You know i’m, always ready man, hey jd aliens, welcome back man. Look me and wilson pondered on how to give you a very entertaining and luxurious review or yeah a real review. I don’t really do reviews right. I do showcases, but this is going to be a review of the amaze fit t. Rex, smart watch because i’ve been using it for about a week and a half almost two weeks now uh amazefit sent it out to me and i’ll be honest with you man. This is just straight up raw. You ready wilson, okay. This is gon na, be straight up raw stuff. Coming from me about this watch and i’ma start off real raw by saying that nowhere in like in my thoughts was i ever going to think about purchasing this watch simply because it’s not a samsung, okay, it’s, not a samsung galaxy watch, i don’t do apple. So i wasn’t going to get an apple watch i’m. Usually when it comes to smart watches like mavi or my boy and and samsung. You know they have my heart when my friends over at amazefit, contacted me and asked me if i want to check out this watch. I looked at it online and i was like seems cool huh, whatever i’ll do it on the channel, and i thought you know what no way in hell i’d ever purchased this watch simply because it lacks a lot of things and it’s, not a galaxy watch.

Man. I’M gon na tell you right now, amazefit. Thank you so much for opening up my eyes because spoiler alert, i really freaking love this watch i’m gon na tell you what i really really like about it and what it really does. Well then, i’m gon na go into like what it doesn’t do. Well, what i don’t like about it and then i’m gon na tell you why you should buy one, even though there’s things i don’t like about it. So i told you, you know we parted on how to give you a great luxurious video, but we ain’t doing that man we just gon na. Do this straight up raw. I took some notes on my samsung phone i’m in the ecosystem. You know what i’m saying i’m a samsung ecosystem user. This watch fits in my life, even not being in the samsung ecosystem and you’ll figure out. Why just a moment so what it does well, first of all, we got to talk about this build quality. Man, look at this thing. Look at this. This thing is built like a tank seriously man, you know i’m just going to take it off. Okay, because i got to tell you some things about the build quality in regards to the strap. So when you pick it up, all the weight is at the case, and then you notice, the case is really just all polycarbonate, so you can just beat the crap out of the case and you’re not going to be worried about scratching it or having any dents Or anything like that, on the back side of the case, you got this polycarbonate, but then you got the sensors on the back and there’s your charging pins.

Now, where people start to whine a little bit is about the strap, because the strap is super lightweight. I guess this is a neoprene or maybe silicone. It is very stretchy on both sides, and you know what, when you feel the watch, you feel like. Okay, this is a quality plastic or a polycarbonate. But then you got this lightweight silicone, strap on here and i’m. Going to tell you right now, this is going to be one of the most comfortable watches you’ll ever put on your wrist. I mean it just grabs and hugs and holds onto your wrist, and you don’t have to worry about anything it’s not going to get in the way you don’t have to sit here. Adjusting it. I got the uh the gear s3 on my other wrist right now and right now you know this thing i always know what’s on my wrist, always because of the top heavy weight that metal casing and the bands. You know the bands are quality, but they’re, not nowhere near as comfortable as the one that this one comes with. So when it comes to build quality man i’m, giving this thing like 10 stars. Can you do? Is it five stars, okay, five or ten stars? Because the build quality you can just literally beat the crap out of this thing, there’s a guy on youtube right now on the youtube. I sound like an old guy, putting this thing in an ice block, getting it down to like negative 28 temperatures and see if it’ll still work, he’s waterboarding, the watch he’s like abusing the crap out of it.

This can take a beating a lot like the g shocks and i used to wear a lot of g shocks back in the day before uh. Smart watches really became a thing this black one right here. It has endured the most pain and rigor that i could put a watch through and then i got this red one right here, because you know i like styling. I, like you, know having different options for stuff. I have like seven different g shock watches this one is the smart g shock watch the next thing. You’Ll really love about this thing is the battery life. I got ta i’m about to brag right now. I got ta. Tell you about the battery life. Okay. So as i open up the zep app because yes it’s app connected we’ll, get into that in a minute, but i got ta open this up. Okay, so the battery is at 27. It says last charge 14 days ago. Dude! Look at this! Can you see that all right you got to take my word for it? It says last charge. 14. Two weeks, two weeks i’ve been on the same charge and i have 27 percent battery left. I think last night i had before i went to bed i had like i don’t know: 33 left i’m, not worried about this watch dude. Once again you beat the crap out of it. You take it off. If you don’t sleep with your watch on you, take it off, you put it by your nightstand and you just pick it up the next morning and put it on you.

