Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new gt01. This watch was sent to us from the derailleur company and in today with a video we will show this smart watch we’ll see how we will work with it and what function do we have in the gt01? Let’S go ahead without losing any time start the unboxing and start the testing to see how this watch will work thanks again to our sponsor for today’s video dorella company that sent us this vosmorth watch. As you can see, in the side, we have some workouts that we can do the color at the back. We have some information at the back as well and some more options. What we can do in sport mode, let’s, open up the package and you can see immediately inside. We have the phone for protection, the k, the charger with wrapped up, and we have three bands in the gt01 package, which is very unusual for the smart watches. But the real company figure out that not everyone has the same rest and you probably need longer or shorter band. As you can see, the watch itself wrapped up operation manual or user manual, and we have here the quite how to connect it and how to operate. Some of the things and also is thank you from the derailleur smartwatch company for purchasing the gt01, so this package honestly is very good until now. So far, so good everything is like it should.

Everything is protected for not to get damaged very good, uh display here that we can see in the back. We have the points for charging the heart rate measurement, and we have only one button you can see. The screen is edged in the sides, press and hold the button to power it on and immediately. We have a clear view on what we will see in the gt01 very good colors immediately. I noticed in the top. We have the notifications down. We have the pause bar with percentage of battery time date. We have do a disturb light up, display, brightness and find phone press and hold to change the watch faces. We have here. Four watch faces that are already downloaded. Also we can download more. We will see in the next video how to connect them in the right. We have the statistic for all the day: heart rate energy, and we have here the sports, music control and back at the first page, if you press the button, you enter the menu at the top. We have the activities throughout the day which we saw before in the beginning. Again, as you can see, we have steps, calories and kilometers that you did also we have hours that you stand up the second option. We have the workouts that we will try later heart rate energy measuring we have blood oxygen, and here is the breathing exercise. Sleep records, weather, music control, stopwatch alarm, clock, timer records.

We have here find phone and the settings where we can see raise the rest to activate screen real time. Hard drive to disturb watch faces diming for the brightness, and here we have some data for the watch itself. So these are very good options to have in the smart watch. These are basic, but they will do the job enough. I saw a lot of smart watches that have less and less than these options. But again we have to appreciate that so let’s begin immediately. Some tests with the gt01 here in the sports. We have a lot of them right here, as you can see like outdoor sports indoor sports pool swimming. This watch is waterproof if we didn’t mention until now, just make sure you don’t put these under water every smartwatch. It will not resist the hot water just the cold one, so let’s begin with the outdoor run. Press it three second countdown and we have the exercise. Duration at the top real time, hard rate, real time, pace, calories, distance steps and heart rate zone with colors. In the right we have the music control and we have in the left to end the session or pause it. We will end the session even though it’s short it will. It will not save anything, but if you do the right exercise, it will save it here. At the heart rate, as you can see, the heart rate will begin to measure immediately. This is the real time heart rate.

We activate the real time in the menu the like we saw before and the we will see here some statistic and some information. As you can see, it will begin to measure immediately here the energy we have normal. We have the minimum maximum and some statistic also this data will be saved in the app like always so that was it let’s go to the blood oxygen and wait for the result. You can see that is filling up real quickly, so it won’t take too much time. So this is the result for the blood oxygen. We have maximum and minimum also the table for the statistic down below very good information from the for fro from the gt01. So we have to say that everything works perfectly. We don’t have. We didn’t have any issue at all until now. So that means this watch is working pretty good. We have here the breathing exercise, so let’s try this out. One minute inhale and exhale let’s see the result at the end, so this is the result that we will get from the breathing exercise in one under one minute, and these are all the options that we can test for: health, caring and other stuff. So guys we have to say that gt01 is working properly and very good. We have to thanks again the direla company.