This was just announced yesterday in india, but i got the review and out of this one a couple of days ago, ive been actually using this one from the 2nd of january and in this video ill share you. What do i feel about this watch? Because now we know the pricing of this watch as its launched and i feel its very attractive for what it is. This is the actual watch itself. So first, let me actually give you an overview of the watch. Ill. Also show you the smartphone app that it connects to and all those things and apart from the watch, this is the watch itself, uh that we are getting and we also get this. This is the charging pack uh, so its magnetic. You just put it like this here at the back and you can charge it so thats what you get in the box and lets start with the looks, i would say again, uh. The big plus is the amoled screen and im happy to say that its a good quality amoled screen uh generally, what happens is that many of the smartphones in this price range will give you a tft display or something like that and its simply not that bright. Here not only its an amoled screen, which is a good quality amoled screen, as you can see, the viewing angles are excellent on an amoled screen, but this can also get a little bit bright up to 515.

So even outdoors when i was wearing this one uh, it gave me a good uh level. It was not squinty to watch so a good panel, and in fact this, if you notice this is actually curved. So this is 2.5 d curve so actually gives a nice feel i havent enabled always on, but if you just flick it, the display comes like this. I have been using it like this and this one again the ui, i have to say the ui is actually really good. In fact, if we talk about the physical uh, let me the first button is this: you could say the home button. If you just click, it goes back. The second button is for the activity. If you press this one now you get to all the activities like this and it has a bunch of activities, as you can see, uh quite a few in in fact even uh swimming tracking and all those things it can do because uh this is actually uh. 5 atms. That means completely water resistant. So no issues like that. In fact, i did this outdoor walk and actually you get a lot of stats. Also, let me just show you and while doing that outdoor activity or something in real time, it shows you the heart rate activity and how much youve walked and stuff and ill show you the app where it gives you a lot more data. So again, that is there, apart from that, if you just flick like this, you get to these things, thats the activity, data, uh, spo2, sleep tracking, and all this, let me actually wear it.

Another thing i want to say is the strap quality. I really like this strap quality. It is soft, silicone rubber, so it was actually very comfortable to wear. Even i wore it at night because i tried to sleep ill show you that also – and it was not uncomfortable, though you can easily replace the straps here, its a 22 mm strap, so you can replace it back again, as you can see uh here we have The heart rate sensor and the sp202 sensor on this one, let me actually wear it and give you an idea. In fact, the watch is not that heavy also it weighs 45 grams so very comfortable to wear. I like another thing that i like is again: it does not have very obnoxious, branding or something on here. We have nothing, no branding or anything only branding that we have is here beneath that is diesel, so actually looks very cool and this again being an amulet screen. This also has uh what we say always on and let me show you i didnt enable it, but you can go to the settings and then display. If you go to what you say, aod thats called always on display. If i click on this one, you have options of digital or analog lets go to digital, and now, if i just wait for five seconds, this will go and that always on should come yeah. So this is always on uh, but i did my testing without the always on guys.

I was just using lets uh just using this flick to get this, and this works very well. The sensors are calibrated very well, but you always also have this always on option. But again the battery life might drain a little bit if you keep the always on thats the case, even with the apple watch, etc. So yeah you just flick it, and this comes so always on option. Is there on this one and again i like the menus guys, as i told you uh, that way it was nice uh, its very easy to operate and again being a smart watch. You can change the watch faces, for example, if i hold this one again, i can move to this one. This one i like and, as you can see, it shows the seconds and also also the its relatively sharp guys, its a 360 by 360 pixel uh, one and being an amulet screen. It actually looks really nice, as you can see so no issues regarding the display. I think so thats the big uh difference that i would say apart from other, what do you say? Fitness budget budget oriented watch faces what watches and this one uh. The big thing is, i would say, amulet screen and its the curved one. So, actually, in terms of looks uh, this looks really cool regarding the battery life, let me show you, as ive told you guys. I started using this on second january. So second, third, fourth, fifth, today is six.

You could say half day so after four and a half days, i had charged it to completely 100, its at 68 percent, so used almost about 32 of battery life in about four and a half days, and they claim about 10 to 12 days of battery life. So im, assuming you will get that 10 to 12 days of battery life and again uh. It also has that health tracking, thats very important, so in fact, ill show you the app from here. This is the heart rate im just in we are invoking it manually, but this it always does this in the background, and as you can see, this is the heart rate that we are getting so it locks in automatically within the background, and it also does the Sleep tracking and uh: what are you saying? The weather? Let me now actually show you the app, because here uh we have the most of the functionality, and this is the diesel app that you have, and this is the basic stuff again as its a smart watch. You can change the watch faces and stuff like this. Ive put this one and im using the other watch faces, so you can put. Those only thing is that uh, for example, lets just uh put this uh. You have to sync it and it takes about 10 seconds to sync the watch face, so this is a little bit too slow. I dont know why, but it takes about 10 odd seconds to uh sync the watch face and, as you can see its updating now, so it takes a little bit of time by the way, guys uh by the time i got the watch, it already got two Ota updates so looks like uh.

