com it's another find out a we're going to look at something interesting that they're calling a watch 6 underneath the final logo and one thing for sure. Fine now does a fun and interesting job of packaging all of their watches differently. This one check it out check it out. Look at that are we talking fun. Yeah i'm sensing, a kid's toy fun, play little watch here. Well, i could be an adult as well when we open the box with the little stick on image of a watch. We get a watch, we get a box that looks like it's got a band in it and more, but first let's tell you about it from the official aliexpress store for final they're, calling this one. The i8 pro also known as a pkw 56. You can see by all the little icons here that you can get it with a variety of different bands and colors and configurations so use the show, note, link and head on over to aliexpress it'll. Take you to this page and uh yeah check out all the different options, ranging from roughly 60 to 65 bucks for this one it's got rotating knob, which means it's going to control what you see on the screen, 44 millimeter replacement straps available, and it supports bluetooth. Calling with gps and wireless charging sounds interesting. Doesn'T, it let's take a quicker look at all of the specs. We won't spend long um because we generally just dive into the watches to take a look at it.

We'Ve got um like it says: bluetooth calling and wireless charging, gps sports watch and no sim card in it, because it's bluetooth, calling we've got a little bit of memory step. Count. Fitness tracker sleep, tracking, dial, calling remote control, push messaging 24 hour alarm clocks, all kinds of functions, wow they list each of the languages individually here as well. It'S called water life waterproof, which basically means you can probably get it splashed, but don't dunk it under water. 20, 20 to 300 milliamp hour battery and it's, using a mpk, 2503 processor square watch, alloy case silica, gel adults, detachable band and um battery they say is detachable. Well, i think they mean the charger unit for that let's dive deeper. We can take this off and see that the watch module is sitting in here. I can take off the cover from the back, which is protecting what looks like electrodes, as well as the optical sensors and diodes for doing things. Like heart rate. No doubt we've got a little plastic cover over it and there's a screen protector on it. If you can see the reflection sliding in bands here microphone power, button, rotating knob speakers on this side looks like it got just about everything here. We have a manual in chinese and hopefully on this side. We have it in english. All right, well, it's laid out really interesting, so i'm going to show it to you on the screen. Can you see that kind of tiny writing, but i think if you freeze frame it blow it up on your big 4k tv you'll be able to read it.

I hope so, more information about it. It'S generally, the standard stuff there's the qr code right there that you use to download the app that you're going to tether to and more information, looks like you can put your own picture watch on it as well, and i think that's it so let's. Take a look at the bands inside the box: we've got whoa. These are fancy. This comes with a tpu type of a black band for sporting and look at this one velcro huh wrap around oh i'm. Gon na put this one on it. We'Ll play with that. Now there should be still a charger hiding in here and there it is, and yep indeed it's a usb connector with a completely wireless charger. So we're talking a watch that can do bluetooth, calling has onboard gps wireless charging and really cool bands. Hmm, i think we need to see how it works. Wow well check this out. Look at that nice band on here, full velcro! I love this. It just slides right through you can take it out, um, adjust it to wherever you like, tap it down bow there. You go so as in all of these watches that have the lower pillbox button, we press it to turn it on it's, coming up, saying, smartwatch, giving us an animation and in a second or two we're into our first watch, face these guys, love nike. I don't know they've got a lot of faces on here for that uh it's, connecting now to the phone, the phone's using the ly fun ware, app and it's, also connecting in bluetooth for the uh phone calling and activation of the ok trigger word for google.

