If you've ordered a Genesis, be sure you check out the note at the end of this video greetings and welcome back to smart watch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks comm. I got a fun unboxing for you today, if you're into sports and fitness, if you like water, if you swim, this is the watch for you inside. Here is the CS: 201 that's a model number, and it comes to us from a brand new partner which I'm going to tell you about in just a minute. Once we get it out of the box, it's a really well done, watch super thin and an excellent band on it as well got a little cover that mimics, the actual page when we turn it on and get the opening screen on it, hello, yeah, that's, exactly What it looks like so we will be coming back to you in a minute, but first I want everybody to know that this particular CS 201 is available through Amazon that's, right yeah, which makes it good news and challenging news because Amazon's taking a little while longer To deliver even to Prime members right now, but if you get the order in soon, you should be able to have it before all of this virus. Quarantine is done and you can actually get out and swim in the water right. So we're gon na go over this check the price we're looking at about 43, if I can get you a discount on that I'll have it in the show notes, plus a link to take you directly to this page now.

I know that's really small and hard to read, so I blew it up for you. I love technology, yeah, okay, few of the highlights of this watch that make it absolutely fun is 5 atmosphere. Waterproof, I mean really. It is waterproof when you get to 5 atmosphere. That means 30 feet down folks for like an hour or something it means it's, also resistant to your arms flailing in the water IP 67 and 68 they're. Okay, if you drop the watch in the toilet and grab it real quick, but there really it's a challenge to swim with those do breath, strokes and back strokes and all those things, but with five atmosphere, you can have pressure on the watch and it's not going To affect it, so not only is it five atmosphere waterproof, it also is really really made for swimming, because it's gutted high precision, gyroscope and a magnetometer. You know what that means. Right. Compass it's got all of those sensors which will capture as you're in the water swimming your laps, your stroke rate average pace, average s wolf and all of that stuff. So really, if you're, a swimmer or NOAA swimmer. This thing is super lightweight and very efficient. We'Re gon na give you a live demo featuring my Guppies in just a minute. You can stay active with 18 different sport modes that are built into it as well. You'Ve got things like rope, skipping sit ups, I love yoga.

Oh man, I can burn my calories doing yoga. There is yoga in there. I will show you all those to call messaging and notifications are in there. You tether it to an app in your phone. I'Ll show you that as well and you'll be able to pick all that stuff up. You can read your SMS messages: it's, not the type that Bluetooth tethers to your phone for calls, there's, no speaker and microphone. Although you can see who's calling and all that stuff, but it's, really a fast efficient exercise, machine yeah. What else does it say you can? Hang up incoming calls if you want to and high density lithium battery, giving you 10 days of use and even longer for us, standby and there's. Some other things in here that's, like scientific sleep, that you don't normally find that really really accelerate the potential of this and the battery can handle all of that it's great for men, women and kids. You live an active lifestyle. You want to get active, you could do it with this thing, with a whole bunch of features and it's fully compatible with iOS 10 for iPhone users and Android 5 and above it's, really lightweight 8.8, millimeters, thin and so forth, and if there's any problems whatsoever, you Can contact them directly, that's, partly why I really like working with independent, mom and pop kind of places that focus on a few devices but give them their full attention.

You know you, you got them through Amazon and you got their email, so you can contact them. If you have any problems, are you ready? Are you ready, okay, we're gon na begin right now, I've, obviously already charged it up and played with it for quite a bit so I'm gon na run through it for you, whoops, I'm, already beeping and bopping, and everything you see. It'S got green diodes going on here, which is typical and that's for getting your heart rate and blood pressure. What one of the major features of this one is real time blood oxygen and to do that you'll see here. We have a red, diode red diodes, are much more efficient and accurate for getting that kind of data, and you can get a whole lot more, which you'll see on the app all right. All right. I will move on let's scroll. First, you can come down here. I'Ve had it on a little bit this morning, every day is different. There'S the calories burned for a step count kind of stuff. It will monitor how active I am every hour if I've at least threw it up and it'll. Give me a course. Step counts against the goal that I've set in the app that's. All here here is a scatter diagram of my heart rate and it's going to set up and take my heart rate when I'm on that page. Of course, if I don't keep moving it'll flip right out of it, but while I'm on that page, it gives me an instant reading of the heart rate here and every interval, I think it's every half hour.

