Uh. Of course, your your sleep time, your heart rate, measurements all kinds of things. You also have on this. One tons of different watch faces that you can access simply by twirling. The dial you've got all the different apps installed that you can display three different ways as a text listing as the apple cloud that you can roam around the bubble and in this little grid of nine by nine you've got last night's sleep time. Uh you've got your step count information. All of these different things are available. You can set reminder times you can get in here: sync it to your phone and do everything from music playing uh all the way up to asking uh siri or the google assistant for help. You cut all your different sports modes, walking running and bicycling that invoke gps. You have a thermometer on this one that can measure your temperature shown centigrade on the watch, but fahrenheit. If you'd like on the app blood oxygen, you've got all your exercising activity. Even facebook is included on this one, so lots of different apps and options, fitness health, gps. All in a really nice little apple, look alike.