com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, as we promised here, we are back again for the dt100 there’s a lot of queries, questions we received for the dt100 and now we’re going to take a look more in depth. Review of its features and menus okay, so let’s have a closer look at the smartwatch. The td dt 100 will check on its menus watch faces as well as other functions such as the health function, sense its sports mode. Again, if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, as you can see here, beautiful watch face okay. We installed it with a support. App. Okay, so let’s have a closer look on its menus. Okay, so we have here the list menu let’s check. We have at least four options here. We’Ll show it to you: okay, we have here the menu style. So before we go on to exports functions, let’s go first here, so we have here at least four menu. Styles, we have the style one that is the list menu. We have the style two okay, okay, so we have here the grid style. We have here what’s this one let’s see, okay, so the bubble type. Okay, though, so there are other names for this, but i call it bubble type and again, let’s go back. So where is that the menu style let’s? Let the menu here? And we have the style number four: the rotary menu, okay, so beautiful easy to access and it has a vibration feedback here you can fill it.

Okay, let’s go back, we love the list star so can read the details or the name of each menus. Let’S, go back style number one; okay, so that’s it again for its menu. Okay. On top, we have these settings here. Okay, i think this is for the music, this body qr code, okay, and this is for the brightness and display display adjustment. Okay. So if you want to vibrate mode and on this side we have the split menu, okay and here is on the direct access on different functions. Okay for its main menus. We have here on the bottom part. Okay, so we have the telephone message functions. You can read your messages directly, we have the contact or the phone book for the bluetooth call. We have the call records, we have the data for your automatic activity, tracking. We have the sports mode, so sports mode included are let’s see. So we have a walking running cycling, rope, skipping, badminton, basketball and football. At least. There are at least several sports modes here or sports functions. We have the heart rate: okay, let’s see if it’s working, it is monitoring your heart rate. Let’S see it may take a while let’s see so bpm, so the heart rate seems like it’s, okay, so that’s the result of the heart rate. We have the graphs also here, okay, the daily graphs. We also have the ecg okay, so it’s also monitoring your ecg. Okay, let’s see if it’s, working or not okay, just wait.

Okay, so that’s it. We have the result for the ecg okay, so it is tracking okay. We also have a blood oxygen monitoring. Okay, we also have the music control, bluetooth, music control, connected to your phone, and you will have a you – will have the option to control the music on your smartphone. We have the sleep monitoring. Okay, we have the stopwatch weather. Well, sorry, calculator very useful function, especially if you want to calculate something and you don’t have your smartphone with you. Okay, we have a fine phone feature. We have the. I guess this is weather. We have the air pressure here here. We have the briefing guide, massager, what’s, massager let’s, see okay confused with that one, but with this one we have a breathing guide. So it helps you to relax, follow the wreath team here and have a relaxing moment. Okay or stress free life, we have a female assistant here. Okay, we also have the settings okay, so we have the language. You can speak from different languages here: okay, very beautiful and nice function. We have the dial switch. Okay, that is for the watch face. Let’S pick this one: okay. What else do we have on the settings? We have the screen time so let’s suggest we have here the five seconds let’s make it 15: okay, vibration, bluetooth phone. We also have the security for the password and we have the factory reset. Okay, so that’s your dt100 smartwatch it’s menus and functions.

Okay, oh we forgot to try the sports mode let’s see if what are the data, that is, it is monitoring, so it is monitoring for your steps. Calories and blood beats per minute, okay, so too little okay. For the cycling, we have okay, the steps also calories, what else heart rate sports. What else did we miss here? Okay, i guess for the bluetooth call next time, we’ll see we are going to test it out if it’s, working or not so stay tuned. Okay subscribe. So that you will not miss any features or video review for the smartwatch okay, so that’s it for your dt, 100. Okay, you also have here the weather. Okay, so far, it has all the basic functions and, of course, extra functions for a smartwatch. Well, i really love the display here. Okay, the screen display slim bezel, okay. I also like the split screen here function. You can see it right away the options and also the at least four option for the menu style. Okay again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Pl. Please check out our unboxing for this one, as well as the installation of the support app again. This is smartwatch specifications.