So if you guys have an inside problem inside your car cockroaches crawling around your car, then i kills is the answer. So i will leave the link details below about the product, how to use it and where to purchase it. So if you guys are interested, go check it out, hi what’s up everyone zufika, you are watching zefan channel, so guys in this video. I will be unboxing a new smartwatch, an apple watch copy. It is called the t800 smartwatch, so i unbox and review quite a lot of apple watch copy. Some are good, some are bad and the most famous one in my channel is the t500 smart watch. So if you guys haven’t watched that video, you guys can check it out in my channel. So comes anyone the t800 smart watch. Does it good or does it suck so let’s find out let’s unbox, the 800 smartwatch all right guys here are the packaging of the t800 smartwatch, basically it’s, just plain white, nothing on any details at the box. Only the illustration of the smartwatch at the front of the box here so let’s just unbox this all right. Firstly, we’ll see the user guide for the smartwatch. So here are the smartwatch yeah similar design with other copies here. Are the charging cable magnetic type with two pins here? Yeah, not that strong, it doesn’t stick well um, unless you just put it on a flat surface and yeah. Just like that, you have to charge it like this let’s take a closer look at the smart watch itself.

We have the screen here, just open it up all right. So in a spec sheet it has a 1.72 inch display with 240 x 280 screen resolution, pretty yeah, pretty okay and let’s take a look around the smartwatch. So at the right side we have the crown button here. Here are the microphone, so this smartwatch can make calls that’s a pretty good news for you, someone of some of you guys and here are the no it’s, not a button here, it’s, just a gimmick. At the left side, we have the speaker grille pretty standard at the back side. We have the uh the sensor in the center, and this is the two pin charge 44 mm size and yeah. The strap can change it and you can take it off. You can use the 44 mm size looks pretty the same as the other apple copy watch and also like the original apple watch. So now let’s turn it on superband. So here are the first watch base right. So right now, we’ll show you guys around the interface of or the os of the smartwatch, so so swiping from the left to the right. We can see the half screen and also a few application that commonly used. So we can choose one just step track. So now, if we swipe from the right to the left, it’s, nothing yeah, nothing happen. If we swipe from the top to the bottom, we can go to the menu bar we can see.

Here is the dual mode. I don’t know what this function is: can on or off the dual mode. Next is the music controller. You need to sync with the smartphone. Next is the qr code to download the app i don’t know why they didn’t state the name of the app need to scan it later. This is the menu style. We have two style. Metric style or grid style is a great style. This is the bubble menu. The famous one, the most people want it, because yeah it’s, more apple ish, looks right. So next is the dial button, the dial, let me call it, it request it to sync with the phone next up is the i don’t know this one is this: you know what does this function says me. No mic mic off so now, let’s swipe from the bottom to the top go to the list of applications inside the smartwatch, the bubble menu, the famously one yeah, so the the bulb menu here is pretty good, no lag, pretty smooth and also the crown button here. It functions so you can adjust the size of the bubble, icon so yeah. This is the people like this kind of feature like the apple watch yeah. But honestly, i don’t really like this kind of menu, it’s really confusing it. Doesn’T show us the name of the icon and also the dark button. Here you can change the watch space, so we can just turn so.

This is second watch face third, one, fourth, fifth, six and a lot and we’re back to the first one. So it has seven watch space per install inside the smartwatch. I don’t need to check the app. Rather you can download more watch space so right now, let’s take a quick look around one by one, the application inside the wall, so i need to change the metric. Sorry, i need to change to the grid style first, so that it won’t be confusing and also the dot button. You can change the page of the menu here. Switch between pages. We have three pages, so let’s go for the first one. This is the step tracker, distance, racket, calorie tracker. Next is the heart rate sensor heart monitor, so i don’t know why supposed to be the sensor, it should be green, led light, and this one is red, and i also don’t know. Is it legitly a sensor or just a normal, led light? You already take readings. I have no comment about this. The next one is the blood oxygen same also, it uses the same sensors. This is the phone book in the sync the smartphone. This is the dial. Is the setup work session? I don’t know why they didn’t, you know, sort it out to a single folder for sport mode. They just scattered around the menus, maybe to make it look there’s a lot of application inside the smartwatch yeah it’s really annoying.

