I think this is because many brands are selling this watch model. So if youre going to buy one, i would recommend purchasing the one at the lowest price, so smart watches have been increasing in popularity over the last decade that has become the new cool in accessories from young children to the older generation. Smart watches are used on a daily basis to monitor everything from steps to sleep and even methods. Fitness trackers and smart watches have now become a source of encouragement to exercise and sometimes a competition Music hi guys today, im going to review the doji cs2 pro smartwatch and fitness tracker. There are many good smart watches and fitness trackers out there and ive used and reviewed a few of them before so ill. Leave those links in the videos description below so im, going to break this topic into different subtopics like display fitness, etc. Lets start with the unboxing, the unboxing experience is pretty average, it comes with a manual and a charger. The watch needs to be connected to the charger to start the watch and thats the unboxing done. I just want to talk about the alexa, as that could be the reason youve picked. This watch, as is the stand up feature which is quite rare. Okay. So when i was writing my review, i tried the alexa feature, but it wasnt working. So i wrote that in my review, but then when i was preparing it for b roll, it started working properly.

So i adapted my review. The alexa does work on the watch pretty well. To be honest, although it did take a while to find the answer to my question. It was one what is the score for the england versus west indies, game Music, but im not sure in how the spots, how it will work and if the mic will be able to pick up your audio properly. So if the alexa is the main reason for you to buy this watch, then you might want to consider the negative light consistency build quality. It has an aluminum body with plastic health sensors on the back is also quite light. The strap is actually the nicest strap ive tried on one of these watches its really smooth and soft, its just overall, a good strap in my time using the watch. The battery has been really good and i expected that because previous watches ive tried have lasted me up to three weeks with light use and even with heavy use im sure you could get around a week or battery life, so a solid battery life check and when You need to charge magnetic pins attached to the back of the watch. Lets talk about the displays, thats. What you look at on the watch. The display quality is surprisingly good. I actually really liked it. This display is nice and vibrant. The smoothness of the display is pretty good for the type of watch that is, it isnt the smoothest thing but easily usable, and not that big of a problem.

The brightness is also really bright and will be easily viewable in sunlight. On all watches, i try to check the customizability options as thats a feature that adds personality to your watch, and this watch ticks that up. You have a decent range of wallpaper options, which is really good. You can also have seven wallpapers on the watch and out those three. You can pick yourself now features. This watch has most features that smartwatches have like weather messages: music player they out of the ordinary features in this watch, except for the alexa, which i talked about at the beginning of the video. The app is also very average. You can change your settings wallpapers and fitness info and thats about it. Health and fitness, as this is also a fitness tracker. There are a number of fitness features that this watch includes running swimming cycling and a few others. You can also set goals in these in different ways and also at the end of the exercise activity. You get a summary of your training exercise on the watch. You can also check your blood pressure, stress levels, steps and sleep conclusion. So, overall, this is one of the better smart watches and fitness trackers in this price range that i have tested. The good display and alexa are for me the biggest features in this watch, but for you it may be the health features or just as a bridge, into the world of fitness, trackers and smart watches.

So is this watch for you thats, for you to decide, leave any questions you have about the doji watch in the comment section and i will try my best to answer them.