Please scan the qr code to download, verified or search for and download benefit in app store or google play on your phone. Firstly, turn on your phone’s bluetooth. Secondly, access into the verified app to choose your area and reject your personal account correctly: choose your gender birth dates, height, weight, step and weight goals. Please be noted that the personal information will be well protected. Thirdly, click add device when the watch screen lights up hold the watch close to the phone select the watch, gto 1 to link or link the device directly by scanning the device’s qr mode. Finally, when a watch successfully connected click finish and go forward by the way the red bluetooth symbol means, the watch is disconnected from the phone, because the smartwatch stay connected during 10 meter range. When you get back within range, it will automatically reconnect and turn into a white bluetooth symbol. Please click device and turn all categories on to allow verified app to access and update your health data click. The watch, icon and select health monitoring to enable the function select. App help it could offer you all kinds of problem solution, select message notification and enable allow notification, then click the check mark to save it, select device settings. It could choose the time of do not disturb mode and enable the practical truth of your watch. You could also enable automatic, brightness and knight function select shortcuts. It could choose to display the shortcut functions on your watch or not select device language to switch to different languages, select multi spot mode.

It could choose to display the spots mode on your watch or not. Select device problem and suggestions it could submit your problem to technical departments, select alarm clock. It could add alarm to your watch besides, please click my and select setting it could change the unit of time and select privacy and security. It could synchronize your data to the cloud or clear it. Please click device and select watch face market. There are seven local wallpapers for you to choose or you could click photo to choose a photo from your album. As your personal wallpaper, please be noted for better and timely notification, please find the settings on your phone select notification, access into verified to enable bluetooth camera and allow notifications to show in drop down menu. Then you will receive call reminders, sms or sns notification by the watch. Should you require further assistance of the smartwatch? Please click. The icon then scan the qr code. On the back of the package box. Select the language you could get more function.