This is worth around 30 to 50 pound uk currency, and this one stands out a lot compared to other smart watches and i’ll. Tell you why? Because i reviewed a lot of um budget price, smart watches around the price of 40 to 50 pound uk currency, but none of them had a metal bezels like this. You didn’t have that weight to it, and this one has that weight to, and this feels more luxurious when you wear this because of this bit. It also has a nice silicone, strap as well, that feels comfortable and it can be used for sports or casual use. As well, it’s also easy to detach as well and put a different strap on if you want, but only one strap comes with it and you can see it’s very flexible and it also has a secure, strap as well, so it won’t come off. It also has the brand logo there as well doogie. It also comes with a magnetic charger as well a usb charger. The charger goes at the back here, just make sure it goes the right way and you can see it connects easily and that’s when it charges up. It also comes with a user manual here as well. Uh, if you go through the user, menu goes there’s a couple of languages here as well choose from, and if you look through it, if there’s an app that you can download as well. Now that when you scan that qr code, it will take you to the app and you then you can download the app and then you’ve got more features that you can access to and control from your smartwatch uh smartphone.

Now the watch is brilliant. The power button is there when you want to switch on when you want to switch it off, you will have to navigate through the watch and find the settings and you can switch off that way. But i love that i love this watch because it’s very smooth operating i mean the touch control is brilliant operates very smoothly. The brightness is brilliant as well and it’s very bright, especially uh when the sun is shining a lot of watches. You can’t really, you can’t really see. However, this one it has good brightness as well, so you can see now. Let me go to uh look there’s the app. So if you don’t find, if you don’t, have the user manual there’s the app here, so you just scan it with your smartphone and it will take you to the app uh. Also, let me go to the settings. They go. The dial selection here they can choose different dial selections here. Let me go back so settings here. Then you go to power off uh. Then you got the reset and about so. It doesn’t really have much on the settings. You got a stopwatch here. You got the weather here, you got the shutter where you can control your smart phone, taking photos and controlling the music and you’ve also got the music player there as well and control your music. There. You go notifications like any smart watches. You can. You can see all the notifications, any messages come through, etc.

If you got call, it will tell you who’s calling, but you can’t really pick up the calls, because it doesn’t really have a speaker built in. However, you can reject the call if you want uh. If you go down, you got the app like i’ve shown. You got a brief, um app as well, so this one’s like a breathing exercise. It has that feature there with the heart rate, monitor as well that operates 24 7. and then you’ve got the training mode. Here, where you’ve got various different sports mode and up to 12 sports mode, they can choose. From now, you’ve got walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football, hiking, tennis, fitness free training, sit ups, so you got quite a few now. If you go back uh that’s it, then, if you swipe downwards, you got the motion um sensor for the wrist. So when you move your wrist, the time will come on. It also has uh hold on. Let me go back. Yeah also has a dnd on uh. Will will turn on when push notifications hold on? Let me get this so got this options there as well. You got this um screen, lock there as well, and so, if you want to switch to um, have that off just hold that button here now we’ve got the brightness level. So this is the max brightness level. The lowest is here. Can’T really see anything on the low one. Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, so that’s really bright to be honest for a smartwatch and that’s, something i really like about it.

It stands out and then you’ve got the information button here. Cs1 that’s the model and if i swipe right, that’s where the messages are, if i swipe left that’s where the training modes are the steps, the sleep monitoring and the screen size of this is 1.4 inch display. He also has options to customize their watch faces. So you can actually customize the watch faces the way you want it, so you’ve got the options there as well. Also, it also has this a skin friendly. Silicon strap like i’ve mentioned. This bit, is also skin friendly and only requires two hours to charge up. So two hours to charge up – and it gives you up to 14 days of standby time, seven days of continuous usage time as well, so that’s pretty cool and for android. If you’ve got android um smartphone, it requires android, 4.4 and above to operate with this smart smartwatch and if it’s apple, it has to be ios 9.0 and above you, you have to also have a bluetooth, 4.0 and above um to operate with this watch. But one thing that really stands out is that metal bezels here that really stands out. I got that quite a bit of weight to it, but that’s the thing that makes it stand out a lot. It feels very comfortable. The touch control works perfectly and it does have a good battery life with a lot of great uh features packed into this.