This is aimed at six to nine year olds, but, as you can see, it fits my own childlike wrists. Absolutely perfectly, though, it’s actually been slapped on the arm of my daughter, who is five years old and she absolutely adored it as well. Even though she’s just out of that recommended age bracket. Now the watch itself costs 99 pounds up front, but then because it’s, a connected, smartwatch it’s got a built in e sim. That means you’ve also got to pay a subscription charge every month. On top of that which costs you seven pounds a month for 24 months, otherwise, if you just want a 12 month subscription, the cost will go up considerably to 12 pounds a month. So is the vodafone neo disney smartwatch actually worth that? Well, let’s. Take a look. Now, first up, this watch is super durable. It would basically take a nuclear blast to destroy this thing, so it is just about suitable for a small child. It is quite a chunky monkey, but that didn’t seem to bother my daughter at all. In fact, she quite enjoyed slamming it into my face uh during our play, fights uh so yeah. That was awesome uh. It is quite lightweight as well, so you know i won’t. Wear them down and you’ve also got full ip68 water resistance as well, so they can rock it in the bath uh, take it and swim and pull whatever they want to do so.

There is only a small number of animated characters. You can have right there on your main watch, face from disney marvel and star wars, but apparently vodafone will be expanding this free of charge. One of the main features that she absolutely adored was the 5 megapixel camera that’s built into that top there so prepare to have your photo taken every five seconds, usually from a really flattering angle like right up your bloody nostrils or simply a shot of your ass. Why not? The interface is nice and simple, even for a youngin to wrap their heads around a swipe up from that main watch face, you can access the airplane mode, the screen brightness the volume and also see how much battery is remaining and then, if you swipe this way, You can access all of the main features, there’s quite a lot packed in here, as well as that camera app of course, so, for instance, you can set up a schedule for your sprog just they know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing at whatever time. There’S a weather app on there, so they can dress completely inappropriately and a calculator, so they can cheat on the maths, quiz and there’s, also a bit of activity tracking as well. In the case of my kid, this would register about a gajillion steps per day. Of course, some kids might not be quite so motivated to tear about the place like a corked up raccoon, so it could be a good feature to encourage them to get active.

I’Ve got to say personally, i probably prefer some sort of anti activity feature where it actually rewards them for sit sitting bloody still for more than 10 sodding minutes, but that’s. Just me, the neo watch also has built in gps as well, which is particularly handy if you download the vodafone smart app, you can track their position and see exactly where your sprog has buggered off to and it seems to work pretty well, even when they’re indoors. So i guess, if you’re one of these modern parents who disapproves of tying their child to a post in the garden, then that could come in quite handy and one of the best features of the vodafone. Neo smartwatch is the messaging feature which allows your child to stay in touch with up to 10 pre approved contacts just allows them to send them little pictures or one of a series of messages that actually comes built into the watch. They can’t actually type out something themselves, but this covers all of the basics. It also means they can’t, basically, just send you a load of abuse that they’ve learned from their mates on the playground, and they also have the option of calling you in an emergency as well, and the sound quality was absolutely fine, considering it’s just via a smart Watch knock, knock leaf, leave me alone right, so that is the best disney watch ever so right. There, in a nutshell, is my review and my daughter’s review of the vodafone neil disney smartwatch after she’s been using it for a good few weeks and, as you can see, it’s definitely very kid friendly.

She upset your doors. Some of the features like the camera tech on there, the fact you change up the watch faces even though it’s quite a limited number of characters that it supports right now. Definitely let me know what you think down in the comments below and if you’ve been using the vodafone neosmart, which yourself would be great to get your own mini review.