If you are new today, i am doing a watch review by a company called um felipe loretti and they are an italian jewelry company and they specialize in time pieces like watches and stuff, but they also have other things on their website, so they actually um sent Me a watch to review and it is called this watch – is so pretty i don’t i’m, not really into like watches like that, but um. This watch is very very pretty. I really love this watch, so let me show you guys and if you hear noise, you guys it’s my son he’s in his pack and play like literally right next to me, because he has to see everything that i’m doing so anyway. Here’S the watch they sent me this watch. This watch is so gorgeous like it doesn’t fit. My wrist and you’ll see that in the video but um i can always get it sized to fit me. This watch is just gorgeous like you guys. You won’t need to be able to see it, because i have the ring light right here and even in the video my ring light was like just shining on it, but this watch is so gorgeous so i’m. Just going to tell you a little bit about the watch so like i said they have a lot of different um things on their website. Different watches, other pieces of jewelry. So you should just go on the website. It is the filippo ready for her like the women’s version of it.

They also have men’s, watches and men’s jewelry, so yeah. The watch is very, very pretty and you just go on the website. The watch has a stainless steel mesh bracelet. That is the gold part that you see on the band basically, and it has sapphire glass, that’s, really really shiny um. It has moon phases on it. So as time progresses, it shows you what the moon phase is, and i really like that aspect of it because i’m really into the moon phases and the meanings behind it. That’S just me like something separate from this, but that’s, just like a plus for this watch. I love it and then it also has the date of the month wheel. This watch also comes with a 10 year international warranty. Your watch will be protected by our 10 year international warranty. In the rare event, you encounter a problem, you can return your watch and they will repair it basically with a replacement, no matter where you are in the world anytime within 10 years of your purchase, and another thing that i like about the watch is that, on The back it has the basilica de san marco, and it is um, i believe, it’s a cathedral in italy, so it’s really really pretty on the back of it. And another thing that i like about this watch is the clasp. It has the filippo ready name on it and the clasp is really easy. I wear my nails long.

I actually just recently got them cut down short, but they’re still pretty long, and i can open up the watch with no problem so like i was telling you earlier the sapphire crystal that is um on the top of the watch, the clear part it is a Hardened mineral glass that offers a protective layer and resistant to scratches so that’s, also a plus, because i’m clumsy i drop stuff. All the time like, if i didn’t have my phone case on my phone, would be destroyed so it’s good that the the watch is like resistant to scratches so, like i said, it’s easy to take on and take off and, as you can see here, the watch Does not fit my wrist, but i could get his size to fit me and also, like i told you about the moon phase, um element on the watch, it’s an elegant moon phase, complication that adds a touch of sophistication. It is so super cute. You can see the stars in the back like when you see it up close in this picture. This watch is just amazing. I, like it um, like i said, i’m, not really a watch person, but this just inspired me to start looking at watches, there’s a watch on the website. It has a floral design on it, it’s really really pretty and it’s like in a bluish color, and i was thinking i’d, get it getting it for my mom’s birthday, her birthday’s in june, so yeah i was thinking about getting that watch for her is so gorgeous And i was also looking at the other jewelry on the website, so i encourage you guys to go and look sorry that’s, my baby, i encourage you guys to go, look on the website and see if you can find something that you may like or for somebody Else that you may like father’s day is coming up, so you can look at the men’s watches if you would like and look for something for your dad, your husband, your brother, your uncle somebody so yeah guys um anyway, thanks for watching this video, and thank you To felipe already for reaching out to me to review this watch, i really appreciate you sending me this watch.

It is gorgeous. I love it. I love all the elements about it. I love the color. I love that it’s so shiny. I love that it’s resistant to scratches this watch is so super cute, so i have a 15 off discount code used naturally danielle. I put it up here on the screen, it’s, naturally danielle 15 for 15 off anyway. You guys this is the end of the video, but i just have one more part to tell you about so, like i said i’m, not really that into watches and i’m really big into just giving stuff away, because i’ve been spring cleaning trying to be on my Minimalistic, you know flow, so i don’t really want to add to my jewelry collection right now, because i just got it down to a minimum of a few necklaces and earrings and rings. So i plan on giving this watch away to someone on my channel just comment down below in the comment section what you like about this watch like the best aspects of the watch or you can add, you could put what you would do with the watch like If you would wear it, if you would give it away, if you would, you know like what you would do with the watch. Just tell me in the comments you know my giveaways are super super easy, so you guys just go ahead and even either leave the emoji, the watch emoji and the the watch emoji in the comment section or you can tell me what you would do with the Watch or what the best aspects of the watch is to you and thank you that’s, the end of the video.

Thank you philippe well already, and thank you to my subscribers or anyone watching this video and good luck in the giveaway on whoever wins the watch. I will send it out as soon as i get your name and information and the giveaway will be over um in a few days. I’Ll, let you guys know on here and instagram when it’ll be over because i’m, just not sure yet so, like i said, go ahead, leave those watches or what you like about the watch. Don’T forget to go to phillippo lebretti.com. I already said that, but i’ll say it again, because you have to go: go to phillypolarready.com and use my discount code nationally danielle15 to get 15 off of your purchase. Thank you guys.