This watch has got best specs so far, keep watching to know why this watch is best value for money. This watch comes with rdk8762d processor and it has got biggest battery till now with 280 milliamp hour. It takes nearly 3 hours to fully charge. This is magnetic charging, cable and magnets are very strong on this watch. User manual is in chinese. Let me convert it in english, for you guys, straps are of good quality in this watch. This is the first watch which comes with different kind of sensor, i’m, not sure if it’s, real or not. Let me know in the comments, if you guys are interested in there on video of this watch. Price of this watch is same as w26, plus and hw12, but still it has got better specs compared to those watches Music without further delay. Let’S turn on the watch and see the user interface Music. First thing: i want to show you guys the display control center. I haven’t seen this kind of ui in any watch it’s, so convenient adjusting, brightness vibration and music can also be controlled easily through vertical swipe. Music, we get split screen feature so reading notifications and calling can be done through horizontal swipe Music Applause. Now let’s go through all the watch faces Music, there are total 11 watch faces and additional watch face can be installed through the app which will be covered later. In this video, this watch has got the best display with almost 60hz refresh rate and touch is very smooth and responsive Music.

This watch has got four menu styles, and it also gives haptic feedback as i scroll through the menu Music Music, Music Music. Now, let’s go through all the settings: Music options: Music to connect your watch with smartphone. You will have to turn on this feature Music. My watch has not been connected to my phone, so music player will not work Music let’s check. If the heart rate sensor is real or not Music, as you can see, the watch can measure my table’s heartbeat, so definitely it’s not a real sensor, but it will be cool. Taking apart, this watch to see how the new sensor looks from inside now, i’ll pair. This watch to my phone and show you guys how the application looks make sure to turn off media audio. If you guys have watched my other videos, you must be knowing what am i talking about. The watch gets automatically connected if it’s paired with bluetooth. This application has got tons and tons of watch faces and they keep on updating new watch faces. I have created my own watch faces and links to them are in the description. First, two watch faces are customizable for analog and digital clock. Best part of this watch is that all the watch faces are free of cost, unlike other watches, Music, Music, Music, so Music now i’ll show how to install custom watch face on this watch: Music, Music, Music, Music, good, Music, thank Music. I hope you guys liked the video.

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