I really really really want the best SmartWatch in the world and I'm that close from having it and you guys having it to solving this problem. We'Ll solve this for all of us. Let me lay the foundation for you. Here'S three watches the cost pet prime, the lympho lem 12, and the genesis now watch this little clip it's a beautiful day outside so we're gon na take our watches out for a little exercise. I got the COS pet prime here, let's turn it on there. You go everybody. We want to do a fitness let's, do an outdoor run I'm sliding over I'm gon na come down here and find the fitness app there. We go on this beautiful bright sunny day. Here we go says outdoor run, I press the button. Can you see go right there and ah three, two one and I'm tracking there's my time there's my distance we're good to go so we are doing an outdoor run on the cost pet prime outdoors. Now here is the lympho lem 12. All right, beautiful watch face gon na. Do the same thing come over here, oh by the way they're set at the maximum brightness for the backlighting right now, let's see Oh music file manager. Here we go fitness all right. What'S it on outdoor run see that yeah I'm gon na press the button. I see the word: go: there's a little blue arrow press, the button and boom there's our elapsed time and all the other data right there great.

We got both watches tracking under the beautiful bright sunshine doing an outdoor run. We could stop and check it at any time we like, but wait. We'Re not done here is the genesis, whoa what's the difference. Well, you can see the screen for one all right: we're gon na come over here. We'Re gon na go down and we're gon na find the fitness app heart rate fitness. There we go. Okay, I've got an outdoor run. I can schedule press the button, got all the information. Oh, we got to locate and turn on the GPS, so let's go ahead and do this good thing we're outdoors and we can see all of this stuff huh, okay, there's, all the other things that are on and we just activated GPS and is looking for a Gps got it three two one, and here we go there's our elapsed, time, distance and so forth, so I've got filtered Sun. Now it went behind a little cloud great now. You can really see all three watches and the actual elapsed time on all of them right. Yeah, when the bright Sun comes out well, you saw that when we set them all up but wait there's more. What happens if we decide okay, let's open? Now I want to just turn it off so I'm gon na long over here and it's all shut off, and I want to come back to the camera. There we go camera and we want to switch it from outdoor, which is right there.

The landscape view see straight ahead. I'M gon na turn the camera around. So I can do a selfie and you can see. I'Ve got my goggles on here: uh huh, hi everybody. This is me doing a video log in filtered sunlight on the Genesis what's it like here on the LEM, twelve well same thing: we got to bail out of here, but it looks like it. It left it anyway, so let's go back up to camera. Come in here request the front facing camera: okay and now I'm. Here you might notice a little more color, but you also might notice it's a little bit washed out it's as bright as the screen can possibly be and non reflective. The sky is blue behind me, whereas on this one it's more black and white, but this one you see all of the contrast. You can actually see me talking and this one well not exactly I'm under very filtered Sun. Now you see the clouds up there on this one they're moving by, hopefully we'll get some more bright Sun before we're all done let's bail out of this one here I should have done that. The other way there we go on the other one and now on the Hospit Prime we're, looking for the camera, if I can even see here, o'clock camera in the camera reverse the screen there. We are forward facing image of me on all three of them. Here are these two under filtered Sun, and here is the image on the Genesis and the cost pet prime together now I want to come back when I'm under full Sun and show you what these look like there.

We go. Oh and I got a lawn mower starting up in the background, you can even see the Sun it's that little dot right there on the Genesis. Oh, where is it on the prime I'm? Not sure now I've got shade over here? I can move them into the shade. Are you still on camera? I don't think so anyway cos Pitt. Prime Genesis, le m12 yeah that's I'm still got my image going Genesis. So when you're out door, folks it's a no brainer as to which machine you can use for your outdoor runs for photography for just about anything, it is the genesis. Now you can see that normal Android watches wash out in sunlight, even filtered sunlight, but in bright light because of the design of the Genesis screen, it can get super bright, super clear, it's, it's, just the way the screen works now what the drawback is on. All of these watches that drains all of the power is the screen light. Every one of them has a backlight that's. Why it's so bright in here right now, these are all backlit, including this one. However, you can tone that down through settings like here we've got the display brightness app on here and on the Genesis, there's still a little bit of light there, but if you hit it outdoors with a bright light, you see it's gon na be easy, easy to Read it becomes reflective like an old Casio digital watch, so here's the challenge, the backlight even dimmed.

All the way down is still on I've, been searching all over for a way to shut those roosters up, but I can't so I'll go on with the review. I'Ve been looking all over for a way to shut that backlight off and leave the screen on you see. We don't need the backlight on when you're outdoors and a lot of you guys are outdoors most of the time. So what I'm? After is somebody without routing the watch? That'S, a big one, it can't be routed, has to be something we can install easily on our own, want somebody to figure out a way to turn that backlight off, but leave the screen on every other watch. When you turn the light off, you turn the screen off. You stop it. You turn it's because I got the twist your wrist thing. It'S, all off everything is off. Doesn'T need to be that way. We could have the light go off, but the screen content still be active. There are two different processes: right, pixels and liquid crystals and all kinds of things going on there to give you the information on the screen. The backlight is just what shines through so that you can see it, but with a reflective screen, you don't need it to shine through so here's the deal hundred dollars to the first person that can come up with a way to turn off the back light, but Leave the screen on ok.

now bonus bonus if you can integrate that with the bottom button, so that if you press it, it toggles the light off or toggles it back on again or even like an old Casio watch, you simply press and hold the button to turn The light on you let it go and the light goes off and man the battery will last frickin forever on this thing. It really will because the screen is designed for it. We just need help in turning off that backlight, you guys game. So definitely you need yourself a Genesis, and I want to tell you they're running out and there may not be a second production run on these. So Jason did a recent update on this: go over to Chronos blade, dot com click down at the bottom, where he has his YouTube section flip over to youtube and watch his update or just check the show notes. I'Ll have the link there. He is pretty much closing everything off and when this first production is done and shipped that may be all we're gon na see of these. So, if you're thinking about getting one, especially at the price he's offering now, is really the time to jump on there and if you want to go for the competition, you definitely need one because you're gon na have to show me that it actually works in a Video on your Genesis – and I got ta – be able to reproduce it on this one but I'm telling you if I can't, if you can't, if we can, we will have the cream that our cream of watches with really long battery life, because it won't be dependent On a stupid, backlight being on for a watch that doesn't need it anyway, you've been watching.

Smart Watch ticks thanks for being here. Hope you like fun little things like this man, I've been pulling my hair out. If you guys can help, I will be happy as a lamb catch.