We are indeed going to be reviewing another smartwatch. I actually already made a video of this watch a few days ago, but i wasn’t quite satisfied with the video outcome and the video quality. So now i am redoing it. This is the dt94 smartwatch. It does have a weird name, but the quality of this product is really really good. In my opinion, this is the best alternative for an apple watch. If you want to have that apple watch like experience, this product goes under 50 dollars and i can tell you it is worth your money buying. This watch first off let’s talk about what comes in the box because, first of all, you have here the smart watch itself, the user manual and lastly, we have the charger itself, which is magnetic here. Are the main specifications of the watch written on the back of the box so pause the video and read that for yourself? One of the main reasons why i really like this watch is the design itself, because it just screams elegance all over your face. The watch itself is also ip67 water resistant and the watch straps are interchangeable, and that is a really nice addition, especially because it is very useful. The display on this watch is a square watch face and it really looks good. In my opinion, the only downside is the brightness itself, because it isn’t that bright compared to my other watches, but overall, the display of this watch is really great.

Now, of course, this smartwatch also comes with different watch faces here. I will be scrolling through other watch faces, so enjoy this little clip of mine, and i hope you like it Music moving on. We have here the application itself. This is the companion app for your watch, which you can get via google play, and it does have an extension of information from your watch so yeah. That is very useful as well. Now do take note this specific color. If this watch does look more feminine, but you can get it in black as well and i will link it down in description below if you want to check this watch out. Finally, let’s now talk about the other features from this watch. You can have telephone messaging call recording, and we have here some sport modes and it is very useful, especially if you are into fitness. We also have your heart rate. Now. This heart rate is not going to be 100 accurate and also the ecg and blood pressure functions. You can use this for reference, but don’t expect 100 accuracy based off of this watch. Here are some other features from this watch such as music and sleep monitoring modes. We also have here the weather application, which you can use your phone for that information. We also have your find your phone, so if you lose your phone, you can find it easily through the watch and some other features here. I really don’t know about, but here’s one neat feature, though it does have a massaging app and technically it just massages your wrist using vibrations.

So yeah i don’t know who would use that, but it is there if you need it here are some additional features that this watch has. It did surprise me with the amount of features that this watch already included, because at this price, can’t really complain about anything that you’re getting it’s the great bang for the buck, and it is probably even better than the halo solar that i recently reviewed. One cool feature about this watch also, is you can fix or customize your applications on how it looks like here? We have the style. Two style number three really looks like an apple watch. It is very smooth and functions just like as an apple watch. So if you’re into that, you have that as well for style number four. It does look like in circular motion, so it really depends whether you like it or not, but you have that feature right there, swiping from the home screen to the right. We have here. Some other apps, and these are called pages. We can also have here some notifications, because this app is also an extension to your phone, so it is very convenient and you have it right there as well. So, in conclusion, this watch is really great, especially for the price you’re paying for, and i really hope you like this video and please don’t – forget to subscribe for more tech. Videos like this because i’ve noticed 99.1 percent of my viewers, aren’t really subscribed to my channel, and it is sad, but i know my channel is still growing.

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