This video is a 3 weeks of use review of the Q18 Smart Watch,
I have other Smartwatch videos,

Link to video on how to connect smartWatch to SmartPhone,

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0:40 close up of the 500 mah battery
0:58 flexible strap design of the Q18
1:08 close up of the speaker on the front of Q18

1:35 fit Q18 on my wrist
2:05 Q18 by the side of the DZ09
3:08 android wear watch cost & minimum specs

3:40 review of the Q18
3:45 DZ09 straps breaking close up of broken strap
5:35 no accelerometers in either watches

6:20 no headphone jack in the watch
6:50 micro sim card & micro SD card slot
7:06 warning before you take the watch apart

8:38 how to remove the sim card tray
9:00 compare DZ09 and Q18 back plate
9:30 how to remove the back plate without damage

10:10 close up of the backplate on Q18
10:30 close up of the front of the Q18 curve
11:05 Q18 screen scratches easily

11:40 dimensions of the DZ09 & Q18
12:20 DZ09 on top of Q18 watch
13:10 Q18 strap = 3.5mm thick

13:40 cameras point in different directions
14:20 Q18 is not really splashproof
14:50 close up of the 16 speaker holes on the Q18

15:00 better sound on the Q18 front firing speaker
15:30 charging port and cable on the Q18
16:10 insert battery in Q18

16:40 start up of the Q18
16:50 connect watch to my phone, sync date & time
17:30 functions of the Q18 watch

17:50 background image of Q18
18:00 battery life of the Q18
18:20 mediatek smart device app

19:40 information about notifications
19:50 other play store apps available for smart watches
20:20 wake button on the Q18 & DZ09

21:20 Q18 extra button on the front
21:30 the 3 different clock faces on the Q18
21:50 get the Q18 to menu screen

22:30 Is the Q18 as waterproof as the DZ09
22:44 water resistant watches cost
22:50 what does facebook, twitter & whatsapp apps do

22:50 i inserted my sim in the Q18 what happened
23:00 as far as i got with getting the sim to work
23:10 google o2 apn

23:20 data account in the Q18 watch
23:40 ask your mobile network for the apn code for a watch
24:00 you can’t use the apps until the sim is active

24:00 settings menu, watch settings
24:38 profile settings
24:50 bluetooth settings for connecting to your phone

25:40 touch stylus
26:10 the seller i bought from and specifications of the Q18

I bought this Q18 watch from this listing, I paid £8.35,
ebay item number 262932909070

If their price has gone up think about buying from another seller, link below is a search for Q18 watch,

I have asked the seller about how to get the sim to work in the watch and they said they will contact the manufacturer and ask them,

If they get back to me i will let you know,

Always try to buy from a seller with over 25,000 feedback,
The cheapest will be from China,

Mine arrived in a box some are sent without boxes, the software on the watch you get may be slightly different to mine in the video,

The specifications of the watch i bought are,

Weight Net Weight = 80g
Gross Weight = 205g
CPU = MTK6260A, 360MHZ
Capacity = 128MB + 64MB
Support = Max Micro SD Card 32 GB (not include)
LCD =1.54 inch TFT high definition LCD
Resolution = 240 x 240 pixel
Screen = OGS capacitive touch screen
Bluetooth = Version 3.0
Camera = 1.3M (more like VGA 0.3 MP)

Watch functions are,

Pedometer analysis
sedentary reminder
sleep monitoring
remote picture
bluetooth connection
music player
handsfree call
call sync
MP3 audio player
bluetooth music playing

a variety of information synchronization available,

For Android
all functions can be used

But iPhone only supports partial functions including,
Call sync
Music player
Handsfree call

The Q18’s dimensions are,

Q18 = 13.5mm,
DZ09 = 13mm,

Q18 = 41mm,
DZ09 = 39mm,

Q18 = 60mm,
DZ09 = 56mm,

Screen size,
Q18 = 23mm square,
DZ09 = 23.5mm square,

Thanks for watching any questions plase ask below.