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The Evershop Smartwatch is a Stunning Smartwatch. In pictures it looks like a pretty good smartwatch but in real life its 10 times better, the smartwatch is beautiful. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking and that is that it looks just like the Apple watch and yes I agree it does. This watch is as stunning as the Apple Watch is but only difference is this watch is a lot lot cheaper then a £300 Apple Watch. The screen is very bright and vivid and its a very high quality clear screen. I tried the smartwatch outdoor in a cloudy weather and the screen was easily visible. The build quality is very high with soft silicon rubber bands which are lightweight and super comfortable to wear. The watch also has a 2.5D Curved glass on the edges of the screen making it smooth and nice to use the watch and the metal casing the phone has feels really robust along with the metal buttons which a quiet and smooth to use. So far the Build Quality and Aesthetics of this watch are amazing.

The watches battery lasts a few days depending on how much you use it and how high your brightness is but a tip to save battery is to turn the Bluetooth off if your not going to use the bluetooth feature. Now if you want to charge the watch it comes with a magnetic charger which is pretty cool but can be annoying sometimes and the slightest pull against the cable the charger will disconnect. Now if you want to charge the smartwatch then you have to power off the smartwatch and then plug in the charger as this watch doesn’t work if you charge and use it. This can be annoying but its actually a good feature because charging and using an electronic device can damage the battery and this watch doesn’t let you do that therefore the battery doesn’t get damaged easily.

This watch can be used as a fitness watch and it has the basic feature of a fitness watch and that is a Pedometer. Now when you use the pedometer there is a slight delay but it does count your steps pretty well and I was surprised and how accurate it was. The watch also comes with other features such as Calls, Messages, Missed Calls, Notifications, UV sensor, StopWatch, Sedentary Reminder, Clock, Calendar, Calculator, Remote Camera, Camera (with the front camera on the watch), Image Viewer and Video Player, File Manager and also some motion sensors like flip to cancel calls. It has the basic feature that mobile phones would have.

The watch can also take a Micro SIM card and/or you can connect the watch to your Android or iOS (iPhone) Smartphone through bluetooth. All you have to do is go on the Play Store/App Store and search Fundo App, Download the App and then go on bluetooth on you smartwatch and make sure its turned on. Then turn on the Bluetooth on your Smartphone and connect it to the watch, then open the Fundo App and click connect on there as well, and thats it you are connected to the watch.

This watch has stunning looks, great build, ease of use and overall its a great watch. I think the overall score I give it is 9/10, the only downside I find is that the magnetic charger can be annoying sometimes along with the feature where you can only charge the device if it is powered off.

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