This is the 68 we're running through all the numbers. With that Endon eight. I guess this is the unboxing part of it, and the bands are obviously removable. We'Ve got a little module inside interesting layout looks like it's got a plates on the bottom. Hmm and, of course the band is here in the outer packaging. Oh tricky. To get these things up, it's like customized packaging for this and then we've got more goodies in here to reveal. After I tell you where you can get it via DT number. One official store on Aliexpress has it available for you check the show notes for the link and if we've got a discount for you, you also can pick it up from banggood. Another supporting sponsor of this watch again check the show notes. I'M sure the price will be lower than that spec wise. What we have going for us in this one is a whole bunch of colorful dials, that's it's staked a claim. 20 dial fate of watch faces in it. It'S a basic standard. Smart Watch got oh what the fun do, tethering app. All these different languages are supported. It says it's IP 68 waterproof has heart rate blood pressure, blood oxygen. All of those things are supported, come on down and we've got other functions like pedometer. Of course, alarm calendar it's, a basic fitness watch. The tech specs include a 1.2 inch TFT 240 by 240 screen with a 230 milliamp hour.

Battery gives you about 10 days of standby and 30 days of use time with the 2 hour recharge, so it's a good long life device. What they're promoting for us here let's see what else we've got until the containers here. There'S the charging wire and inside of here is the manual we'll. Take a look at that let's look at the wire first, it looks like it's your standard 2 pen magnetic connector yep and it holds the watch I don't know about with the band, but it's nice and strong for that and the manual itself is we usually do We'Ll page through it to show you in case there's, something you want to come back and freeze frame later on. You can do that since most of the time, these manuals themselves are not actually available online, there's, the QR code to scan for the fundu app and, and we get into the different functions – and this is one of those manuals. It'S mostly text instead of picture driven, which is kind of a challenge for those who are not using English as their supported language, but nonetheless here's the information warranty. And then we are in two other languages. In this book: full of languages – ok, I'm gon na charge. It up put the bands on get it all ready and we'll take a run through what it'll do so we've got the little plastic cover. We can take off it's all charged up long press on the red button and little vibration and there we go we're on our original first watch face so let's.

Take a look. If I swipe down, I get into a few different things: there's the brightness level, that's, the lowest second and third, so there's, three different brightness levels, that's the brightest one we've got the battery level the time whether or not you have Bluetooth connected. It looks like there's a Do Not Disturb option and then settings and when we come in here we have about. We have the QR code, which is what you had skin to download the fundu app. But again I have it in the show, notes and we're not going to talk about the app today, because I've got many many reviews of that one out there but it's of the one that's used here. Then we have a reset option to completely reset the ah watch and those are the three different things. So pretty much useless information from that little area about watch will tell you that it's simply called smart watch when you're, tethering and that's the Mac and the version number that goes along with it. So that's what happened when we swipe down when we swipe up, we get into alley pay and, of course, that's not supported outside of China, so we can't really use that this is this. I understand it not the NFC supported version, but the QR code kind of version that's used for ollie pay, but I could be wrong on that I'm, not totally sure cuz. We don't have it here. When I swipe to the right.

I get into my message area where you could read any messages that come in and that just cycles around back and forth and when you swipe to the left we now get into our overall step count that's pretty cool right at a thousand. I did walk around with it a bit point: seven two miles and calories burn and it times out, but it comes back there when I touch it again, here's a sports section that if I touch it goes into the things you can set up walking running cycling, Climbing swimming is supported with this watch football basketball table tennis. All these kind of sports that don't involve linear motion are just going to give you a time versus expected. Calories you'd burn doing that and then a history section that if you have any records, you could go back and look at it. There'S, no GPS in this watch. So all your step count information. All your distances will be computed from basic step count. Here we are in heart rate and we tap on that. We get into a section where you have heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen and the quintessential ECG which I hate to harp on, but because it's, the fundu app means it's, totally fake. So ignore that one, but the other three you could play with we go into heart rate lights, up the diodes and touch it and give it a moment to see. Now I want to mention something else, while we're waiting on all this stuff to go through the green diode technology.

Ppg is what this typically used on all these devices to calculate heart rate and even the estimation of blood pressure which we can come up with here when it gets the blood oxygen. The early watches use that same green diode for calculating blood oxygen, but there's. A lot of study and a lot of development happened as you've. Seen in previous reviews that tell you that using red diode technology is much more accurate for the computation of blood oxygen. So in 2020, I'm gon na be looking to bring you reviews of watches that are more likely to be closer to accurate than not, and these are not so will be looking for, watches that use the red diode I'm, not getting a heart rate, probably because I'm Talking too much, but I do want to go into blood oxygen, to see whether or not we've got red diodes on the back let's see if we get any kind of a reading at all. My fingers, covering the sensor back there and it's taken too long for this review, but let's take a peek, haha it's, not even on look at that. Come on blood oxygen. Oh there you go, you see the green light showing through it turns off. If it's not reading me, but it would be getting you blood oxygen from green diode, which means I don't know it's, probably not gon na, be that close to accurate, because blood oxygen ranges typically between what 97 to 99 a hundred percent it's not going to be That big of a deal blood oxygen comes up when you're doing things like sleep, apnea analysis or heavy duty workouts that kind of stuff, here's, heartrate, here's, last night's sleep time, here's a basic stopwatch, though the nice thing is it's, big digits.

So it's going to be easy to see, counts down to hundredths of a second it doesn't look like you can do lap time with it. You can pause it and you can reset it. Then there's, a music player when you're tethered. You can remotely play your music and or which is where you can set alarms, have sedentary reminders, or course find your phone if you're tethered and that's all three items on that page and then we're back to time and let's see. Typically, you press and hold you: can change watch faces here's another one, it's kind of an analog digital combo with words for time and play and back in sport, but there's, no buttons there, folks, so they're just grabbing a watch face to throw into it. It looks like here's, a nice white against black high contrast display for you for time notice, it's in military time, but notice that the thumbnail is well. We don't know that could be Oh 200 in the morning, but it might be in 12 and 24 hour time. I haven't seen a way to change that on the watch so most likely if it's changeable you'd, do it through the app when you're tethered to it. Another watch face here. If you recall it said at the beginning that there's, like 20 different watch, faces and that's one of the big stakes to claim on this particular watch, so we're taking the time to show you since that's their main factor, there's a little analog one there's another digital One and yeah, if you're, really into changing, watch, faces here's one with lots of your data.

Your step count, heart rate, would show up here and so forth. Yep colorful nice, a lot of information, basic watch right there, basic digital watch, another one yeah here's, the one that it opened up with with character, running and a digital time and then we're back around looping. Again, it looks like yeah, okay, Wow there's, a bunch of them in here here's a butterfly one. I guess we're not looping yet so if you are into that, you've got that with a large step count and your digital time there and a butterfly icon there. We go now we're back that's, where we started right there. Okay, removable bands on this one. This is what it looks like on: it's not too thick. Pretty pretty nice shapely watch the overall build quality is okay it's, not any open, fiber thing, but yeah it's it's, an okay watch. You got the two tone band going for it and we have it available from Aliexpress at the DT number one special store – or you can pick it up at the been good store right bank good. Has it available for its two we're looking at the dt 68. So check the show notes for buying links for both of these and discount pricing.