Now drone mobile is a cool name, it sounds futuristic. So what is it? Drone mobile is an lte system that works with an aftermarket, remote start system to monitor and start your vehicle remotely now that’s, just the basics. The cool part is that you can monitor or start your vehicle with either a smartphone smart watch tablet or laptop, and all this can be done with unlimited range and things get more futuristic from here. This system provides vehicle status, gps tracking car battery voltage, internal cabin temperature and maintenance reminders. Now drone mobile is available in several hardware configurations with varying features. The module itself requires professional installation at an authorized retailer and was complete in under a day for reference. I have the dr3100 module installed, as always, i only feature products or services i buy or would like to buy. This gives the channel more credibility and appeal because we feature items that interest me and change the way we live. Don’T have time to watch the whole video we’re. Now a podcast you can find on multiple platforms by searching for pixels cracked. You can also support the podcast by downloading the anchor app and making a small monthly donation on that platform. And if you are listening to this on a podcast, you can find the youtube channel by searching for pixels cracked as well. All things said: let’s go ahead and get into it. So let’s talk setup once drone mobile is installed on your vehicle.

You’Ll want to download the drone mobile app by first tech for your smartphone. This app is free and available for both apple and android devices for reference i’m using a pixel 5 running android 11 and a lenovo tab m10 plus running android 10.. The drone mobile app does require creating an account and pairing it to your vehicle’s drone mobile system, using your supplied serial number, so let’s go ahead and get into the app. So here we are in my honda crz opening the drone mobile app brings us to the home screen. Here we have categories of data in the navigation bar at the bottom. Each category has a time and date stamp, which indicates the last time that category was updated to refresh the category, simply pull down to the bottom of the screen. Until you see the loading icon. First, we have vehicle location which shows our vehicle on google maps. This can be helpful for finding your vehicle in a busy parking lot or, if it’s been towed. Tapping on our vehicle on the map brings up google map options now. Tapping on this icon opens google maps where you can get step by step directions to find our vehicle to return to the drone mobile app. We can tap the icon on the bottom of the screen to the far left now within drone mobile. We can also tap on the map and that’s going to expand it as well. Now, as you can see, it expands it within drone mobile.

We can then tap on the vehicle information bar at the bottom of the map. This expands the bar and allows us to see the engine and speed status of the vehicle beneath this data are share and direction options. They both work and allow you to share your vehicle location or receive step by step directions to your vehicle, using google maps using the navigation bar. We can then tap on the home icon to return to the home page. Our next category is drivers now tapping on this category would give more details about drivers which includes their emails and subscription tier on drone mobile scrolling down. Our next category would be status, so let’s go through the items in this category. The first option is the engine which tells us if it’s, on or off the second option is doors which tells us if a door is locked or unlocked. The third option is door status which tells us if a door is open or closed. The fourth and fifth options are trunk and hood, which tells us if either is open or closed. The next category is battery, which shows our car battery status. This is helpful for monitoring car battery health with real time battery voltage data scrolling down. We have temperature, which gives us the interior temperature of the car interior temperature, is useful for knowing, if you should start your car earlier on a hot or cold day. The next category is system which gives the user information about their drone mobile hardware, and the last category is maintenance.

Tapping on the edit icon opens a new page where we can create a maintenance reminder tapping on the arrow. In the top left hand, corner returns us to the previous page. Our last option on the home page is edit. Tap in this option opens a new page that allows us to remove or add categories and reorganize them tapping on the arrow. In the top left hand, corner brings us to the previous page, so let’s talk more about the navigation bar at the bottom, we’ve already reviewed the home and track icon, so we can tap on the controls option now. This opens a new page with our vehicle and its name and software buttons. Now these software buttons are what allow us to start and stop the engine and lock and unlock the car doors using our smartphone, or in this case the lenovo tab, m10 plus now. Of course, i’m sitting in my car while doing this, but this can be done remotely outside of the car, with unlimited range due to the lte technology that drone mobile uses so let’s demonstrate the functions. We’Ll go ahead and start by locking the car and, as you can see, that worked and then we’ll go ahead and start the engine. Now this works a little bit differently because you have to press and hold on the software button and i’m going to see. If i could demonstrate this clearly, there we go it takes a moment and we get a verification and the car is starting up and you can see again.

This works very reliably and very smoothly. Now we can also go ahead and stop the engine again. We’Re going to press and hold on that icon and again it’s going to take a moment but it’s going to stop the car. Now when it comes to the lock and unlock feature on a smartphone or tablet, this actually comes in handy. If you accidentally lock your keys in the car now, even if you lock your phone and keys in the car, you can still use a backup option. Like a computer tablet or smart watch to unlock the car. Now, once we’ve completed our functions, we can then tap the x on the bottom of the screen to return to the previous page, our next icon in the navigation bar is activity now tapping this option opens a new page with vehicle activity data, a navigation bar at The top shows categories of alerts, feed and trips. Our first category alerts displays a list of vehicle functions performed the next category. Feed is a list of times. Vehicle status was requested or sent to a device like a smartphone. The last category trips displays total trips, speed and violations. Time idling and trip ranges tapping on the trip range gives more detailed information about where the vehicle started and ended in that range. In the top right hand, corner is a filters icon that allows you to filter data by date, vehicle or command tapping on the arrow. In the top left hand, corner returns us to the previous page.

