. Those smartwatches dont necessarily come cheap, as they are priced 200, 300, sometimes even more, depending on the material that you have chosen and can go. Upto excess of 1000. Add in the customizable straps and you could easily spend 400 on a smartwatch alone, which, for some might be a lot of money that theyd rather use for something else.. But if you do need a smartwatch that doesnt break the bank, where would you find one Turns out that HAOQIN might be a company? You could have overlooked. HAOQIN debuted, the Smart Watch TS03 available on Amazon just last month, and it could definitely be a smartwatch for the masses.. This is because at 55.99 it is one of the cheapest smartwatches weve seen in the market to date.. If you think that maybe cheap doesnt mean good, let us convince you otherwise. Design. The TS03 watch is rather conventional in terms of its design.. This is something many smartwatch makers have adopted over the years where they have tried to create smartwatches that look and resemble more traditional timepieces., Whether it is because they want to blend into their surroundings or make it less obvious for thieves its hard to say. But this is a design choice. We can stand behind.. The watch features a metal case that features contrasting colors on the dial, where 34 of the dial is black and a quarter is in red for that nice pop of color.. To a certain extent, we would even dare to say that it kind of reminds us of Breitlings Superocean series, at least to a certain degree.

. It comes in either a silver finish if you prefer that classic look or a black finish, if you prefer a stealthier look., The band that HAOQIN has chosen is also rather striking. Where on the outside, it is black, but the inner lining is red. So while it wont be so in your face, it offers a nice and subtle accent when worn on your wrist.. The use of silicone means that your watch will be able to withstand sweat and water, and a quick, rinse underwater will be able to clean it, making it easier to maintain compared to other materials like leather. FITNESS FEATURES. In addition to being able to tell the time a smartwatch needs to be able to keep track of other things, which is why we use it over a more traditional timepiece.. The TS03 is no different in that regard, where it will come with a host of tracking features so that you can log all your workout sessions. HAOQIN has loaded the watch with 8 different workout modes for both indoor and outdoor types of activities, ranging from running cycling. Walking basketball skipping football badminton and our favorite swimming, Like we said the TS03 is equipped with a silicone band, so using it for swimming is not an issue.. The watch has also been IP68 certified, so it will be water resistant. So you dont need to worry about it. Getting wet. Logging. Your workouts is actually a great way to keep you motivated, especially if you feel the need to not break a streak of workout sessions or if you are eager to check on your progress from your previous sessions.

. This can help keep you motivated to keep on pushing yourself harder until you reach your fitness. Goals. Monitor your health. Exercising is one thing, but being able to exercise efficiently is another. In addition to the workout modes offered by the TS03. The watch also comes with a bunch of other health related features and sensors that can help you better understand your body.. These sensors include a heart rate, monitor that can monitor your heart rate throughout the day 24 hours. Assuming you keep it on your wrist.. This will allow you to understand how fit you are, and it might also provide you with some insight to your health and, if maybe, you might need to see a doctor. While it isnt meant to be used as a medical diagnostics tool having the ability to measure Your heart rate can be useful in some situations, so why not? There is even a built in SPO2 sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation.. This is a feature that we typically see in higher end smartwatches, so for HAOQIN to include it in the TS03 actually makes it great value for money.. The smartwatch can also log your calories count. The number of steps youve taken and theres also a sleep monitor that helps you keep track of your sleep.. This is important because, if youre wondering why some days you feel more tired than others looking through your sleep logs might be able to provide you with an answer. BATTERY LIFE With a smartwatch packed with so many features.

You might think that the TS03 will last you a day tops.. That wont be the case because, according to HAOQIN, the TS03 will pack a battery that is said to be good for as long as 25 days, when used in Saver Mode. Under normal circumstances. It should be good for about five days, which is still pretty decent.. Last but not least, as a smartwatch, you can expect the usual features you might expect from such a device.. This includes being able to receive notifications from your phone on your watch. Setting up an alarm controlling music, playback, long sitting, reminders and so on. PRICE and Conclusion Smartwatches have come a long way from back in the day where they felt more like novelty gadgets, but these days its becoming common to see people with one on their wrist..