It'S smart watch ticks calm, really glad you're interested in this large format, style of watch, the lympho lem T and the tick wrist max. This video is going to show you how to set up your tick wrists for face recognition, it's a little bit tricky, which is why we're doing a whole video on it. We would've loved to have done that with the lympho lem t when it first came out, but unfortunately there's no security, software whatsoever in this watch. But this watch and this one are built basically the same so it's all about software actually it's all about firmware which is updatable by each of the companies and which is now in the max. That allows us to do what you're about to see by the way. In an earlier video, where we do a review of the tick wrist max you'll find out that you can take the firmware that's in this one and port it over to this one, using something called flashing as way beyond what we're doing today. But if you have a lympho le MT or you're thinking of buying the max, you could buy the le MT and flash the max firmware over here. Let'S get started. Show you how we're gon na do this. We have it open it's on the watch screen. You'Re gon na slide over to the right you're gon na look for settings it's, probably the first one up here. I notice it's kind of bright right now, so I'm gon na try to dim it down a little bit.

I have a little thing called display. Brightness installed it's a special app as well on this and I've toned it down so it'll be easier to see on the video by the way, this little circle, which is for a thing called floating toucher right here and the little bar that we've got underneath here. All of these are available here on smart watch ticks. We talked about those things and you can install those as well, but I know you're here because you want to do this unlock stuff, so you got to go to settings and you're gon na come all the way down to where it says more. This is the magic area you get into more and now look you've got screen, unlock settings and face unlock to step process. The first thing you got to do is create a screen lock setting. If you go into the face unlock it's going to tell you, you got to come back over here anyway, so you're gon na enter some combination. What do you want to do how about whoops? Okay? How about this way there there nope there there there we go! I'M, getting a line going: okay, didn't need to go all the way back up there, because you don't only take it once so. Well, catch the hole there. Okay we've got a pattern. You remember that now right, okay cool now I can come back over here to face unlock. I can turn that on.

I have to enter my password in order to activate it, so it knows that I know how to unlock it, because if it doesn't work, this unlock doesn't work. You have to be able to unlock it manually, so the requirement to have a face password first. Is there there we go and now it wants me to enter a face so I'm gon na have to do this. A little off. Camera I'm gon na go like this, and you see there's a circle looking for my face and it hasn't found it I'm leaning over here to the side there I am there. Did you see that it grabbed my face and it says okay and now it's done and in the future that's what I'll use to unlock the watch? So I can come back out to the watch face. I can turn it off now. I turn it on and it wants either the face or the passcode right and see. I didn't look at it fast enough, so it timed out I'm gon na hit the Refresh I'm gon na tilt it toward me. Oh instantly. It unlocked it now. If I didn't have the face it wasn't working and I try to get into it, I can also do my password and that'll get me in so really simple thing. One more review swipe over go to settings go to more, which is champ down to bottom. Then start with screen, lock settings and create that and then do the face, unlock show that circle on your face and it should record it for you to make it available for you to unlock so that's it.

This is the tick risk max again. We'Ve got all kinds of things, including active complications on here, which means or active buttons, which means we've got buttons here we go, it looks kind of like a windows thing and you can touch the buttons and you can go into things like your calendar or your Workouts or the weather or open the camera, whatever you like to do brand new features, none of that's been available. Oh oh don't drive to work. Okay. I won't that's not been available in the lympho le MT, so there's. A lot of new features that the firmware with the max brings to the equation, but, most importantly now you have a secure device. So when you try to go into it after it being off, you have to look at it and unlock it, and if it ain't your mug it's, not gon na unlock. So all of the things you put on there remain private, including your communications capability as well. So, where are you you're right here, SmartWatch tix, calm we've got a lot of great stuff. We got more info coming on this watch. Actually, winning the video playback test of seven flagship watches so make sure your subscriber to and you'll get notified when that video is up.