Ain’T got to worry about. Is it charged or not? Last night i decided to wear this galaxy or gear s3 watch, and you know the the galaxy watches are about the same when it comes to battery life. I put this on at, i think, uh, eighty percent of a charge. Last night before i went to bed around nine okay, this one was at about 32. I wanted to do some sleep tracking, because i knew i was going to do this video today. So this galaxy watch or this gear s3, is at 28 i’m gon na have to charge this. If i keep wearing it for the rest of the day, i’m. Probably gon na have to charge this thing somewhere around. I don’t know in the next four hours or so: okay and it’s, not on lte. This is just wi, fi and bluetooth. This thing i don’t know what kind of special bluetooth they got going on here, but seriously two weeks and i still got just under 30 that is stupid insane battery life. You just wear the watch just like you would a regular watch. You got to worry about your charger speaking of charger. It does come with this proprietary joint right here and you know i don’t like proprietary charges, i really don’t and when i first saw this coming out of the um coming out of the the box, i was like uh here we go again, but the cool thing Is i haven’t had to charge it since that initial 100 charge it’s been over two weeks, and the next thing i really like about it? Is this four button layout? Yes, it does have a touch screen.

You can swipe up down, left and right and tap and stuff like that uh, but it doesn’t you know, really catch a whole bunch of fingerprints. I got a couple of smudges on here from something i have no idea, but it really does repel smudges fairly well. But if you don’t want to touch it all the time or for some reason, let’s say you got gloves on or it’s super cold outside. You got a select button right here. A back button let’s go ahead and hit it so we got select. Then we got it back and then we got to up and it down that way you can navigate through this watch. As you please see i’m going up and down, and you know i can go back if i want to that’s pretty cool man so and like if you hit back like if you turn that on and then you hit back, you can actually turn that screen off. Save your battery, even though it is insane now, since we were just talking about the screen, let’s talk about this right here, the fitness okay. So you got this gigantic screen man. You can look up the specs. If you want to see how big that screen. Is it is, it is one of the bigger watch screens it’s, actually bigger than my g shock, watches that’s for sure and it’s the same size as my gear s3. So that’s awesome, but you got a whole bunch of stuff to choose from when it comes to fitness, you can just click those buttons or swipe the screen up or down just to kind of click through all the fitness stuff you can do and it does track Fitness extremely well cool thing about that big old screen is it stays on while you’re exercising and you don’t have to worry about the battery being drained because it just it just does what it does.

Okay, but it stays on while you’re working out. That way i mean, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve worked out with this galaxy gear s3 or the the galaxy watch three that i have right here and you’re constantly going like that. Try to get the watch to turn on. So you can see your fitness stats as you’re, running or cycling, or something like that. This actually stays on the entire time. You’Re working out. Love, love, love that, like i said, the fitness tracker is actually on point man. It actually does measure your heart rate extremely well, during your sleep and with other movements like you know, it doesn’t really pick up any false. You know false triggers or anything like that. I found it really responsive and really accurate uh and the way i’m testing accuracy is testing it against my galaxy watches and my gear s3. So it is right on par with those now here’s, where this thing falls. Short man, if you go down here way down here, i got music. You can actually reorder this stuff within the app, but i got music, no man, you can’t, put no music on here, there’s, no on board memory and stuff like that for you to put your music on. But while your music is playing, you can actually control it through this widget right here, so i guess that’s cool that they actually let you control it. It doesn’t have a speaker on it, so you can’t take calls and you can’t answer your calls now.

As far as notifications go, it gives you what you want and what you need. Okay, a lot of the smart watches. Now i love my galaxy watches now, but they give you a lot of fluff man. You pay a huge premium for a lot of fluffy stuff that you probably ain’t even gon na use man. So when we talk about notifications, uh the the amaze fit t rex, it gives you the notifications, you need. The problem is – and this is where it doesn’t do well – is that you can’t really interact with them. You know you get your notification and sometimes it’ll just say app check your phone or if you get a text message, you can’t respond to the text message, but at least you know what the text message is and who it came from. You can see that you’re getting a phone call, but once again it doesn’t have a mic on it. So you can’t answer the phone call, but you can ignore the phone call. If you want to the problem. I have, though, with the software that it has. It has its own software, so it’s, not where os it’s. You know a maze, fit zep, app, okay and uh. You know that was gon na, be a problem for me, but it’s, not that that could be a problem for some people because you’re you know you’re. So involved or engulfed in another ecosystem, but with me it didn’t matter, because this watch gives me exactly what i need and really not a whole lot more, that i didn’t ask for and probably won’t use.

