Garmin vivoactive 4 vs Fitbit Ionic | Smartwatch Fitness Review (Nuevo)

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Garmin vivoactive 4 vs Fitbit Ionic | Smartwatch Fitness Review (Nuevo). En este video, Jeff covers the Fitbit Ionic vs Garmin vivoactive 4 fitness tracker and activity tracker reviews.

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34 Comentarios
  1. I mainly want a watch to run with so I don't need to bring my phone. I want it to sync with map my run and track my exact distance and route. I don't care for the smart watch part of it. I want my phone to stay home. Does this mean the vivo is better for me? Having a tough time deciding.

  2. The fitbit app changed a couple of months agoIts not that great now.

  3. I think I’d like the vivoactive bc of features and design.

  4. On the watch side the biggest difference for me is having an always-on display on Garmin vs wrist-flicking on the ionic. Otra que la, it‘s what UI and metrics you are more into: Garmin is the sciency sport metrics buff, Fitbit is way better to translate metrics into meaning.

  5. Ionic takes the win, because I can save $100 Dollars, and they are almost the same, just missing certain features. I'm also a fitbit user, so I think it's a nice product over all, but could be better

  6. Once you are in the Garmin ecosystem and working on badges. You are stuck in there. Vivoactive 4 gana!

  7. All, does the Fitbit measure pulse ox? I know it has the sensor but I've heard that the software hasn't caught up yet?

  8. Had the Ionic, recently bought the Vivoactive 4. In terms of battery life Garmins way better. The Ionic worked well imho until recently have noticed plenty of times it crashed and did not track GPS, had froze up, and did not work completely no matter what steps i took to restart/reser it. Garmin for life now.

  9. Do you ever update your discount site anymore?

  10. Can you review Polar Vantage V? También, can you compare it to the Gamin Fénix? I don’t think I have seen you review Polar watches.

  11. I like the garmin because it has amazon music and that's my music carrier

  12. I recently returned a VA3 music & a VA4 because neither would connect to my home or work wifi. 5 tech support calls to Garmin provided no results. In the Garmin IQ app for Amazon music & Spotify there are many reviews mirroring my issues. Have you heard about this issue? También, I feel this is an OS issue rather than the music apps because if you go into settings on the Garmin watches and choose wifi, it still will not connect.

  13. I can't wait for the black friday videoit's always the best

  14. I think I'll get the vivoactive 4s for my wife

  15. Prefer the garmin because I just prefer the hardware and design!
    Gran video!

  16. Main differenceIonic is just plain ugly.

  17. I would go with VA4. Apart from battery life, GPS and external sensors, VA4 looks much better. Jeff's Spanish needs polishing. Especially letter "R". Make it sound more like Irish or Scottish version.

  18. how long would the Garmin Vivo4, "Burn" music and bluetooth? Meaning..could it last through an 8+ hour work shift, por ejemplo? Gracias.. (tangent: I"d love to get a Fenix6X.. if Garmin ever puts LTE in it.. and makes it stand alone cellplease Garmin.. then I'll plunk down the big dollars for it.. Salud…

  19. Garmin for life!! It's subjective though. Great video like always.

  20. "I drank another glass of water." Who cares? lol

  21. Por cierto- you're showing the older version of the Fitbit- the newest update from 2 months ago is sort of s step down.

  22. So important question- Does Garmin have a sport setting for indoor rowing??? I have an ionic and thousands of us have inquired to Fitbit about this and it's been ignored for more than 2 años. So many people are ticked about it.

  23. The Fitbit Ionic does have official Spotify Support!

  24. Which is more of an accurate watch ?

  25. My vote is for Garman for its features set over Fitbit 👍🏾👍🏾

  26. I guess for me is how accurate are the metrics each watch provides. For instance heart rate/calories burned in a particular exercise. I know most do fine with running etc but what about like HIIT,c crossfit etcwhich is where most fail.

    App ecosystem is okay on Fitbit but probably better than Garmin for sure. To me Fitbit seems to be more geared for the casual gym goer with coach, communities etc where Garmin feels like a watch for hard core gym/athletes.

  27. Honestly I would get the vivoactive mostly for the size because the ionic is more bulky. But otherwise great comparison!

  28. Jeff, does your Mrs cringe when you habla Espanol?

  29. Due to my lack of expertise in descriptive workout stats, el $100 difference is too high for me to say the vivoactive. So the ionic is the winner

  30. Any chance that you got a picture of a girl using the 40mm garmin?

  31. The Vivoactive 4 looks more stylish. So many things they can track now, that is great. Thank you for the great information. 🙂

  32. I can’t believe Jeff speaking spanish 😂 te falta practicar mucho más saludos y buen video 👍

  33. To be honest I would go with vivoactive 4 because it looks like a smart watch for me. And the Fitbit is good and all but there Is just something about that I don’t like

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