They are active with the otf and now its actually uploading it to the watch. So you have watch faces and you can sync it from smartwatch to this one, and that is sync now, as you can see, that we have that watch face on this one. So you have different watch faces like that. So let me just go back and i think so big thing is again: you have notification reminders, so you can actually get notification. I completely forgot to mention that to you um, in fact, if i swipe from the top the navigation uh here, as you can see, here are some of my smss and etc. You get those and if i click it, you can actually read the sms and if you want to go back and swipe it like this and you go back so thats, the navigation top. If you go here, are your notifications so that you can get – and this is always home bottom – you get these all these activity, kind of a thing and left if you go, these are the quick settings so thats the navigation lets go back to the app that We have, and let me just go back to the app yeah here. It is viso app and if you go to home here, all your health data is tracked, which is actually why you get these sort of watches. So the first thing is uh. Definitely it has the pedometer like any smart watch, etc.

So it tracks number of steps that you have done, etc. So again, as ive told you, i started using it from second onwards, so you can drill down on that one, for example. Fourth, so it gives you an idea how much you have walked and all those things that is there uh. Another thing is that if you invoke the workout option, if uh workout options will be in the exercise, for example, i used this one once to test it. I was doing this and i clicked the outdoor walk and this is the outdoor walk it tracks how much youve walked and all this thing and if you click on this one, yes, i walked about 1.5 kilometers. But if you click on this, it gives you the actual heart rate during the time that youre walking in real time it actually tracks action. If you click on details, you get a lot more details about that one. So again it does the this tracking and logging of data. That is a good thing that i have noted, so you get the average stride, etc, all those things uh, average heart rate, calories, burn steps, etc. So all that things uh, if you invoke the what do you say, click this and invoke whatever activity youre doing so it locks in so thats. Actually, nice thats the excise part of that and automatically as ive told you. It tracks your heart rate throughout the day. So again, as you can see, it gives you an idea about your heart rate: maximum the minimum and the average that was there for the entire day and stuff.

So this automatically it tracks that so thats, actually nice, and also it does sleep tracking, which is a good thing, as you can see, so it basically automatically tracks when you went to sleep when you woke up, and during that time it also tracks. If you were in deep sleep, light sleep and all those things, so it gives a rating. What is your sleep, quality uh your slept late or whatever and like that so tracks that also one thing i wished here. As always, what do you say? Heart rate, its tracking, in the background here, they should have also added a graph of the. What do you say heart rate at night, you can manually go over the heart rate and look at it, for example the knight, but if they would have enabled it in this pain, only it would have been better guys about the spo2. This can also track the spo2, so lets do that and, for example, for doing that. You have to go here and use this spo 2, and let me actually show you: this is a medical grade device for checking sp02. So let me also use that and see. In fact, i didnt see a huge variation and 98 98 99. It is showing this should also increase and guys. One thing i noticed is that actually youre not supposed to speak and all those things while this spo2 is there, you have to actually wait. I was just checking this and just going back and you have to wait actually it vibrates to know that its completed as you can see on the medical device, its 98 and here its 99, so just about one percent to variation.

Now it gave me a vibration, so you have to wait the phone actually, the smartphone also gives has a vibration motor and, as you can see, its pretty close to a medical grade device and you have to wait for the vibration uh. So if you dont wait for the vibration that sp02 rating wont be tracked in the app that was the mistake i was doing, but if you wait as you can see, it gets tracked. So again, i like that the spo 2 tracking is very close to even medical devices, so actually thats a nice thing uh now regarding the pricing guys uh, we know the pricing of this watch. So this is the press release as you can see, and it says that this diesel watch r uh is priced at about four thousand rupees, but uh for initial launch offer on flipkart itll be for about 3 499 and i feel for that price 3499. This is a very good fitness oriented watch. As you can see, it has a lot of functions and best thing that i like about this one i would say, is that amoled screen its a very good quality amoled screen. You always all have that option of always on also, and in fact i would say it looks very, very stylish also so in terms of that, its a good thing, and also i like the fact that this is not sluggish generally. What i found is some of the budget oriented watches they theyre very, very sluggish thats, not the case with this one for certain, so certainly for about 3 500 rupees.

If you are able to get it in that initial uh price point when its launched its a very, very good deal because guys to be very frank – i didnt know the pricing till yesterday and, as you can see on the box, it says 5999. Yes, generally, the pricing on the boxes are a little bit higher, so i thought, frankly guys this would be released for about 4 500 to about 4900, but im surprised uh at the price point at that which they lost so its a big thumbs up again guys. I also had got this diesel zed pro the buds, also uh, with this one. Along with this one and ive used this for a couple of hours, i would say, and theyre pretty decent, i would say i had actually reviewed and tested the earlier uh diesel buds that were the budget oriented ones. This is definitely a step up. I would say the treble and the high tones are much better defined on this one. The bass is also slightly tighter on this one, and this one has active noise cancellation, so anyways guys this was the diesel watch r and considering the price point at which its available going to be available right now, 3500 regular prices will be about 5 000. uh. I can certainly recommend this one if youre looking for a budget oriented, what do you say? Smart watch anyways guys uh thats it for now for this video, if you guys, are still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button.