So you can pick this up for 53 on and it’s called the dt number one dt98 smart watch right here. You can see it has a sensors on the back here and it has a leather band on. It comes with two different bands, a charger everything you need in the box. So 53. Like i said you can do a group buy with someone else, you can get it for ‘ and let’s. Just take a quick look at some of the features here of this device. It has a built in pedometer alley, pay offline, sort of like apple pay. Bluetooth calls ecg, which is pretty interesting: heart rate blood pressure, intelligent music. You can control your music on your phone from here and lots of other features. Like i said, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, your heart rate, pedometer calories, it’s, ip68, water resistant, call message notifications. So if you get a text or something, if you have the app downloaded, it will show it on here remote camera. So you can control your camera. If you have it mounted somewhere and lots of other cool features in here, weather forecast, multiple dials, so you can change the clock face on here. Um. I, like that. A lot built in calculator has a ai intelligence chipset, which powers a lot of different things in here mtk2502c processor, built in dial, like i said, has a full hd, according to the website, 1.3 inch 240 by 240 pixel display, but so you can make phone calls In here see your phone book and talk to people through this, which i think is very cool, ecg detection, it uses ppg and hrv to measure and assess your heart.

Health heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level is determined through this. So much stuff on this page, it just keeps going and going the sleep monitoring, i think, is very cool. So you can see how long you sleep the length of sleep, how light sleep? Heavy sleep, rem, sleep, quality of sleep. So i know i just said a whole bunch of words, so we’re just gon na get closer to it and take a closer look at it and see how it works, check out the screen and everything and see what’s in the box, all right guys so here’s A closer look, i already took the watch out of the box when you get this, the band won’t be on and you have to put the band on. I didn’t want to take the band off again, but you can see the watch right here. It has a dial right here in the back. You have all your sensors right here, your heart rate, sensors, all the other sensors that sense everything. Sensory experience. Yes, s’s. Okay, so here it is very nice. Nice leather band here it’s a silicone band, but it looks like leather, so it’s going to be very durable. I like that a lot i’m going to set that down here and there’s not much to see on the box here. You can see down here. It says the model dt98 right there, a barcode, you can scan, go ahead and do that if you feel like it and let’s go ahead and open it.

I have it upside down not like that matters, so this is where the watch face would be right here. It’S already on, but it would be mounted right in here so take this out right here – have an instruction manual i’m, not going to do too much through here. It tells you how to download the app how to charge it right here. There’S the app right there. It’S called fundo fun, do f, u n d o you can download that and then you can do calling dial phone books, bluetooth, stuff notifications, sleep monitor will show on your phone and your heart rate. Health will show on your phone through the app too. If you don’t download the app you can see all of this through the watch, but if you have the app it’s much nicer to see it same with like the fitbit here, you can just go to the app and look at it. I like that. A lot – and it just tells you all the different things it does. We already talked about most of this. The only thing i didn’t mention is gestures right there, so you can like turn it like this and then it’ll show a notification like that and stop, but it won’t this does that too? We will be showing that and then just some of the other stuff and then a different language, so we’ll go ahead and open up here opened it too far, but we’ll go ahead and do this here is your charger right here you can see.

It’S magnetic. Has those three dots right there you can see here you have your three dots and it just sort of does this to charge it you plug it in with the usb so magnetic charging, and you have a carbon fiber designed, strap right here too, it is also Rubber, just like this one, but this one has a carbon fiber look, and this one has the leather look. So that really covers everything in the box here so i’m, just going to show you guys a little bit closer here, you can see it has the numbers going all the way around it here on the dial looks very nice we’ll go ahead and peel this off. If i can grab it just like so you can see it has that carbon fiber design going on on the side right there. It looks very nice and these are where it connects. So it has a quick disconnect system here, unlike some watches for the pins, so to change the pin. You just have to pull this back and then that lets you change it very quickly. Uh most watches don’t have something like this. You have to have a special tool to pry the pin off, but this one is very simple: all you got to do is pull down on it and change it. You can grab your new one right here. It has the same little design going on and you can just push them into place just like so so here we are, i quickly changed the band right there.

Of course you can use any band, you want it. Doesn’T have to have a quick disconnect system. So you can use any watch band on here to turn it on you’re just going to hold down the power button right here. Give it some time – and it says, welcome so we’re going to let that do its thing and some of the technical specs here on the product, as you can see, right here, has a 300 milliamp hour battery strap material is leather and steel. It has a g sensor: it’s bluetooth, 3 4.0. I don’t know what they mean by that it is ip68 waterproof, two hours of battery life while using, and it has the weight information right there and the strap length right there. So we’re going to go back down here and take a closer look at the watch here. As you can see right here, you have this clock face on. You can swipe over to your right here. You can see messages, phone books call log dialer. If you want to call someone, obviously you have to have this connected to your phone for that to work. You can slide back to move so it’s, very intuitive. You can keep going go back here to see your blood pressure, monitor right there to see what your current heart rate is and keep going. So you have those on this side. If you go to the other side, like we said before, you have all of this information, you keep going.

