So, exactly two weeks ago, on the 1st of july 2021, we found out that finally, the ota alexa update has made its way to the unmasked gtr 2e, as well as the gts2i. So we made a statement about that, but we didn’t actually check it so that’s. Why we’re going to be using this review right here to actually test if amazon’s alexa does work on the gtr 2e, so without further ado let’s get into it Music? Before we start testing out amazon’s elixir on the gtr2e, let me actually tell you just a quick summary about this watch, because this is the mid range smartwatch from a mass fit. So the amasfit gtr 2e, as well as the amazfit gts 2e, are the smart watches standing in the middle of the smartwatch range from a mass fit. So to start off with the most basic smartwatch is the amasfit gts2 mini? Now the flagships are the gt02 as well as the gts2. The only difference between the gtr and the gts is that the gtr is round while the gts is more squarish or more rectangular, so we’ve got the gtr 2e with us. Let me tell you a quick summary about it, just to remind you what this smartwatch is all about. The gtr2e features an optical heart rate sensor, a gyroscope accelerometer air pressure, sensor, temperature sensor, ambient light sensor for your auto brightness waterproofing up to 5 atm, meaning it’s 50 meters, water resistant, and it has bluetooth.

5.0 there’s. Also, dual input: gps. Just to make your sport modes that much more effective, so the watch has a round and overall it looks great it’s round. It’S got 2.5 d gorilla glass sitting on top of it, so it is curved around the edges but it’s flat on top and it’s a huge display, 1.’ inches. The resolution here is 326 ppi, and that is the 454 by 454 pixels. So that is the same resolution as we had on the huawei gt2, as well as the gt2 pro so 454 by 454 pixels. So it’s got the classic sport design where you have an aluminium watch case. It sits very thinly up on top of your wrist. It’S got a 22 millimeter, strap in it. It’S a silicon, strap it’s the quick and easy clicking straps, so you can replace them for leather for metal or whatever you want. So you can get third party straps for the gtr 2e and also it’s got a multitude of features and functions. Let’S start off with the sports, so they’re 90 sport mounts and, as we mentioned, it’s up to 50 meters, water resistant. So you can take it to the pool you can take it to the showers, but not only can you use it in the pool because it’s got dualing built gps, you can actually take it for open water swims and that means go to the sea. Go to the lake or to the river and you’ll be able to calculate your distance because of the inbuilt gps.

Also, if you’re doing your running or your cycling, the inbuilt gps allows you to leave your phone at home. You just don’t need it for distance and speed tracking you’ve got it all in your watch. Also you’ve got on board storage. That means that you can actually upload your music to the watch. You don’t need your smartphone with you with this one. Another major thing about the gtr 2e, as well as the gts2i, is the extra long battery life we’re talking three weeks of typical usage from just one charge. So as with all the amasfit and the xiaomi watches you get pi. So this is your personal activity index. Now pi is a single value that basically tells you everything you need to know about your cardiovascular health. It takes into account your sleep, your steps and the heart rate intensity, so the intensity at which you were doing particular exercises and as long as you keep that value above 100 points well as a rule of thumb, you’re, 25 percent less prone to getting heart disease. So on here, you’ve got continuous stress, monitoring, you’ve got continuous heart rate monitoring. You even have a pulse oximeter in here to measure your spo2 or your blood oxygen saturation level. You’Ve got a compass, you’ve got a barometric altimeter in here. You also have a temperature gorge and now to the things that makes the gtr2e different from the flagship well, first of all the screen or the display, so the gtr2 actually has 3d glass.

So that means it’s curved all the way from the middle of the glass to the edges. Here is just curved around the edges and flat. On top also, the gtr2 has a speaker. The gtr 2e does not have a speaker just the microphone, and this is what we’re going to be testing right now, so let’s see how alexa actually works on the gtr 2e. So we can expect that we would speak the question into the microphone, but we would have to read out the actual answer. The watch does not have a speaker, so it can’t say the answer. Let’S ask alexa a couple of simple questions: what’s the weather today, alexa. What time is sunset today? What time is sunset in london uk today? How far is london away from new york? Tell me a joke. Alexa alexa. Can you find me a song alexa? When will you have a speaker? I am yes. Are there any speakers sold in argos nice speaking with you alexa? How are you today alexa, so there we go. Alexa does work perfectly on the gtr 2e. Well, as perfectly as we actually expected it thanks for watching this short review of the gtr 2w, the amazfit gtr 2e. If you did like the content, please drop us a like, and if you want to see more of the same, you know what to do.