Now. Where was i going with that? Oh yeah, the notifications. So if you swipe over you’ll, see your notifications and they’re there, okay, that you’re gon na get them and they’re all sitting there they’re living in the background man. But what i don’t like is that is this: the back button i can’t tell which one is the back button yeah. If you hit that back button, you see, i don’t have an indicator, letting me know that there are notifications over there. So once you feel your wrists vibrate beware, you got a notification. Man, if you forget to check it that’s on you, so i do wish the software would actually kind of give you like a little indicator on the watch faces to let you know you got a notification there. Just in case you forget to look at it immediately. After it buzzes you, so it falls short in a category of watch faces you get like 30 watch faces, uh and built into the app that you can put on. Let me tell you my friend: they are awesome. Okay, they suit the watch very, very well. They’Ve done a nice job with the default apps. As a matter of fact, i don’t feel like i want another one uh. You know i’ve downloaded my own from that particular page that they have, and i love it check that out. Man that’s, really nice. That actually comes as one of the defaults in that package once you install the app on your phone, but if you’re expecting to go into like the app store or something and download a whole bunch of watch faces that are custom, stuff scratch that it’s not happening.

You can’t download anything to just watch. You get what they give you and trust me that’s enough. I didn’t realize that until i use the watch i’m telling you man, this is something you got ta try out for yourself with the galaxy watches and the other ones. You get a whole bunch of fluff and it’s cool, because it’s cool right, it’s, tech, but seriously. What do you need? A smart watch for a lot of us are gon na use it for fitness, and you know we need the fitness tracking. We need that to be accurate boom, got it uh you’re, going to need to track your sleep but that’s something you’re involved in uh. You got that and it’s very accurate. Oh, oh, you need to tell time. Okay, you got it. You got like 30 watch faces to pick from what else you need durability and comfort, it’s all built in here right here and for me i need my notifications, but i don’t need all of them. I really only want notifications from my security cameras uh. Maybe some text messages uh emails. No, i don’t do emails on here um. What else do i do? Oh yeah, if i’m getting a phone call, but i think that one’s kind of useless, because, if i’m, getting a phone call i’m, probably gon na hear my phone. So it gives me exactly what i need this. This watch just works for me. It fits so seamlessly in my lifestyle and that’s how this thing has easily become one of my favorite, smart watches and i’m.

So glad i was lucky enough to be able to check it out on this youtube channel, because it is literally a hybrid of a g, a g shock and a smart watch which, in this case, it’ll be a galaxy okay, it’s it’s it’s made for sport and Outdoors kind of stuff, as you can tell by the rugged you know, building stuff like that, but you got you know this g shock. I think i paid like 150 for this thing back in like 2012., this one was probably about 350, almost 400 dollars. This samsung right here this ride. This watch right now is about 109 to 119 dollars on amazon, and i got one real problem with it: man, the fact that i don’t have all the colors okay, i don’t have all the colors. They got a black, they got this camo one, they got a green one and then they got this khaki i’m gon na have to go. Get me some more of these watches man. I’M gon na have to go, get the other colors because i’m, just that kind of guy. If you watched my channel before you know, i like switching out bands and stuff and this one, you cannot switch out the bands. At least i don’t think you can it just doesn’t look like it’s band friendly or switchable uh. You probably could, but then you’re stuck with this outer shell right here so for the next tip or tip for the next rendition of this t.

Rex watch man amaze fit if you’re listening think about this. Why don’t you make an insert, make the watch and insert right just as durable as it is on the inside right, but then you could make a killing selling these outer shells right here with the whole. You know the whole shell, you know different colors, you know you got the red, you got the blue, yellow, whatever color you want and it’ll just look just like this. Does i mean it’ll, look as nice and as handsome as this watch, because it is a nice looking watch, but you still got that durability of the t rex and you still got that that raw functionality man, i freaking, love this watch. You know, like i said man, this was gon na, be a raw real review. I i this is not something that i opened up and you know over the camera and just told you how i like it after using it for five minutes, no i’ve been using this watch almost two weeks, man, i ain’t even bothered with these other watches. Anyway, i am no expert in this kind of stuff, but i will tell you that the amazement t rex i got ta get the other amazement. Can you send me the other colors? I like this watch man, this one look good with my outfit too anyways. I got ta get the other colors and you should definitely check this watch out because it is so fly man i love it.

The price is right. The watch is right, gives you just what you need not a whole bunch of fluff, that a lot of other watches gon na give you that you probably will not use. I had to learn this the hard way man i’ve been messing around with the samsung don’t. Get me wrong. These watches are great. They do a lot, but sometimes you just need a good, durable watch that just feels good on your wrist, hey man i got to get out of here, y’all keep being good to each other and i’ll, see you when i see you whoa whoa whoa. Let me get this straight. You sat through this whole video, the whole thing and never once decided to hit the subscribe button or the like button. Man it’d, be the ones closest to you. I see how you are.