Yes, today is Valentine's Day and in celebration of the launch of the Ergun band Kickstarter program. You know that one here's one right here we have a special Valentine's present inside here. Is the box containing the latest organ band? Are you ready for this and, of course, Valentine's red? Remember, they're amazing packaging, where they actually have a thumb, to show you a hand with a thumb on it to show you how the band goes on, and – and this is it, this is the organ band in red. Here it is in black we've seen that before I've got a good review on this one. So gon na encourage you to head over follow the links in the corner up here at the end of the video or use the show, notes or jump on over. Take a look at this review, but today, when you're watching this is the official Kickstarter launch day and if you're familiar with Kickstarter programs. Now this is an early page because it's Valentine's Day the 14th but we're. Looking at this around the 21st of February and the way these things work, the best deals are the first ones. They'Ll have a limited number at a really low price. After those are gone, you get the same item but a little bit higher price and when those are gone you get back up to a retail price, so I'm encouraging you guys if you're interested in this organ band, to jump over and do it like right away Because that's gon na be your best opportunity to get this now.

The reason I have two different things on is when we originally reviewed the organ ban. The only thing on the market were smartwatches with side cameras and, if you recall, you'll see in that video it's better than where you have one that has a camera that goes out over your hand where you get your hand in the way. This is getting better, but you still have a side camera. You got to remember to keep your thumb down or you're, going to get your thumb in the picture, but that's not true with the Genesis. Remember the Genesis we just reviewed: it has a top facing camera. So I am going to take the Genesis off of its traditional band and I'm, going to put it on the Ergun band and show you how you really can blend these two together, you ready now we're talking there you go got the Ergun band got one of Elrod'S amazing watch faces on it, got the Kronos blade Genesis with the front facing camera and forward facing selfie camera. So when you activate the camera with a touch there, we go now you're, looking at the outside straight from here, but notice. I can't get my hand in the way, no matter what I do. Oh, I thought I saw a finger. Barely barely this is revolutionary by using the Ergun band, you can flip it around. Do your front facing camera. Look at this perfectly in alignment I'm, not having to bend my hand this way, folks, that's! Normally what you'd have to do? Look.

I can just aim it straight. Do all my selfies do all my outdoor photography and everything works, awesome it's the organ band, and it is right now on Kickstarter. It just began today get over there check it out.