It will put a dot on the plot and show you my lowest and highest and the real time monitoring of the heart rate is right. There too, and then back to the actual watch face itself. Let'S put it on for show you the rest of it there. You go, this is a really really flexible, breathable rubberized band, it stretches nicely. So if you want it super super tight for like at night when you're wearing it. So if move around the green light, doesn't shine all over the room, you can get it nice and snug and get good data or you can loosen it up a little bit and it still stays in place. So you got a play of about three or four holes. You can use and nothing to fall off or annoy you. You just simply tuck it under so this. I really like this band. The band works very well for it eight and a half. Eight point: eight millimeters thin, very, very lightweight, tap the button or twist your wrist don't do them both. You turn yourself off again come over here and I get into the app drawer go one more time and I get into all of the activities now you can do runs and fast walks and things they're not going to be GPS. Based are going to be a pedometer based, but remember, it's got magnetic sensors and all kinds of things in it, so it should be relatively accurate, given all of that pool, swims and open swim again, support swimming climbing cycling and then all variety of other sports from Badminton to dance rope, jumping and so forth, lots and lots of them even ice skating is in here table tennis on and on when you're at the app door, which you get to there's.

These three pages that you just cycle through you've got heart rate. As you tap, it now it's a different view than what we saw on that card that we went rotating around. This is going to give you big bright white on black by the way, if you notice how beautiful the screen is, I think it's Ola, I don't, see it anywhere in the specs, but it sure seems like it should be when it gives you the heart rate. It will stay on for quite a long time with that, and I think I'm, a little sweaty for it to pick up let's. Try that up there it was. It was 79 we'll. Try that again let it get the heart rate for you, as I get ready for our demo. Let'S see. How am I gon na do this? I think I'll bring them over. You know what we're gon na do: we're gon na we're gon na play with that in the compass that's, the most fun part here, you go heart rate, beats per minute, big and easy to see, and then it times out when we get into heart health. This is where you have a switch. You can turn on arrhythmia monitoring so night in particular, when you're asleep it's, going to monitor the rhythms of your heart and create things like scatter plots, Lorenz scatter diagrams all that stuff, so that's a switch. You turn on and off right here, then we've got stress level.

You come in here, I'm, not going to run you through the whole thing because it does take a while, but I want to show you this. This is one of the few that really gives you good directions. Keep quiet can't. Do that sit that's, not my stuff, no, no! No, when I'm, not making videos, I can do that. I can sit and I can hold my arms still and all of that and it wants you to keep the watch facing upward. Remember it's got all those different sensors going on in there and after about a minute issue, or so it will give you your stress level and happy me. I was down at 18 and 15 I'm. Typically, not that stressed, even though it sounds I might be on TV here, we go with a blood oxygen. This is one of the key points, so this is one of the discriminating factors that I would really recommend this watch with the situation going on with the coronavirus. We all know that the ultimate effect of that thing is working against your lungs, basically is breathing and breathing is where oxygen comes in, and our air comes in. Oxygen is pulled out and put into your body and blood. Oxygen is a measure of how efficient that's happening, so this stays on all the time, it's a real time, blood oxygen reading machine. It captures this stuff transfers it to the app and you can actually just go about your day.

Monitoring your blood oxygen and it's gon na be changing up and down with all your breaths and stuff. You saw mine's gone from ninety five. Ninety eight it's moving around in there, but if you're starting to see it drop, really low, that could be an indicator that there's a problem. You need to take serious attention to, especially if you think you might have contracted the virus just putting that out there. For you guys, but blood oxygen is a key feature of this, and did I mention that it uses the red diode for that it fell off because I took it off instantly. It went off, but did you see the glow of the red diode their blood oxygen? There there dang, okay, I got a cut of it. It'S really accurate I'm gon na cover it there. You see the red one it's on that on the end there, and then the green ones are over here. For the other readings that is high end. That is a really shining feature. A lot of watches are saying they do blood oxygen and they use the green diodes, but they're not gon na be as spot on accurate or fast responding as a device that has the red diodes. So you got those things. Scientific sleep is what I talked to you about. I'Ll show you that in the app because that's, really where it shines, you can turn it off. If you want just your regular overnight sleep information without all the fancy details, here's messaging, when you're tethered any of the messages you've set up for the app to send over here, they'll come in there.

So you got all of that. You have alarms and stopwatches in it, I'm gon na keep moving and a countdown timer as well, and then, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my Guppies: can you see them in there they're just two of the group, but I have wondered for a long Time, if you have a compass in a watch which we do here, oh and by the way it's automatic constantly calibrating, so you just kind of move it around and wear it, and the compass will adjust now I'm sitting in the north and it's coming right in There this will stay on this watch, face like forever and it's still monitoring your body information too. So if you want to just walk around wearing a compass if you're swimming around the world – and you need to know where you're going during the day or the night without looking at stars in the Sun – and you want to compass on your arm while you're some Here it is now will it work while you're swimming Guppies? Here we go whoa now, once again, I'm sitting in the North okay boys move over there I'm in the North yeah I mean I mean the little red dots should be pointed to the body. Your screen, that's, what I mean there you go so the compass is working. Fine. The watch is working brilliantly. It would do this down to 30 feet 10 meters and the Guppies they like it, Wow.

