Welcome to your first bridge crossing of the festive 500 and 2020. We made it well we’re a few hours away from making it, but hopefully we got there anyway. I promised you a bike ride today, so let’s get into it is welcome to the top of bob and head, and what we’re doing today is a similar ish ride to what i vlogged last time out here, but we’ve got a whole group with us. The rapha rcc members joined us for a ride here on year’s eve, jesse decided to do a little strength, effort there on uh bobbin head good morning, guys good he’s we’re in trouble. That’S. Another reason get right for classic shoes, they’re, very good for climbing up on rocks to take vlog footage niche market, but still it’s a thing. What do you think of somerville yeah, so basically it’s a climb between bobbin and galston it’s, an out and back climb? It just drops down this, this little laneway down here and it’s it’s, deep, basically so how’s the uh how’s, the festive 500 go on this year. For you, basically, if we can’t do the law often features yeah yeah before this, given, i think, a lot of people that watch these videos instead of watching it from the northern hemisphere and it’s snowing and raining. I don’t think we should probably be complaining too much. 202, nice, so just quick, shout guys uh, so we are doing an rcc members ride today, uh, you guys probably know a little bit about the rcc membership program that rapper have just specifically here in sydney.

They have a pretty good group of guys. They do so. Every wednesday for rcc members here in sydney, i think melbourne, has a slightly larger program. Considering they’ve got the clubhouse down there get involved. Unfortunately, every now and again you might have to come on a ride with us, but oh well still does it still does amaze us sorry, jen we’re, calling you out on this 100k ride four hours: lots of hard hills, efforts, she’s, doing efforts, she’s doing efforts. What does she turn up with two water bottles filled with water and, like a granola bar surprise, surprise, three hours in we’re at a slop stop anyway. When will you learn people get some carbs in here uh? Oh another news: my watch has not stopped beeping at me from people letting us know about current state of uh border situations, which is not looking good. I should also quickly mention thank you. A lot of people got in contact with us, offering them for offering us to stay at their place, which was really cool. I really appreciate that um, thank you, and we will get back to you so that’s it that’s the festive 500 riding element done. I suppose for another year guys it’s uh. It was kind of apt to finish it with a rapper crew and uh. That was really good, fair play to some of those guys doing that ride. Today, oh cute puppy, okay, girls, this rap rapper fast festive 500.

. I cannot think of a more inclusive cycling. Thing like in this sort of modern age quote unquote. That’S that well participated in, has that good, a vibe and just brings cyclists together as well as this, like i’m, actually quite jealous of it. The way they’ve done this because you know obviously one of the reasons we do this channel and the thing with the team is very much to try and you know, inspire people to ride and all that kind of thing. But this is next level what they’ve achieved with that, this just the participation, the challenge aspect of it, the the way that it’s linked into social media. I mean it really does sorry actually, sorry, apologies, it really does tick. The boxes doesn’t it, but it um. It did have me thinking a little bit and apologies i’m, going to be a little bit. Narcissistic again had me a little bit thinking about the vlogs this year and i’d really like to know this is this? Is you know, you’re going to make me feel better right, i’d, really like to know like what were your favorite vlogs or what were your favorite vlog moments this year? Definitely the second one from covered cup for me just because i i felt like i was pretty honest with you guys in that space and then and then to have the the way the race played out, i kind of yeah. I really stand by that product wise.

I really like the borah vlog that we did and the mechanical vlog. Actually i know i chatted about that yesterday, but they’re the sort of product ones that i do particularly like and as far as like the club racing stuff went um. I really liked the one where we went out to camden. It was a really great group of guys out there as well, and i think that came across quite well in the in the vlog as well. So that’s sort of my favorites i’ll link those down below, but do let me know which ones you guys liked this year, yeah it’s not looking good here, it’s important that as we go about on new year’s eve, we really reflect on our behaviours, the more we Can minimize and in other news, uh covert numbers today elizabeth were 10.. However, it is sounding like the sa government are calling their residents home from new south wales and so are victoria. You don’t call your residents home unless something dramatic is going to happen to your border. What was your favorite christmas present? My gardening worked. Oh yes, oh let’s quickly talk about your garmin watch, okay, so this is a garmin junior, mickey mouse edition yep and what kind of things does it tell you? Catherine um tells you the time day the date? How many steps i have yep activity yep. I have a chore that’s my goal and i think it’s um packing up my toy that’s right, so we can set some goals for catherine uh.

Sorry, some chores for catherine to do every day and how many of you all zero out of four today, oh well, we tick them off. Sorry we’ve got to take them off um and it monitors catherine’s sleep and i can confirm. Catherine gets a lot more sleep than dada she’s cranking 10 hours night in night out, which is pretty good, and how many steps have you done today? 1834.? I got dollar backs on this and you can even take them away if you’re being lucky or bad, and so we can add things like homework and stuff like that on there, and then we can tick. Those off and and she’ll get um dollar bucks for those yeah, and if i also, if you do a chore um, you get one of those. So like you get a number and they go away each day because then um, like you, haven’t done any chores like. I haven’t done a detours yet yeah, because they’re daily chores, i think you do them every day. Why did i start eating up as soon as i hit record, i would project all this drip. Don’T talk enough. My mother’s not gon na be happy with this. Anyway. Just catherine reminded me, so the garmin was there a bigger hater of garmin on you, but yet here i am back using it. So they’ve updated two things that i reckon have actually made a big difference. The first is it’s accessibility to striver and the way you can create a route in strava now favorite the route and sync it straight from your phone to your device and the strava roots on there.

It’S removed the step where you had to basically either manually import. It import the route into garmin connect and then from garmin connect, move it onto your device. You don’t actually ever have to go to garmin connect and therefore this device works really really well, because you have to go into that horrible ecosystem. Even with catherine and her watch thing, i don’t even need to go near garmin connect, so it’s happy in slurry. In that situation, the other thing is its stability, its stability with the bluetooth connections, specifically, the phone works 90 of the time, that’s better than 40 of the time which it was 12 months ago. So those two things had me pretty much using this day in day out, do you want some of the kiwi fruit? That’S left see the boot? No all right. Do you guys want to say bye, bye to the camera, catherine’s gon na come say, bye, bye, happy new year and kyra how’s, your elbow looking all good catherine lee! How are you looking happy new year? Any any wishes for the new year, no cool all right. We will see you in 2021. We’Ve got no plans tonight.