1.1 got all your standard controls we're used to seeing on an android 7 watch clean up music player weather when you tether to wi fi you've got your step count, information and, of course, the chart For the week down here at the bottom notifications pushed to you from your phone and you've got an app drawer with contacts phone and messaging using the internal sim, a variety of standard stock, apps you've got a side, camera it's about eight megapixel and uh. The fitness activity is not a fitness one when you slide this way, but you can get into the fitness app in here as well. It'S one button on the lower left hand, side, a big removable, uh, tpu band sim card in the bottom and four part: uh charger, only a side, camera and a little flat tire on the bottom of it that some people aren't too happy about others. It doesn't really matter that much, but all in all, a relatively nice 2.03 inch uh screen android 7 smartwatch.