This isn’t, like some other ordinary smartwatches out there in the market, which comes in same price tag, but this one has some extraordinary features and i’ll show you later in the video, so let’s get started with the unboxing first, i have already unboxed it and using it For many days, so after picking up this box lid, we have all the contents here. They have provided us with extra strap, which is a bit larger in size, and this strap looks to be made up of really high quality. And then here is bad boy packed in this plastic wrap. This is way much similar with original apple watch, let’s see what else we have in the box. Here we have and book lag, which obviously we’re going to ignore as always i’m not going to read it. Let’S have a look at the watch itself. This circular button and overall look is very much similar with the original apple watch. These are charging pins at the rear side where charging cable is supposed to be plugged, and then these sensors now let’s turn the watch on Music all right. So here we go it’s on. So this is how the watch looks like from inside. This is the user interface. Now let’s connect this first with application, and let me show you the features available on its application. The application name is very fit. You can also download it by scanning the qr code available at the rear side of this box.

So after opening application, it has automatically detected the watch nearby to it, so installation process is really simple as abcd, so here i am after the full installation. This is the ui of application. Here you can also see the battery percentage, so this watch face section is not currently opening and not working properly. I don’t know what’s the issue. It is working fine on my iphone, so i will show you this watch face section through my iphone in this screen. Recording so let’s check out the watch face market. We have a lot a lot of watch faces, i would say over here you can explore all of them. You will find every category of watch faces organized in different sections. All of them are really really cool. I can’t think of which one to put on my watch. This is something i really loved about this watch. I have already tried couple of watches in same price range, but none of them had this feature other than that. You also do have custom watch face option where you can customize digital and analog watch faces by your own choice. You can choose different colors and different styles like different watch face patterns Music and at the very last you have a photo section where you can choose any photo from your gallery to put on your watch face so now, let’s check out some other features in application. Here we have different health monitoring factors, then alarm clock.

You can also set applications of your own choice here to receive notifications from them. Name of this watch is also changeable, as you can see here, and here we have a different running modes. Then this is the first page of application, where you will see all of your analytics of your whole day and also previous data. So coming back to watch then first thing to show you is that it also has a cool raised wrist to turn on screen feature which is currently disabled, and you can easily enable it by swiping from bottom to top. Now you can see it’s working, smooth Music and by swiping from top to bottom. You will see the notifications just like on your smartphone here. We have some more features like brightness and do not disturb mode. This one is to find your phone and, as you can see, my phone will start ringing when i tap on it Music Music. Here we have battery percentage at the top left corner and the time as well on pressing the button. You will see more options. We also do have a music control button. Let me show you the working of it. You can see it that music can easily be controlled by this feature, volume. Also the volume as well. Then we have alarm option timer stopwatch and all that stuff which you usually get in other smartwatches. Here you can see some more things, and this is the watch face option where you can save.

I think almost five watch faces of your own choice using the application and look at this isn’t it beautiful. So the last thing is to test the waterproof capacity of this watch. It has, i think, ipx6 rating and let’s try it by the way i’ve already tested it way, much terribly like in swimming showering and in some other intense conditions, and it has magically survived through all of them. So that’s a really impressive thing: Music and you can see it’s been lying in water since a couple of time, Music. You can see it’s working super great, so that was all about the watch that’s all for this dilo gt, 01 smartwatch. I hope you really enjoyed the unboxing and review of this watch.