4K. Lets start with Watch R. First, later, the Buds Z Pro This comes under the realme Tech Life ecosystem, its a partner brand, not a sub brand. We have the watch right upfront with magnetic charger pins with USB on the other sides documentations.. This is a lightweight watch for sure It looks premium. If you look from the sides, the glass is curved, which gives a premium feel. The belt is good quality all black and has the brand name on it. Lets put it on. The feel of the belt is good. I like it., It feels very lightweight.. I think it would be around 55 60g lets check it. Just 45.5G. It has a metal casing. There are 2 buttons on the right comes with haptics feedback. Has a lot of watch faces? The screen is quite big: with 1.3 inch, AMOLED display 550 nits brightness along with AOD. There should not be any problem, usingreading it outdoors or indoors. One thing I noticed was it feels slightly sluggish. Sometimes sometimes you swipe, but it doesnt respond to it.. Also itll be aggressively priced., It has a 7H hardness, so this glass is quite hard. Wan na see what happens when I drop it Ill drop it without the case Im dropping a smartwatch for the first time no damages Features. It has a heart rate sensor SPO2. You can count the oxygen saturation level. It also has a meditation breathing exercise mode. You can also track periods.

Your sleep as well, including deep sleep, aryan sleep.. One feature that stands out from the rest of the watches is that it has 110 sport modes. 150 watch faces. You can literally change it every day, Along with a smartwatch, its important to have an app, so Dizo has its own app where all the parameters like heart rate, sleep can be tracked. Additional features like camera, shutter can be controlled. Notifications call reminders heart rate settings find my phone feature is also added. You get all the features like a normal smartwatch. It is also 5ATM water resistantso. You can have a bath or swim wearing these. It is supported with Bluetooth 5.1. Normally, when smartwatches have so many of features, they only have a battery life of 2 4 days, But Dizo claims to have a battery life that lasts for 12 days. Battery capacity is 280mAh. I think you can easily go for 8 9 days. The watch is available in 3, colors Black Grey Pink for the ladies Now lets look at the Dizo Buds Z, Pro Ok theres, some documentation, 2 extra pairs of rubberized tips.. You also have USB Type C to USB cable. The pill case itself Ive seen white black grey, but this is blue. You can open it with one hand. The case quality is good. The stem is not that big they fit snuggly wont fall off. You can change the ear tips according to the size suitable for you And the stem isnt, all that big.

They come with ANC, which is surprising keeping the cost in the picture, which will be around Rs 2500 addminus Rs 500 Dizo claims to have an ANC up To 25dB. Lets seez music, It does not have a wear detection.. This comes under the realme Tech Life ecosystem And, unlike the smartwatch, it uses the realme Link App.. As you can see, there are a lot of features. I tried noise cancellation, but it was not, as I expected so im, not sure about the 25dB, And when you change settings it prompts noise cancellation or ANC or transparency mode on etc. It works accordingly, but not as I expected it too. The sound quality is ok. The bass is not what you get normally from realme earphones, but the quality is average. On the realme link app, you can change the sound effects from dynamic bass boost bright according to your preference. It also has a low latency game mode along with auto answering The touch controlsdoubletriple tap work. Sometimes I feel like Ill get used to it with time.. I was trying for a long time, but it did not work as well, But the thing that is impressive is that you get 7hrs of playback time on a single charge. 25Hrs with the case. It also has fast chargingyou get 2 hrs of playback time. On a 10 min charge, It comes with an IPX4 certification, so you dont need to worry about sweat, while gymming It has 2 variants.

One is blue and the other one is black In the description ill, provide you with the exact price and link of the products. I, like Dizo, Watch R, i think in this price range it is the best display. Also there is nothing missing in features. It also has a good battery life. So if it comes for Rs 4 5K, it is definitely worth With the Dizo Buds Z Pro you cant compare the noise cancellation to the ones, pricing Rs 10 12K, so they do have ANC which work pretty well. The sound signature couldve been better, but for Rs 2500.