Okay, as you know, we're supposed to dry it off before you push any buttons for sure so we're doing that, and we should get control of the screen back so that we can go down to the last thing being settings you can change watch faces, adjust the Brightness I'm going to come back to the watch faces and you have Auto so it will automatically adjust so it's got that sensor thing built into it as well, we're down at the lowest brightness. Look how bright! That is. You think this thing's gon na work outdoors I'm gon na take it all the way up to full brightness. Look at this look at this. The colors are washed out on the camera, because it's so bright, easily readable outdoors on the screens that are always on like the compass or the blood oxygen you can have those on and it would be just bright daytime nighttime, whatever you like, and of course you Can put the auto mode on if you want it to adjust for you when you're going inside and outside for the review? I'Ll put it down to about 200 or so, and about tells you a little bit about the Bluetooth and the MAC address and the version that we're running there was just recently a firmware update, so they are constantly updating this watch which, by the way since I Have it a comment if you guys that are devant designing, this thing are out there and if on the compass, since you have this thing on all the time, wouldn't it be cool.

If you have the degrees down here, and you could put the time of day right up there, I would love to see an upgrade to this compass, because I could wear it. Then all the time as a watch face on always on yeah yeah it's gon na eat down the battery, but it's got such a long battery that if I get two days three days instead of 10 days or 60 days, I'm, okay, I could charge it every Other day or twice a week that would be really fun to have have time on there, but I digress so! Oh sorry, one comment I get from you guys, as I throw my watches around there delegate don't. Do that: okay, okay! I got ta leave it on there just to show you as we bring over the app it's the zero nur Z, Z, runner, it's, a runner, zero nur health, bro, app and it's already set up here. It'S now synchronizing the data over the things that I just captured on this thing. When you set it up and get it tethered, it's a pretty easy, because it's got a section where you choose whether it's a watch, a band or just what this turns out to be a watch. You see the number in it and you just simply pair them up now. I got a lot of data in here from other devices that I've, worn and reviewed and I've used the zero in our app and because of that I'm gon na refer you to the the show notes for links to other videos where I go into a lot Of more detail of exploring the app, this is more about the watch today, but I do want to show you some of the features that the watch brings to this app in specific, including that detailed sleep, the scientific sleep.

It gives you this kind of information which was much much more detailed. You got your overall chart which includes now set it just deep sleep and light sleep and awake you've got REM time. All of that and they're all displayed on the graph shown down here on a ranking of low normal or high last night I had mmm, I guess restless sleep. I only slept lightly a little bit of deep some rim up about three times during the night and it's got that information all broken out here. For you what's awesome is you can kind of make it a diary uh? How was your situation going to bed and waking up? What was your sleep like sad, average happy ecstatic and or any of these things influences? Did you study your work late? Were you sleeping in a hotel or under the street or somewhere? Did you have a stressful day so forth? You can start monitoring your overall sleep patterns and keep track of what was going on during that time, and it gives you an analysis of yours, sleep and all of that's right here. You also can come back to here and switch to a different day, see a different chart. Different sleep cycles, different information, all of it. There yeah I've been wearing this one for a few days now, because I really like it, and I really wanted to get to know it that's all in here. If you have the scientific sleep one, you got heart rate going on, which is just tracking right through here, and you can see your heart rate just by touching the screen and scrolling over the time midnight 600 a.

m. noon. I had a break there where I took it off and took a shower. I know I could have showered with it, but it's, always even with a five ATM watch. It'S always recommended don't wear it in hot water because steam could get in. You know it's not so much the water but it's the steam that could eventually cause problems with it, see it's still working still on and just in the compass brilliant. So you got heart rate in here then you've got heart. Health heart health is the aspect where it works with the red, diode and the blood oxygen to create a Lorentz scatter diagram, which is what this thing is it's a plot of something versus something the same things on both both axes and whatever they're doing and there's Articles you can read up on this and we've covered this in detail and other devices that have the red diode for blood oxygen and work with the zero nor app or a couple of others that can produce these charts. It will actually give you pictures of things that go on during the night and in the morning you evaluate what your heart pattern looks like and check result atrial fibrillation somewhere in here, there's a oh here. It is scatterplot question mark there you go there's a description of what normal basically looks like and if yours looks like this or this or these other kind of patterns, there could be something that you need to look into.