You have sport, pedometer, ecg, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, sedentary, how much you’re sitting your o2 levels right. There uh notifications, bluetooth, music, bluetooth camera. So you can control your music on your phone right on here and your camera on here, like we talked about before bluetooth right there motion. So if you wanted to do things as you turn it like that, you can do that right there to answer, calls to mute things. Different things. Take a quick look here. You can see some of these here that you can control slide back themes right here, so these are different watch themes, um we’ll, just click it there. I don’t really know the difference. Calendar alarm, stopwatch calculator, apps and settings right there keep going. You have your language find device. If you lose it, it can vibrate and make noises display. So you can control your display settings right here, how bright it is screen timeout time and then your dial selection here. This is my favorite thing, so you can go in here and change the dial of the clock face. You see all these different ones here, let’s just pick this one for now and then we’ll go all the way back. You can also press this here to go all the way back, so very cool it’s. A very nice display, like it’s, very crisp, very good viewing angles i don’t have it turned on right now you just press this. You can see it right there.

You have your sensors on the back. We’Ll go ahead and go to the heart rate right here and just press start. You can see it going right there trying to sense blood pressure test. You can see it there. Obviously, this has to be on my arm to work, go to test those two sensors right there end. So what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to put this on my arm and actually take a little bit closer of a look right here. So, like i mentioned before, there’s the app called fondue you’re going to download and i’m just going to show you guys a short quick when you turn it it auto. Goes you go back it stops. You go back again, it shows it so that’s really cool. I, like that, a lot you’re gon na press, smart watch here on your bluetooth. Once you download the app it will tell you to do this. You can see it’s connected right there, so we’re, just gon na go back to our app right here. Uh that’s the app store. I have it open somewhere. I thought click it so here it is in the app right here. You can see all the details right here, your sports information here, how fast you’re, running and stuff you have steps over here. How many steps you’ve taken with it on have me down here analysis over here and analyze your information, your sleep, health right here in the middle here, is your main page report.

It’Ll create a report right here. Sleep report, heart rate report, blood pressure, report, blood oxygen report, et cetera, and then you have more over here, which is adding your device and doing different stuff right here. We’Ll press add device smart watch right here. Pairing request would like to pair with your ipad. Yes um: i guess you want to do this first actually display your ipad notifications. If this was your phone, obviously it would be your phone notifications allow and then you can do bluetooth call right here. Please enter settings manually, remote, shutter on and off ecg detection right here tells you how to do that see up here when you’ve last done it data sync is successful and you can sync it with your apple health right there. So here it is right here how many steps i’ve taken – i guess syncing with my apple data as well. I haven’t used any of this yet and then you can see this. This is since i’ve had the device on best, so go back to the main page. Here – and you can see it just a general idea and as you do more info, it will build up and you can just track your health throughout your day and week and month in life, and i think that’s, really cool that’s. Why? I have a smart watch too, because i like seeing this stuff, especially how well i sleep so what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to focus on the watch a bit so here’s.

The watch right here we’re just going to go ahead and show you some of the other features we haven’t shown before. If you go down, you can see your battery health if you’re connected via bluetooth and your current sound audio level, as well as the date and time uh. The battery is critically low right now, if you go up it’s the same deal when we go over here, we said we had bluetooth music up here too, so you can control your music and it plays music out of this. It has a built in speaker and that music is not coming from the ipad. It is coming from the watch right here and you can switch your songs right here and control the volume right here and keep in mind. These are songs. I downloaded on my ipad like years ago. I don’t listen to this stuff, guys nothing against it, but there’s a lot of weird songs in here um, but i think that’s really cool that you can do that. You also go over here. You have your bluetooth camera right here. If you have that turned on, i don’t think i turned it on on the app right there, as we saw before notifications right here. I haven’t had any because uh i’m lonely um over here. We have all the other things here. The theme like we talked about before alarm calculator, um, really cute. You can type whatever you want. If i was going to try to type for 2069 uh gme to the moon, but um, okay.

So here we go yeah find device right here display settings. We talked about before fine device with a okay okay, so it just sort of does a little beeping thing to help. You find it and let’s go over here, so we’re just going to go ahead and quickly do the uh blood pressure we’re going to quickly do the heart rate monitoring test right here. So it says it’s 78 right now: let’s go ahead over here to the fitbit says: i’m 110. um. Quite the discrepancy there, but i don’t know which is more. Accurate i’d assume the fitbit, but i don’t know pedometer right there heart rate we just did let’s see what the ecg does. Am i okay. Am i gon na live guys. Interesting let’s see uh o2 levelers right here. We’Ll just do a quick test. 97. I think that’s, okay isn’t it i don’t actually know my blood pressure. Am i gon na live? Is that good guys, or is that very bad, so yeah that’s, just some of the information here? As you can see, the display is very nice and it’s very bright. Honestly, depending on which direction you’re looking at it, you can always see it really and you can’t turn off that auto off thing, that’s going on right there, but it works like this. I think that it’s really cool that has a built in g sensor right there too, so that basically covers everything. So let’s go ahead and close this out.

So there you go guys. This is a quick look at the dt98 smart watch it’s available at There will be a link down below if you want to purchase this, like, i said before, it’s about fifty dollars, but you can do a group buy to get it about thirty nine dollars. They also have a first time user coupon code of twenty available. So you can easily get this under the 53 or so asking price, so i think it’s a great smart watch. I like how you can change the watch faces. I love this. I love the way you can change the watch faces on the front. I love the design of it. It looks like a regular old watch, especially if you have one of the old analog styles on here too. As you can see here, you can go over here and pick an analog one go back, and i love that it’s very easy to change that. I love that it can control a lot of different things. You can do your blood pressure, your heart rate, your sleep quality and all those different things. We talked about before o2 sensor. Everything like that and you can see how it works. Just like a regular watch there. The bands are very easy to change and you can use any band you want, which is very cool and the design is very lightweight and also sturdy. It feels like sort of metal and uh carbon fiber plastic on the side right there so, like i said before, there will be a link down below.

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