com. So you're telling me that the prime 2 is just too darn big for you right, but at the same time the lem14 ah it's a bit small. You wish they made something in the middle. Well, you are in luck today because you're about to see this puppy ain't, even a puppy it's, a pretty big dog. Are you ready for the dm19? What is it exactly it's an android, smart watch, however, however, it is not android. 10 it's, android, 7. yay. I know there's those of you who love some of the features of the android 7, that they've been left out on android 10 and some of the things they haven't yet fixed it's, still a work in progress. So if you're a flashback to android 7 – and you want a relatively big smart watch – yeah we're talking story here – this is um yep, the m19 7.1 4g lte uh, 8 megapixel camera and so forth, not too shabby 138 ish and maybe even get it cheaper. If i got a discount coupon for you, however, one thing one thing you got ta be a big fan of on this watch. Well, we'll get to it. Let'S talk about it. The overview it's standard support sim card it doesn't have bluetooth calling like none of these watches. These android watches do it's little light on the memory one gigabyte of ram 16 gigabytes of rom we've, seen android 7 at 3 and 32 and of course, android 10 is 4 and 64.

. So a little bit light there uh got the nano sim, multiple sports uh. All the standard stuff, otherwise the uh 900 milliamp hour battery that's typical from its era 640 by 590 resolution 2.03 inch screen yep. The thing it's got that you might not really be excited about is the screen itself. You can't see too well in this picture, but it's got a little flat tire on the bottom, not a big one, not a big one, but a little one, i'm gon na press and hold the button i'm gon na turn it on. While, oh, we peel off the cover, okay, i guess i had it upside down. Yeah, you don't, see that do you there's nothing! There, hey it's! What they've come out with and it's something that uh some of you guys might be interested in because of the size. It'S getting itself booted up while it's doing that we'll take a look at the rest of the packing in the box. We'Ve got a charging wire, of course, fancy graphics for the boot up, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I know you say: i've reviewed it before probably i'm. Getting so confused there's, so many of them, but this is the dm19 and i didn't have that one reviewed hooks in here there's, where you put your sim card. A sealed back looks really nice and solid camera on the side. No front camera, one camera it's a bit of a flashback watch, but it is available right now, if you guys want the android 7 style of a large watch, see you put a face like this.

On it – and it looks normal here's the little tool that you would use to pry this up to get in here to change the sim or put a sim in by the way sims uh. I have to be on the gsm network that's a t or t mobile in the us, and you could use the one from your phone if you're on one of those carriers, you could actually pop it out of your phone and pop it here into this watch. Really easily um there's the directions again: here's how you change the bands, removable replaceable bands on here, good good, good there's, a big screen protector that you can put on it as well and then the manual. So you could put your phone sim card in here and go out for a jog or whatever and you'd basically have your phone any incoming calls, or if you want to make outgoing calls, they would show like they're coming from your number, you could receive text messages And text back now you probably don't have your your lengthy text uh threads, going on when you migrate over, unless you do something fancy to get them all to go onto the watch which you might want to do if you're going to just use the your phone Sim in the watch, but if you're just going to go out for a jog and then put it back again, you might want to avoid texting or just recognize that any text you send or receive might not actually show up on your phone.

I don't know i haven't really tried that, but you could do that. We'Re into a different language now looks like it: okay, so that's the manual for the watch and uh. Here it is well. We got a little bit of power in it. Oh, we got a lot: okay, great it's, already fully charged up swipe down. You get this information over here you get the basic layout here's your silent mode. This is your overall brightness there's. Full brightness looks like that and there's the lowest brightness that you can get now because it's android 7, we can put apps like display, brightness and floating toucher, and the things i've talked about a lot in the past. You can put that on this watch. It'Ll work, android 10 doesn't support all of those airplane modes. Cellular location services for gps is on here. You'Ve also got to clean up your watch thing: uh, oh there's, a new nearby, chromecast, okay, that's, a notification coming in you've got music control right here. If you want and when you're connected and tethered, you should get your weather here, pushed to the watch. So all those things across the top and well i'm going to push the button on the lower left. It'S interesting it's, not on the right, the camera's on the right, but the buttons back here on the lower left – hmm. Okay. It really wants me to install that home app when i swipe up i've got my step count.

Stuff yeah that's been a while, since we've seen the layout for android 7. isn't it swipe over this way, and now we've got your overall app layout apple style or bubble style. I guess we'll call it. You can go into settings here, of course, and we can change that app list style to an arc, which is the way i prefer to work with it, because from here we could kind of sequentially go through contacts phone and messaging that's your standard, sim stuff, there's. No bluetooth tethering for your phone on here. Remember: you could take your phone sim though, and put it in here settings you got browser download. You got a basic calendar clock. The camera is right here and it's over here on the side, and you could take a picture simple as that bring it up, get the details to show you that it's 2448 by 3264. multiply that out that's your resolution. It looks like 8 megapixels to me. Double tap, you could zoom in double tap zoom in more you don't have pinch and zoom capability, it doesn't look like no, but you do have those double levels of uh of tapping capable for you gallery music, sound recorder, your file manager, the heart rate monitor, is On the back it's the same standard module used on all of them. Overall, fitness is in here you get in here and you've got your run and walking, and such and don't see the third tab that you would normally have here for invoking the gps.

So it looks like the fitness app is an earlier version that doesn't get your step count from gp or get your distance from step count rather than gps in the layout. Of course you can from here – oh no, you can't. Usually you could go from here to your app drawer and then one more would take you to fitness not on this one. So you have to come all the way down and go into fitness there again whether voice searches, your uh, siri control or your google control play store and system optimization all the standard, android 7.1 stuff. These are the stock apps in here and finally, we'll. Take a look at the watch faces that come with it. You got this fun bubble, one there, where you can pop the bubbles, yeah yeah. I know you've seen that one before it's been quite a while, though huh, and then this one too, which is really fun. That'S the come on you got to load up for me that one's, the one that gives you the whoo beautiful kind of flying stuff on the screen, but it's a little bit sluggish. So again, with one gigabyte of memory, we don't have a lot of speed on on the controls other watch faces in here stock ones that you've seen before. Yes, you can put the custom watch faces. I haven't done that yet, but it's as simple as scrolling to the end after you load them up.

You hit that little arrow up there and that'll refresh it. If you are on the internet, you can hit the plus sign if you can get your finger. Just right and it'll bring up the watches that are available to you on the server and then you can download any of those watches directly to the watch. Uh. Of course, you've got to be connected to wi fi. For all of that stuff to happen, we covered everything. The watch faces the uh yeah, but just basically that's it, the charging cable other than that it's. A standard stock, android 7 smart watch a 2.3 inch screen – is what it's got going for it, along with a little flat tire on the bottom it's a bit of a flashback but it's still a really nice little watch. If you like, android 7, available from tomtop pick it up, use the show note, link down below it'll. Take you right over there and yeah. You can have yourself some fun with a big watch that isn't huge okay, like the uh, the the prime to the cospet android 10 prime too, but definitely a decent size.