Mine kinda looks a little like that. The one that we just took from last night, if it's, regularly like that, then it might be something to talk to the doctor about and give a hint that this might be something we should both discover and explore further. You know it's a pattern like that. This kind of atrial flutter would show up like that. Atrial fibrillation is broad like that. These are common things that people are experiencing, and so you can get this information while you sleep, while you wear the band which is lightweight and very easy to operate, you tether it sync it and have daily day after day, charts reduced each one gon na be Unique and different, and you just evaluate them, see how they're looking I think that night, I didn't wear it the whole night, just part of it. So I only got just a few sample spots on here, but it kicks in, I believe, at midnight, 10, 810 p.m. or midnight and goes till about 7 a.m. to get all of the data using the red diode. It uses the green diode at other times to get your heart rate and all that stuff as well, so that's heart health. Now I see the no data today that's, because this app also handles ECG some of the other bands and watches we showed you have the ECG built into them the little plates in the back and a button that you hold.

This is a swimming watch folk, so we're not gon na be mixing. Electronics like that and and water together, so they're serving different purposes. If you really need ECG and I'd suggest a different band, it's, not gon na be five atm for sure. You'Re not gon na have s wolf and lap count and everything – and it may be bigger than this, but the app itself is set up to handle that. So if you get another one that has the ECG in it, that tethers to the same app, then you're home free you've got both both of them. That worked it basically, with the same app and here's that stress category I go in here and for some reason it takes a while to sync the data each time from the band and I've only done it a couple of times. That was that one here, where you monitored the stress that I bailed out out because it took too long and I wasn't sitting quietly still it's a long test for some reason and when it comes back then it'll give us an answer. There we go. Okay got a couple of data points April, 24th April 28th, so it will create a plot for you. It shows you where you are on the axis. Those are relax must be because I'm doing my yoga to get all my calories done. Huh anyway, that's in here too so that's, an overall assessment of the data collected on this just real quickly.

You can go in here and set all kinds of parameters: it's, calling it the cs2 o X and that's what it was identified and then that's the serial number of this particular one. You can change dials. You can actually put your own picture with digital time on it. You can only do one and it will augment the dial that's already in there, but you can add that dial and change it design it a little bit the way you'd like to set up your alarms and schedule sedentary reminders and smart reminders. You have a camera capability, you tap this. The camera goes on. You get a button on here and you shake it and you can take a picture. 12. 24 hour time date. Format. Units language, vibration remind this – is sweet, the palming gesture. There turn your wrist to see the time that lights it up. You can set it the hours that you want that to work. So if you're gon na wear it to bed, it won't be lighting up when you roll over in the middle of the night and all that's part of the device stuff, and then you've got your own profile that you can set up and goals. You can set some guides really cool. You can link this to both google fit and Strava yeah yeah. I get a lot of questions. How can I get my data from my watch to Strava? Well, here it is data to app out to Strava connect your two together connected to google fit and all of the data you're collecting here, that's appropriate that these two things can handle will be also synched over to those apps.

So really nice overall features with this device. It'S really lightweight and thin it's bright, good quality screen. It has a compass built into it. It has serious waterproofing to it. It'S got the little charger cable. I didn't show you that in the box, because it's over here was being charged. Sorry about that, but it's, just a little 2 pin charging cable and we didn't look at the rest of the manual either. Did we you attach the charging cable here and plug it into USB and charge it up? They'Re removable bands, so is the last thing which I usually do at the beginning. I'Ll show you the manual because a lot of times you can't, find these on the web anywhere they aren't in PDF format, although, although I think the 101 guide – and they help on this one, you might actually have a chance to see the manual online. But just in case you don't and if you're still debating on buying it and don't, have it yet getting into the app it's, not something you want to do right now. Then we'll just hold this open, so you can freeze the pages there's, not too many of them and read them at your leisure. Any questions huh covered everything, yeah, okay, that's, good yeah, Bluetooth, calling uh it's supported in a point that it will see a call coming in and you can put touch button to hang up the call or just let it go to voicemail or if it's really important.

Stop what you're doing and run over and grab your phone and answer it, so it supports call awareness, we'll put it that way, yeah all right again, this is coming to you from our newest sponsor here lrn there it is eller and I hope your eyes are Better than mine or you're on a big 4k TV watching this low resolution video, but this is our new sponsor lrn. You can also look at their link on Amazon, they've got other products and other watches available, and, of course, this see s2o one with all of the fancy features. We just showed you well that's it for today. Guppies are happily fed with electric energy from a watch and some glowing green light and we've got a new product to play with thanks for watching we'll see you again soon. Oh, I forgot to show you. The other watch faces that are in here. Press and hold you get a checkmark and you can go through. Different watch faces all unique analog digital with goal accomplishment circles and back to the original one right there and the one that you can transfer that you make on your own through the app now we're done it's. True, the genesis is on its way to you.