The review greetings and welcome back to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at we're back we're back again with ergon band they've been around for a couple of years now perfecting their product and they have really polished it. The ergon ban is an ergonomic designed special band that you can put pretty much any watch. You want an apple watch in this case. We have this dual network communications device. Remember this the 0606l pro this is the one you can put a sim card in and use it as a regular phone or no sim card needed and there's none in it right now. I can do video and voice and texting for three years with a data program that comes free with the watch yeah. You saw that review. If you haven't you're going to want to see it check the show notes, i got a link over there to it. Okay, okay, i know what you're thinking hmm pretty cool. How would i go about getting one of these things and how would it come? What would it look like we're going to go back and unbox it for you, but first you got to know which band to order and for that the good folks at ergon band have prepared a special chart for you. You can watch it right here. You'Re gon na first select. Do you gon na? Are you gon na wear it on your left wrist or your right wrist, because, of course, our hands are different, so the layout is gon na be different.

Secondly, knowing which wrist you're going to wear it on you're, going to measure your wrist side and check the chart below now, they recommend you just simply take a string and wrap it around your wrist and then figure out from a regular tape measure. How many centimeters long your wrist is? Okay, it starts here at 13 and goes to 24.. So you measure your wrist. You don't literally need to stretch the string out on the piece of paper. Once you have your measurement let's, say: you're 18 centimeters, all right, you'll come down here! You go down, you say: oh i'm, bigger than the small. The small is from 13 to 16 and a half and i'm, not as big as the large, which goes here from 16 centimeters to 24, so you fit in the universal medium. Now most folks will be right here between 14 and a half and 22 okay centimeters, which is 5.7 to 8.7 inches for your information. My wrist is 7 inches around so i'm, medium in the medium right in the medium, so you got which wrist you're using you've got your length. You figured out which one you're going to purchase, and then you want to measure your watch, lug width or select an apple watch size that's, the distance here where the pins go in and it's um generally measured in millimeters is what i've, seen and and that's going To be on the watch module itself that you're going to put there when you've done that ha, you can study.

How you actually put it on here are the different types of watches you can put in here and they're going to go between this pin, and this pin right here, they're going to lay across the band and the band's going to go around. So this has an ergonomic curve that you loop around your thumb and strap around your wrist. You see how that works, it's a thumb band. You are using a little loop through and a push down of the material here that locks it in place. You'Ve seen it in the video when i put it on and take it off and all that stuff. This is the actual instructions. So, as far as the components that are available, uh depends again on the watch. So this is a 16 millimeter. Quick release. Pin that's really tiny, but you could possibly need 16, 22, 23, 24 or up to 26 and they come in a pack with two of them and of course you just insert them into your your watch and loop. It all around to get it all installed. Now, because these watch units are different sizes, you may need adapters to fit it between the two lug nuts you've got these things. The 18 millimeter band connectors with an 18 millimeter, quick, disconnect, pin already in it same thing for 20, and it comes of course, with the 22 millimeter band connectors there. These are snaps, they snap right up. Well, let's, look at the band and see here is how it comes.

Packaged it's got a nice little container, you take this off and you've got a pouch and inside the pouch. Now we snap it open you've got all the goodies. You'Ve got the little booklet. You'Ve got this one and you've got the thing itself that's all there is, but look what you end up with this nice little wow, like a wallet that you can use, stitched together. Beautiful beautiful handy work here this is the band itself, and these little things here are for slipping into an apple watch, because a lot of folks with apple watches are going to be using this and they are easily removable and you simply slip on one of these. Other kinds, if you're going to use a traditional watch that has the compression kind of pins with the quiz quick disconnect on it. So these are for apple watch and they just again snap on once. You got your apple watch in here, really easy to put it on there and uh nice little tag on here. You can register for warranty for your band. I guess that's the serial number on this one. You can open this up. It just pops off of that and remove this got a really nice smell to it, the smell of leather. I wish i could capture that for you, okay, nice little pillow to contain it on information about where you put the screwdriver to undo it so that you can remove this one.

This one snaps this one's going to be permanent there's. The overall band explanation about how you take that apart to set the actual size, it is always going to be on your arm and inside here. Oh how cute! Oh, i love it. We open it up. Are you ready? What do you think? What do you think would be in here? What do you think would be in here i'm feeling it oh yeah a little screwdriver and i mean a really little screwdriver. Can we get her focus there, yeah kind of like the ones that come with your uh? Your watch too, on some of the different watches, so this is what you'll be able to use to get in here to take these things apart. The little manual now inside here gives you the full on directions. We'Ll page through that talks about all the different qualities of it: nice color brochure, there's the different setups there's, the basic installation process. Once you've got it down once you've got it down forever, you're not going to do it this way, you're going to do it. That way, you follow that it's a little place where some people get tripped up. Okay, you can also share a photo and follow them on their social media and just have a ball here's. The basic information, including a qr code, for you – comes with a warranty here's. Some pictures showing you how it can be used – wow, amazing, okay, yep, you can do it with gloves on bicycling driving in a car honestly.

This is how i like to use it if i'm going to be doing phone, calling or nowadays with the front facing camera video chatting with your hand on the wheel in just the right place, you're, not touching the device you can carry on a video call and They can see your face, sometimes it's tilting as you're turning the wheel with tesla yeah. You can do it, you can do it right there. It works really really good and of course, just when you're out and about exercising or whatever have you seen the videos with these guys in it whoa you got ta check that out talk about gymnastics. Oh, if i tried to do with mrs ticks, what the the dude and the guy girl here do, um. Well. First of all, i kick her in the head when i try to jump, never mind, see the video it's, pretty pretty hilarious, it's, pretty fun so that's. How it all comes packaged together when you buy yours? Oh i'm, sorry i i didn't realize you already have your own smart watch, so you're not really interested that much in looking at this one right now. Okay, we'll come back to this one, but i want to show you how easy it is to pop a module off here. All you got is one snap end and one screw in in so you could take this module off and you could grab your apple watch or whatever watch you've got and put it on as simple as just screwing in that screw into, and then you can take This whole thing off and it can be set on your nightstand in the morning.

You can decide which one you want to wear awesome, huh and it just simply snaps in here and sure you got that big hole. So you can put your charger right on here. Yeah, what do you mean it's, not an apple watch, of course. Oh you guys. Those of you who've watched, know that i'm not really uh an apple watch, uh reviewer type person, but we get so many of them that are concept, watches that look similar, see how i can put it in the first one, if my hand is a little swollen Like this morning, or i can position it just a little bit, pull it a little bit tighter put it in the second one like that. If i want it nice and tight the thing, is you put this one where you, where you think it's going to be best, for you give you a little slack either way when you've got it in position like that you're all set. So here we have a really nice apple watch kind of thing. At least it looks like an apple watch. You can twirl it. You can do all kinds of things with it. You want more info on this. One i'll have a link in the show notes too. It'S uh something you could grab and slap on here and it's way. Less than taking your prestige apple watch out, if you're just going to go out for a jog or something you want a fun little watch that you can add to it.

So we have lots and lots of different options, and this is how you can get it really simple. As we mentioned at the very beginning of this video, we got a special link for you. Tinyurl.Com ergonband use that link to get over there pick out the model. The version the size, the style, everything you want when you go to check out, make sure you use the discount code. Smartwatch ticks take ten percent right off of your order. Sure it works with round. Watches too, you could have square round rectangular, pretty much anything you like instantly available to you on your thumb.