It is a pretty decent watch. A lot of videos i’ve seen on this watch are pretty much picture. Videos which didn’t help me out a lot on what i was looking for in a watch but um. I will show you this watch and um kind of give you an idea what what it’s all about it comes in a box like this and um smartwatch. I got the black band, you can get different colors. The charger is magnetic. It um clicks to the back plugs in usb. You get an instruction manual i’m, not going to go in detail on the app itself, but mainly just the watch that the watch was very easy to um to link up to the phone. I have an android it’s, really nice. It kind of gives you that um. I don’t know that uh apple, you know, watch feel um, but you just click it. You turn it on. You hold it in to turn it on and um. This is the base of the front of the watch. You have um, you can change with the seconds on how long it stays on this watch does turn on when you uh, when you flick when you flick your wrist. So if it’s off and you flick your wrist forward, it turns on just like that. Um also, if you swipe up or down sorry we’ll, go down you swipe down, we have the cameras i’m, trying to figure out how to do this.

Um. You got your basic settings menu. You got the first one. Is your flashlight um. You click your flashlight. That turns on and off, and you can use that like a light, which is pretty neat if you hit this it’ll go back to the main menu and um let’s go back there. Next, you got vibrate. This turns the vibration on and off, oops vibration on and off the next one is your weather. When you got this link to the phone, you can see what the weather is. Um click once go back. Next, you have the brightness. You can see how bright you want it. I, like mine, all the way bright. Next. Here is the settings menu. This goes in and you can change the brightness mute switch styles, which switch styles means you can go from different styles of what kind of watch you want or what kind of stuff you know home screen you want. So i picked that one and then last but not least, um oops back here, sorry um, those are the settings there and then, if you scroll back up and go this way, you have exercise mode which, if you hit exercise, you do walking running cycling, skipping badminton, Basketball there’s all here football swimming. This is water resistant. I think up to uh um 20 feet, i think um. All you do is like say i want to do skipping you get skipping, it starts it. It tracks your heart rate and total calories.

How many done we when you, when you’re done with it, you go back to it and hit either pause it or stop it? You does this end, your exercise, i say yes and this will save it to your smartphone uh. Next. Is your heart monitor heart rate um, the heart rate you take off your phone, you hit the on your phone there’s there’s an app you’re going to go ahead and hit the um. The start and i’ll take your heart rate. This also does blood pressure and it is very accurate. I was surprised how accurate it was takes your whole blood pressure um. This does take a continuous um heart, your heart rate on here the 70 that’s my 73, and does your step count step count here? Let’S grab back here your oxygen level. You can take that um and scroll down again. You got messages which will take your messages here. Um. You can see your messages who texts you again. You got weather here, camera there’s, no camera on the smartwatch um. A lot of people mistaken that there’s a camera on here this. Basically, what this does is, if you hold your phone up or set your phone up, you can tap this button and click it to take a picture from your phone. You got a music player which will play music from your phone. You can skip won’t play it on the watch, but we’ll play it on your phone and then you got a timer which you can start stop.

Timer other is basically the same thing as your settings. Menu it’s the same oops i’m, calling them along that’s, nothing and then from there um. When you get a phone call, it’ll show up like it just did um you can answer or to decline. You cannot talk on the watch, but you can talk on your phone. Find phone what this does is you click on that it’ll find your phone. This isn’t meant to be finding your phone like. If you lost your phone, this links it to your phone let’s go back to the main menu now that’s going up. If you scroll to the side, you have your exercise, how many calories you burn all that, how many steps distance you walk! How many calories you burn sleep. This takes an accurate sleep, um monitor, which is basically um, sleep monitor, which is basically um. I slips up. Seven hours and 52 minutes deep sleep, two hours, 10 minutes slightly 5 hours and 42 minutes, and you can do more in detail on your smartphone on the app too scroll again. It goes back to watch this step in the hell menu, so that’s what’s on this way. So, like i said you go up, exercise heart, run, monitor blood pressure, oxygen messages, weather camera, player, timer, others. Basically, settings and you’re find your phone go up. This way, yeah flashlight your vibration, the weather, the display, bright, brightness, display and settings, and then your home screen change.

That is basically it for the watch to power it off. You hold it down, powers it off and you can reset your watch also in the settings. Sorry in the settings menu here you can power off or reset your whole watch so that’s, basically it. I hope that helps i’ll. Take the watch off kind of show it to you better. This way what it looks like – and this is the back and your um when you plug in your usb to power it all – this does – is clicks on and it charges just like that that’s it.