This one is the volleyball jumping jack running tennis, badminton bike, riding basketball, music controller, sleep tracker! Look, it has already a reading. I don’t know why the this is the camera shutter weather uh stopwatch. This is the find my device music. Sorry, this is the notification center. This is to restart this smartwatch, the menu style, dual mode on off download to download the app a qr code, and this is the settings not much, and this is the language date time site slip side slip. Is it the half menu just now? I think so. Turn it off yeah. You can turn off this one that one is to just control the half menu here and that’s, pretty much it about the looks and the os of the smartwatch. So right, let’s now try to install and connect the smartwatch with my phone. So let’s just use this qr code scan the app here superband. This is super fan. The app name is the superband. It got got a pretty battery 0.7 anyway. Let’S just install it yeah. The app interface is pretty not not that bad it’s pretty interactive. All right. Let’S bind smartwatch d800 here, so you can use also another smartwatch me bro errors. Oh okay, you can’t attack! So am i connected? Oh yes, got it. Okay, all right, so we’re connected so right, let’s, take a quick look around app. So here is the bright screen. Also known as uh race to weight feature you can adjust from the app here.

You do not disturb mode, you can turn it off. Alarm can be set up here and long seat remind yeah. You can also take pictures. You can know yes, okay, so we go to under the timer and bam yeah. Take pictures right next is the notification control, so you can turn on the call reminder sms reminder, wechat and other app like instagram facebook, where’s the facebook. I think facebook, twitter whatsapp all those basic stuff, frequent contact. Also, you can add your favorite contact, your name numbers into the smartwatch. Without setting yeah, you can download other kind of watch base. I think there’s not much of a variety here. Only this one it’s pretty bad, so i just touch this one. Okay, you can also for a single watch page. You can customize the time and location into your preference, so let’s just try this one synchronized style, what blue battery? No okay, so we can use our pictures in the gallery. Let’S just try one: okay, oh okay, so you can change uh the watch face. You use your pictures in the gallery: low battery can’t synchronize because it says low battery. Although the battery here is about 50. Okay, how about this one synchronize style? You’Re, not! I don’t, know why don’t bother so yeah that’s, pretty much much it about the app. So this smartwatch have two. The first one is for health monitoring, the heart rate, monitoring, step tracker and all sorts of that kind of monitoring, and the second one is for the media and bluetooth call.

So this now i connected is for the health monitoring, so the second one for bluetooth calls. You need to connect directly from the bluetooth setting and find the device name well audio. I don’t know why they call it well audio, so yeah you are connected contact sharing and yeah. So now we can make calls so let’s try one with it. Hello, hello, hello, hello, yeah, you can make all of it, but look at the battery it drains so fast when you use the call feature so right, guys, let’s, try the heart rate monitor my usual resting bits per minute is around 69 bits per minute, so let’s Compare it, the height beats per minute for a smartwatch. Does it sends my bits per minute? Accurately: 73. Okay, let’s, try again: 112. Okay, suddenly, 112. let’s try the third time 114. What the heck man i don’t know what to say about the sensor. The reading. For my resting heart rate is also very far off if it shows around 73 74 or, like maybe a bit of five bits minute error. I can still accept that this is. I have taken reading for three times the first reading. Maybe it is almost correct, but the second and third one 114 beats per minute that’s pretty too much so right guys. That is all for this unboxing and quick review for the t800 smartwatch or apple watch copy. And if you ask me whether it is worth it to buy this, no, of course not not worth of your money.

Don’T waste, your money on this smart watch go buy a better smart watch, there’s a few other cheap budget. Smart watch that is better in performance than this smartwatch, like halo, smartwatch or z, blaze. That is much worth your money. It performs a lot better than this smartwatch, so yeah skip this one right. So alright, guys. That is all for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys, like this video, please give a thumbs up and share this video and if you guys, haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel, please do so.