Overall, the activity section can be great for tracking your children’s driving, behaviors or behaviors of other drivers. If the car is used in a vehicle sharing program, our last option in the navigation bar is settings. Tapping on this option opens a new page with a list of options. Here we can edit our account and add, or edit vehicles, as well as invite friends or family you’ll, also see an option. Titled geofences tapping on this option opens a new page where you can add a geofence to get alerts for when your vehicle enters or leaves an area to create a geofence, simply tap on the plus icon in the top right hand corner next, we can tap the Create a geofence bar, we can then enter an address and tap next. Next, we can select a geofence type, which is essentially the shape of the geofence. So you can see we have circle rectangle, polygon and poi, which stands for point of interest. Once our geofence type is selected, we could tap next. The next page allows us to upload an image of the geofence we’ll skip this option in this video. The next page brings up all our vehicles that we can assign to the geofence, since we only have one vehicle, we’ll have to go with that and then we’ll tap next. The next page allows us to confirm the geofence by tapping create a geofence again. Geofences could be useful for monitor and children’s driving behaviors tapping on the arrow.

In the top left hand, corner returns us to the previous page. The next option is security. Tapping on this option allows us to change our drone mobile password or lock the app with a biometric or passcode method tapping on the arrow. In the top left hand, corner returns us to the previous page. Our next option is preferences. Tapping on this option opens a new page that allows you to fine tune, the app and its functions to your taste. Our first option includes the app asking you to confirm a command if you want to make sure that a button wasn’t accidentally pushed the second and third options, allow the user to receive an audible and vibration. Confirmation when a command is successful. The third option, auto refresh forces the app to refresh each time, it’s opened. The fourth option, allows you to make the command screen the default screen when open in the drone app. The fifth option allows the user to change the app theme. Options include light, dark and system default. The sixth option is units which allows you to choose between imperial and meters. The last option is release notes, which gives detailed information on the drone mobile app versions. Now i intentionally exited the app here to return to my home screen on the tablet, because i want to show the widget, which has a minimal layout and works well, so options include start, stop unlock and lock and vehicle switching, which opens the app next.

We have the drone mobile smart watch app, which is available for apple and wear os. Now, as you can see, the smartwatch app has a minimal layout due to its smaller screen, but has all the necessary functions and works consistently. Functions include, lock, unlock remote, start trunk track and select vehicle, so let’s go ahead and try these all out we’re going to start with lock. So there we go send in the lock and that went ahead and it locked the vehicle and, as you can see, it returns us back to the app here and now we’re going to tap unlock so that’s, sending the unlock command and now the car is unlocked. So now we’re going to try the remote start, which is to me the most exciting part about this whole system. We get to start our car with a smart watch, so it’s going to work just like the tablet we’re going to tap on that and again we got to press and hold on this and then that’s going to send the remote start command and there we go Vehicle is starting up now. The interesting thing is: when you go to stop the car, you have to wait, i believe 10 to 15 seconds before you can actually stop it and again, that’s, probably just because of sending a status update to the app itself now we’re going to stop the car. Here, we’re going to type remote start and we’re going to press and hold again and then that’s going to send remote stop again, you can see how quick this works.

It’S very impressive. Now one of the things i haven’t tried here would be the trunk, and i do have a trunk here but i’m, not sure how that works so i’m, going to press that send an open trunk and for me i think it just unlocks or locks all the Doors, the next option we have here is track we’re, going to tap on that, and you can see that shows our location with the address details there and then we have select vehicles. So if we tap on that all our vehicles will be here again. I only have one vehicle, but there are all our options and again just very cool works really well, so let’s talk subscription options which are basic premium premium, plus and ultimate. Now i skipped basic because it doesn’t include the gps tracker and directions to your car, and then we have premium plus and ultimate on the opposite side of the spectrum which you can imagine are a bit more expensive and they don’t really add too many more features. I know that there is improved gps monitoring and some small little things that don’t make it worthwhile. In my opinion, that being said, i opted for premium which is well balanced and it has a good price. So final thoughts, drone mobile, is certainly life and proven technology. It allows you to monitor and start your vehicle remotely with multiple devices. This is certainly useful for warming or cooling your vehicle on cold or hot days.

Drone mobile is also useful for monitoring young drivers and knowing your vehicle location in case. A mishap like a tow occurs and then there’s the app which works really good, on android and wear os devices and receives regular updates and has a feedback option which are all very reassuring things, so that is it for today’s video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful, please leave a like if you’re watching this on youtube and have any questions or comments as always drop those down below and i’ll do my best to answer them now. There are three ways you can support the content. The first way is to click on the amazon storefront link in the description below there. You’Ll find items that i have bought or would like to buy and anything you buy from the storefront does support the content.