Last night's sleep time, you have a variety of different sports. You can do in here. You'Ve got UV in your city; you've got blood oxygen, blood heart rate, just like you saw before. On the other one blood pressure, you can get a UV index from your city as well, including the average altitude and barometric pressure of where you're located. You have ability to change to a variety of different faces that way or by just simply pressing on the screen and holding it. The stopwatch is built into this music player, remote camera capabilities, sedentary reminders, you've got a countdown timer. If you want to quite a bit of flexibility in here, the flip your wrists to see the time if you activate that and it loops back over again. So you have all these different functions in a relatively nice small compact size, with either a metal band or a TPU band that you can order it in, and both of these versions include an extra set of black TPU bands as well so check it out.