Hmm sounds like another box. In this thing, let’s open and check it out. We day think this life. I got a new watch, o m g uh, and so now let me tell you the functions. It is games toy, calling, hd camera alarm, clock calendar, recording sos alarm, what what do you say: uh, okay, sms alarm and disabled in class that’s. Why it’s so good for kids yeah? And let me show you if one of it again now let’s open it. Oh and yeah i’m so excited – and now here you go here what? How can what in the world is this open this? So then, oh there’s, the front screen now you can have have a clear look: there’s, a bone, a dog there’s lots of dogs and bones and there’s a startup this and there’s a dog dreaming about the bone in the bones right in front of him. Now let me show you the usb charger here here you go here’s the usb charger and you also need adult to unwrap it, and i don’t know what this is. But this is looking kind of like something: okay, so, okay, so now let’s turn on the watch. Okay and so plus this sos button, it’s saying hello here and do you know it’s worse? That means that it’s on and here is the time it’s tender. The two version on here p.m: little uh, i can’t! I can’t read that much wait a second now i have this one here’s the dial, but you need the sim contacts can’t you asking the same, but there’s also a camera and here’s the photos.

I, what now swipe to the next one, but it has video player, music and recorder awesome right, sounds like my old watch. It has a calculator here’s the calendar alarm good. For me, you have to wait. I have to wake up seven o’clock in the morning for school and steam. What huh? What did this come from? Oh mac, what’s wrong. Now, at the end, these ready fun things, tools, games and settings; that’s all what the games are. Two: zero four eight uh what’s wrong: two: zero, four, eight: okay, what the heck i have to! If, if you don’t know how to leave it yeah, i think you have to press sos. So then, i’m gon na show you the games because it’s getting harder and – and do you remember my last watch – i read it in that exercise video. I actually got this new because the old one i actually lost it. I mean i left it when i was in pakistan. You may know that Music! Okay, so if you, if you want to look at the as all the teams, let me show you okay, so i have this one swipe swipe. You have to swipe for the new themes. This is huh no, so this is what what what’s wrong with this watch. This is one theme, and this is the other there’s just two seams in it remember: okay, say: okay, now, that’s all in this watch and there’s. Also, a clock like this: what what’s wrong with this clock? You have this clock here and then what oh now i understand, don’t forget to subscribe like and buy this watch and share don’t forget to subscribe subscribe subscribe.

I need uh 1000. I need 100 subscribers.