So they sent me a brand new watch to review for you guys on this channel, and i really appreciate all the love and support from their man. So before we get into the video make sure you drop a like comment, subscribe turn on post notifications and if you’re new to the channel, welcome to the two times family let’s get into it. So they actually sent me a watch and they wanted me to review it on my channel and i got ta say man. The packaging is very, very nice. They keep everything like crispy and everything um the box even got the brand name on it before you actually get inside and everything. So i thought that was pretty dope, so we’re just gon na review it man and let’s see what he’s talking about. I seen a couple of pigs man and they got some high quality pictures just trying to figure out how to get this thing open there. You go look at that i’m guessing it slide out. Oh nevermind, all right! So, as y’all can see, we got the brand name right here on the front of the box. We’Re gon na see what this is. We’Re gon na check, we’re gon na break everything down we’re gon na check everything out and see what he’s talking about all right. All right, let’s see welcome and this. This is a little welcome card right here from the brand owner. I think that’s pretty dope as well.

Welcome to the felipe loretti family, the timepiece you now own makes you part of the philippo leretti family family members care for one another. So if you ever have any questions regarding your timepiece or part of your order, don’t hesitate to email us. We hope you enjoy. The admiration and compliments you’re going to receive with your new philippe all the ready, timepiece wear. It proudly we’re sure you’re going to love it. Yes, i will love it. I will. It even comes with some instructions right here, man, so that’s what’s up and like i said, these watches are very, very affordable, so you’re looking at the price range between 100 to 250 dollars and you can also buy sets they have sets where you can buy. Like three watches for 350 bucks, so it’s dope man it’s a steal. If you ask me that’s honestly still um, they are italian style watches as well. So far, i really love how professional this watch brand is. I got a i think. It’S called the blue moon phase or something like that. But if y’all take a good look at this watch and i’m gon na do a good i’m gon na do a good um video for it, so y’all can see. But if y’all take a good look at this watch man, this watch is very, very detailed, very stylish and fashionable i got ta say it looks. It looks like a luxury watch like i spent 500 bucks on it.

Honestly, i got ta say he’s living up to his potential man. We gon na we’re gon na break this watch down a little bit more and check it out, and i think so far my favorite part of this watch. It’S got to be this backside right here. On this back plate, that is beautiful, oh my goodness, i’m, not sure what that is, but it looked like a little town in there and it’s engraved in gold. That’S got to be sick. Bro that’s got ta, be sick um. They also. They also bless me with a discount code for you guys, so if you really want a watch for a good, affordable price and very fashionable at the same time, but like i said man, good quality watch, if you would like a watch like this or any watch, They have on their website. You go to don’t forget to use my discount code right here, aj 15 for 15 off your next order. I got ta, say man. I really appreciate them for sending me this watch the review and i get to keep it so. It’S really really dope i’m gon na i’m. Definitely gon na. Take some pictures in it. I feel like if you wear it, it gives you like a classy look and i got a bunch of different colors very wide variety. This is just the one i chose they put, these watches together with so much effort and their marketing skills are out the roof bro like they have high quality pictures and just like the pictures, the watch looks exactly the same man.

So if i was y’all, i would go cop me a watch. Man like i say, a very affordable, very fashionable casual, look, dressy, look or, if you just want to wear it with some sneakers and tennis shoes or whatever you want to do with it it. This watch would do it all for you, man, i got to say so shout out to felipe already. Man make sure y’all go cop, some of that get some watches or something man. They got men and women watching. So if you want to watch like i said, man use my discount code, aj 15 for 15 off your next purchase i’m telling y’all, it’s gon na be worth it it’s, definitely worth it i’m. Looking at it now, man, i got ta say this: this blue moon phase right here is sick. It even has the months the days and the dates i think it’s, so dope man, i haven’t, seen a good watch like that in a long time. My expectations for this watch was very high and they i got ta say they fulfilled it. They fulfilled it and the shipping didn’t take long at all. I appreciate y’all philippe already for the watch. Man i’m definitely gon na rock. This, probably all the time you know. I love i love fashion. I love jury, so i think it’s dope that they sent this to me. Man and i got ta be more grateful for a lot of stuff.

I got in life man. I think this is so dope. So, like i say, man, if you want to watch, go to link will be in my description. Man use my discount code, aj 15 for 15 off your next purchase. Man y’all see it it’s, very, very stylish man. I know y’all see that look high fashion and affordable prices. So if you want to spend 200 bucks on the watch make sure it’s philippe already don’t go spending on any other watch brand, because you’re gon na be overpaying for nothing like bro. This is everything you can order this watching to be here in no time – and i got ta say man it’s, the quality of this watch is out the roof. It went past the expectations i have for it and i love it man. I love it. So i can’t wait to take pictures in. I can’t wait to wear it out in public man, so i appreciate y’all for staying here watching if you stay to the end, this video man, i really love you guys so much. I know i haven’t been posting like i was supposed to, but i have people always checking on me. Man making sure that i’m posting and making sure that um i’m gon na upload. Again, i i’ll tell everybody i’m gon na upload. Just got ta give me time. So i’ll be working and stuff like that, and i also want to tell y’all man i love you all so much.

I know i had a couple of friends dealing with this, but i just want to make a psa right quick before we end this video take care of your mental health. Man take care of yourself and remember whatever you do just make sure you’re doing it. For yourself, not to please other people, man, because they can really like tear your spirit down so make sure y’all stay focused man, like i said at the end of all my videos, stay positive. Stay motivated stay focused on your dreams, your goals, whatever you want in life, man go get it. Man go chase it.