com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and okay. Finally, we have here okay, one of the latest smartwatch from dt number one. So what we have here is the dt 100 smart watch, okay, so it is one of the latest from the said company okay. So we are very excited to unbox here, okay, to show you this dt, 100. Okay. So again, this one, as you can see here from the packaging, it looks like the popular smartwatch from california, okay, you know what i mean: okay, so, as you can see here from the box, it looks premium okay and we have a very wide screen display. So 1.75 inch here, but we had 320 by 385 pixel resolution, so we’re going to check this okay. So if you are interested interested in getting this okay, please do check out our links below okay, so let’s have the unboxing of the dtu dt100 smartwatch. Okay! If you have any questions, please drop a comment below okay, so let’s try and open the box by the way they have a very beautiful packaging here. Okay, so it looks, premium, looks professionally designed so designed for building an amazing lifestyle. Okay, so we have here, the strap okay looms like it’s, a magnetic strap wow nice. Okay, you see it here, looks professionally and premium. Looking here, okay, we have here the strap with a similar style, but it doesn’t have a and much like this here. Actually, for this one, so it will be tightly locked on the smartwatch okay.

So we have the user manual. Let’S see hope this smart watch, heavy slim bezel, okay, let’s see the support app for this one, so it is using the so we don’t have a name here so let’s scan it later on and see the support up. So we have here, i thought there’s, no name, we have the where pro app okay, we’ll see it later connected. We also have here the magnetic charging cable and we have the. Finally, we have the smartwatch okay, so let’s check it out. Let’S remove the plastic covering here so far. It looks good series – six okay, blue to watch so it looks premium. It looks beautiful here we have the crown button and we don’t have the pull peel button here. The capsule like button, we see from other smartwatches copycat smartwatches so let’s, see and attach the strap let’s, remove it first and see so hey. I guess this here. So it is tightly locked. Oh where’s, the light it’s a good sign, okay, see again let’s. Do it? Okay, we made a mistake on the position very tight attachment. Okay, so far, it looks good. Okay looks premium beautifully, designed dt100 smartwatch i’m impressed okay, let’s check. Okay we’ll see the specs here, so we have 1.75 inch. Let me adjust the display screen: okay, ips lcd, okay, 320 by 385 pixel resolution. We have bluetooth, 4.0, okay, it is compatible with ios and android. So we have here some of the graphics, promotional images 100 plus online watch faces.

We also it also support bluetooth call. So it has a built in speaker and mic also have a password protection here. Custom watch faces full screen display, so it is promoting its full screen display. So hopefully we have a slim bezel, so it is using the rtk, 8762d processor and for its battery seven days, normal usage and very long standby time of standby time of the 60 days. Okay, so we have here so it works. The button works so dial switch or switch the dial to control the interface female menstrual cycle. So we have here the complete specs again, if you have any questions regarding specifications but for the smart watch check out the links below so again, let’s have a closer look at the design. Okay, let’s try to admire the beauty of this smartwatch beautiful body. You have here the speaker and the mic. I like the color let’s turn it on long press, okay. So that is very fast. So we have here the watch face. Let’S, look, take a look. If there are other watch faces long press fashion watch, we have so several preloaded watch faces again let’s check how many one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven, this 11 watch faces wow nice and at the same time there are additional watch faces Available in the support app, oh let’s check this one. Animated watch faces nice, okay, long, press, let’s change it to other watch faces again.

Okay let’s have this uh; okay, again: okay, how about this one? As you can see here – very slim, bezel: okay, rounded corners! Okay! So let’s check for its menus. Okay, let’s have a sneak preview on the menu of the dt number one okay. So we had this one automatic activity – tracking – i guess heart rate, the weather, beautiful, color, sharp and that’s – it so it’s up to you to personalize the watch faces here. Oh so this one. I guess this is the menu that they are promoting the dual menu. I think okay or the dual ui okay let’s see, so we have here the heart rate step dragging the weather. So if you want to check it or you want to access it right away, just drag it like this tap and drag on the upper part. We have, i guess this – is the music control, so this one is the 4d display screen and this is the overall menu. Okay, so let’s see again, okay, so we’re using the crown button here. What are the functions here? You can select so this one. You can personalize the functions that you want to add here. Okay, let’s see, we have ecg here and sleep monitoring let’s see let’s check. I want the music control nice so far, i’m impressed with the ui let’s go back to home and what else do we have here? Let’S see the sports mode here, let’s check.

So where are the sports mode? I can find it here. Okay, so we have here. The sports mode, okay, so far it looks good. It looks premium. It really looks like the zero six smartwatch okay i’m very impressed with the dt number one or the dt100 smartwatch let’s see let’s, wear it and let’s check if it’s comfortable to wear so far. It looks good let’s make it tight watch out for our next video, as we check more on its specs and features, especially the menus and on our procedure, steps on how to connect it to the support app. So far it looks good. It looks premium. It looks like the smart watch from that popular brand, okay going to say the name, but it looks like that. I like the menu here, the pop map pop up menu, the sliding menu sliding function; okay, there’s a lot of options, oh a and it has a very affordable price. Yeah let’s have another one here: very beautiful, graphics, again, let’s check: okay, that’s, your this is your dd 100 smart watch again, if you are interested in getting one, please check out the comments or the links below also check out the initial review of this smartwatch. Okay, it is available right now in different shopping site. Okay, so far so good. We are our initial review or impression of this one it’s, okay, it’s beautiful, it’s, good; okay, it looks premium lightweight and so far it is comfortable to use i’m very curious about the standby time of this one with the smart watch.

As you can see, it has 60 days very slim, bezel layer, and i really like the watch faces and let’s have another one then watch out for our next video review of the smartwatch. Again. This is smartwatchspecifications.