They said: oh no, it’s, not a smart watch. We then took a step back looked at the watch itself and ourselves realized no, it isn’t a smart watch. However, it is a very nice e ink watch and its style is quite nice. In fact, all this line has is styles: flower, origami, o type new wow travel, gudetama, hello, kitty twin little stars. They don’t really have any normal version of this watch and in fact the only ones we are able to market and sell is the flower and the hello kitty version. We have sold a few, but probably not as many if it was a smart watch. It is very limiting in function, in fact, it doesn’t do anything. It is very nice to look at and the quality is incredibly high. It is made out of high quality materials and it is made in japan, it’s made out of real leather, real glass and real stainless steel, no plastic on the entire thing. Basically, it is very nice, and this is the flower model, even if you were to take the band off, which you can easily do just by sliding it out like that, you are still left with the body being the flower model, which means is, is rose gold With a white inner banner now, if you wanted to switch that, you will have to buy something that suits you a little bit more like the black edition, so you can at least get the body to be as normal as possible if that’s, what you consider normal To me, there’s, absolutely nothing wrong with this watch.

I personally wouldn’t wear it because it doesn’t match my style, but it is a very nice piece of tech. In fact, in the information guide they sent us, they said the battery lasts 3 years on a single battery replacement, which is absolutely fantastic, and obviously, if you’re joining us, this is running an e ink screen. Hence the entire purpose of this video. It looks amazing at any angle and doesn’t get drowned out in sunlight or ambient light. Now in terms of function there isn’t any it is water resistant and it has a nice band but that’s about it. You can tap the side button on the left and this cycles through the different styles you have, and because this is the flower model, all the styles themselves will be floral in nature. They won’t give you anything else. For example, if you have the hello kitty version, they will be hello, kitty themed. If you press and hold the side button for a couple seconds, it actually takes. What it does, then, is turns into more of a portrait mode so that it just displays it a different way now it’s not running an accelerometer gyroscope or anything, so it doesn’t recognize tilt and it doesn’t do anything like that, and also again. This is not a smart watch, it doesn’t have a step counter. Doesn’T have any of the typical smart watch features. The button on the right is honestly: not that useful, you press it and you can choose demo or exit.

If you choose demo it just cycles through all of the backgrounds with random times. It actually has nothing to do with the time at hand. It does cycle more frequently as well, so this will be if you just want something: flashy and techy on your hand or you’re genuinely displaying this for your store, or maybe fashion photo shoot or whatever the case may be, of course, it being a watch. You do have the ability to change the time so pressing. Both buttons for around two seconds brings up time and calendar and birthday. So if we just go through time and calendar first, it will take you through the time setting you press next press next that’ll get through there. Then it goes over to the calendar setting and then once you go into everything, it goes exit and your time is set up. Alternatively, you can select your birthday as well by going down to birthday clicking next and you can choose your birthday. You choose your birthday month day, and that is basically it are. You surprised that there’s nothing else to this watch. Well, we kind of were because epson does make an e ink smartwatch. It is only a year old and it is called the epson j 300 t. So they do have their hand in e ink smart watches, but the epson smart canvas isn’t one of them. This is just a beautiful piece of artwork on your wrist that looks nice made of good materials and simply tells the time the fact that it is e ink is incredibly relevant to what we’re doing but that’s, basically the end of it there’s nothing else to this.

So if you’re expecting a smart watch, look somewhere else, if you’re expecting something nice to have around your wrist and that’s it, this is for you. It is available on our website at blog shop, for a full review of the epson e ink smart canvas.