Why? I want to test all kinds of smartwatch for you, fitbit samsung fossil, you name it, but not. All of you want to buy a 300 smartwatch that’s. Why i want to test at least every once in a while one of the cheapest smart watches that i find on amazon and see if they’re any good. Now, this time we will talk about the let’s fit smartwatch with the id205s. I found this one, of course, on amazon, and it cost me about 30 euros, which is very cheap for smartwatch. Now before we start to get into some details, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. If you like my content, it only takes two clicks and it’s for free. Now, let’s get started first off. What do we get for 30 bucks? Actually, we get more than a thought, so we get to choose between three different clark faces, and i know that doesn’t sound a lot, but at least we get a small variety. One of them gives you the digital time and date. The second one gives you the time and date you burn calories and your daily steps, which is the standard for most smart watches and the last one will give you an analog clerk. Second, are the health datas? This feature will tell you your daily steps, your burn calories and the total amount of miles you travel a day on your smart watch up to the next feature, and that will be the heartbeat sensor, a feature you need on every smart watch and i’m glad ladsfield Has it this feature will track your heartbeat 24 hours a day in addition to it, it will give you your highest and lowest beats per minute now let’s get to the core of every smartwatch, and that will be the exercises the let’s fit.

Smartwatch will let you choose between three different exercises: running walking and bike riding the way you start. One of these exercises is by giving it a two second press. Now you will have a little countdown and it will take it to a new screen with your miles per hours, your calories, your beats per minute, the time, your steps and so on now the way you track all of these stats is via the let’s fit app And let’s check that out right now the let’s fit app has six different tracking categories, which are steps active hours, breakout minutes, calories, burned, distance and sleep schedule. Now all of these stats are daily. But if you want to see your steps from yesterday or last week, you just have to go back in the calendar or just press one of these stats. If you do that, another screen will pop up and you will get to see you daily, as well as your weekly and monthly stats of that category. This function applies to all of the categories. The app also synchronizes, with your watch every time you open up the app to get the newest data. Now, if you go further to the right, we have all your past trainings. If you click on one, it will show you all your major stats like burn calories, pace, heart rate and so on. I went for a walk with the let’s fit and the fossil gen 5 and compared each other, and now what i’ve noticed is that the less fit smart watch is a little bit off when it comes to the amount of steps you took and the mileage.

My heartbeat was a little bit higher than with the faucet spark watch, but both watches gave me almost the exact same amount of burnt calories. It also tracks your sleep schedule kind of good. Now, as for the last features, we got the relaxed feature and the stopwatch now in order to get to the relaxed feature, we have to go to more and then over here on relax, and actually it is something like a guided breathing session. It just basically tells you to inhale, for i don’t know for like two seconds and then afterwards, exhale and it’s. Like a continuous thing, the second one will be. The smart watch just give it to second press tap it once and we’ll start it’s a little bit. Laggy, as you can see, but shouldn’t be too big of a problem. If you press it again for two seconds, you will go back to the home screen the last one will be like something about and over there you can read the model, number version, etc, etc. Now i told you a bunch of stuff about let’s fit smartwatch and now let’s get to my opinion and for me, it’s not a buy, and i say that for a couple of reasons reason number one is that you cannot connect any music apps to it. That means, if you want to go for a run or a jog or anything like that, and you want to listen to some music.

You cannot do it. That means this smartwatch is basically useless. I once did a review about the live b smartwatch and it had so many more features, including music, and it only cost about 10 euros more. The next thing is that we’re kind of limited to only three clock faces, which is kinda bad. If you want to compare to other smartwatches – and the last reason is the navigation you always have to go through all the applications just to get back to the beginning, which is kind of bad now, folks that’s it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel, if you like my content, it would really help me out and see you next time.