which are those diodes and it's working off of a electronic system of determining from a pursuing baseline and it's. Not making it I'm talking too much and I have to cycle all the way through to get back to it. Let'S try it one more time. Hopefully it'll. Do it I'm gon na rest, my hand down so I'm, not jerking too much it's monitoring the blood again. Moving through your body and it's looking at the signal and from that signal, it can determine a time delay from your heart to your wrist. I understand it and, depending on how fast the blood gets, there is an indicator of how much pressure there is in your body, okay, it's, not getting it this time, but anyway, you'd have your systolic and diastolic readings there and again those would transfer to the app To sports we showed you basically, I do want to take you a moment, those that are still with us in here and show you that I can tap and get the stopwatch from, or I guess I was on back so I have to type once to get There and then tap long to start a stopwatch, counting to hundreds of a second seconds and minutes.

I can pause and resume from right there or I can pause and long press should Bank me out of it. I can set a countdown which would be the same as what you just saw there here's the information setting. You can have it push phone calls to you, SMS WeChat. All of these are available and another page or two, but you can also set those in the app as well in terms of anything else in more we've got from here. Countdown information then we're over here, where, if you're tethered find your phone here's brightness, I want you to see this we're only at level six, so I can bring it up even brighter all the way up to and then back down to one. So you see a pretty good range of brightness. Six was good for the screen, so we're not totally washed out so we'll leave it about there, five six, something like that press and hold to get out of there and then you've got this auto, lock feature which will set up a timed turn off of the Band itself, so I can set that for whatever time length I want, which is fine. If I do it long, ok, 21 seconds what the heck and there we go now, it's not going to timeout as fast on me. I hope switch is where you can turn on off alarms when you're disconnected from your phone. This is the turn your with risk to see the time.

Usually, these kind of things are done only on the app, but this has all of the settings on the watch itself. So you don't need to tether in order to turn on or off sedentary heart, a sedentary reminder or your continuous heart rate, monitoring or heart rate alarm which are built into this and there's even blood pressure, monitoring so I'm, going to activate that nice, huh and again Back we'll take this out of all of this as it's looping around on those switches. You can clear all the data and when you hit about the thing it tells you that it's version it's called a cue 20 and there's all of its information and back out of there, so that's pretty much everything I've got on this. One shutdown is all that's left, so I will show you it vibrated and it's turned off and lets. You know that you can pick this up right now through the Aliexpress store, that's diggers, the diggers store, the IG oor and it's called the Q 20 check in the show notes for a price, and if I got a coupon discount for you, there that'll be there. Usually there's a bit of a coupon that you can apply and you say, get coupons or you use a link and it can be applied to that particular product when you put it in your basket in and check out, okay you've been watching.