All those kind of things in it let's begin let's, take a look when we slide down notifications. If we have any push they would show up here. Of course, you got to be tethered to your phone to do that and if i slide up, i get into all kinds of controls: there's wi, fi connected this will take me right into my exercise. This is gps actually in battery level, and it flashes until it's connected here's a vibration, another representation of the overall battery, the sound off and on that was muted and here's. Your do not disturb that you can activate and deactivate so we don't want it in. Do not disturb, and we want the audio on now we're getting just some weird ones. I don't know what the heck have you ever seen that one the happy face frowning face. I don't know this one: a little water drop, uh huh. What does it say? Rotate, the digital crown to unlock and drain okay there i just drained something. My guess – and this is just a guess – would be that it's like the apple watch, that has the ability to drain water out of the speakers, but is this waterproof? I don't think so. It just talks about life waterproof those two i don't know the flashlight i've seen before. That makes a nice bright light so outside at night, you can see your keys and keyhole whatever here's your music player and uh it'll play bluetooth music.

If you're connected i've got cbs news going latest news, uh let's turn the volume up and it should be playing now how about, if i switch to another one nope that's, the one that's playing. I can't really hear it that much and there's no indication of how loud the volume is, but it does indicate that it's playing so not too sure about that Music. This is where you change the different uh ways that your apps show up. You can have a list mode, the cellular main menu or nine app screen menu. We'Re gon na go list for now, but remind me and i'll come back and show you that and then here you can take a quick heart rate as soon as you touch it. It starts doing it, it actually does have a real chart here for all of these blood pressure, blood oxygen and it's, doing a heart rate measurement. Now that should put a little red dot on there matching my level between here and here, i'm at 88 and it's. Really hard to see but there's a little dot right above my fingernail i'll cut them. I will i know i i get all kinds of comments here guys you would not believe it. I did one video once where i cut my nails in between them and i put them backwards and so all of a sudden, my short nail cut into a long nail thing and they went. How did you grow your nails so fast, yeah? Wonderful to be a blogger on the internet, never a dull moment, so those are all of the things you get when you swipe up and notifications are what you got when you swipe down, and you always got to go back that way.

It can't slide up that way when i come over here, i'm getting all of my apps and when i come over here i'm, getting all of my apps and so it's both the same way, either way you go physical training. Now these are the different workouts and again they're gps focused, so i can do outdoor walking and running and cycling and all of those will trigger to activate gps in this tiny little platform yeah and it does work. It takes a little while the first time to kick in after that it does pretty good you've, got your indoor, cycling and running and stuff by the way back on the gps, i haven't found a way that i can actually see my track either on the watch. As a small little representation or on the the app itself, when you tap the the dots you'll, get all of the activities that you've done no matter what they are here was a little walk and here was a cycling uh. I got five. I know almost six miles in 25 minutes here is average speed and then delete. You have these three screens, but nothing about your overall track and it's not showing up in the app either so that's a thing, but it is able to calculate accurate distance based on gps as opposed to not for cycling. I mean you can't rely on pedometer. You really do need a gps for that phonebook and calls and bluetooth messaging and call logs all that is related to the phone calling aspect which i'm not going to go into detail demoing in this unboxing video.

But when you set it up to make a call all that would work there. Speakers are on that side. Microphone is over here between the knobs and that all works sleep. Your last night's sleep time, total and deep and light is shown here. You'Ve got your sedentary reminders and alarms. If you want to set those camera, is a remote camera trigger bluetooth connected to your phone there's, no camera on the watch, your overall bluetooth connection and music and look at this facebook is even on here. Don'T use it. So i don't know how it works, but it's it's present. Then you got heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxidant oxygen and just to show you, for example, going into blood oxygen. Now i get the same kind of display that i had on heart rate, but it's going to do blood oxygen instead and it's using red diodes with green diodes, which is awesome. Red diodes with the infrared is supposed to be higher accuracy overall. So i'm coming up with 99 and there should be a dot in here somewhere related to the time of day. That would give me um that level. I got a calendar that's, a basic calendar of the day of the week and overall, but you can't put anything in it. Stop watch, um lost, alert, we've got a calculator and it works, and oh yeah, you look at that. You can change things i like to do division because then i get multiple uh decimal points to show you guys so calculator works.

You find your phone and you tap that and hit start makes a sound coming from the phone, so basic stuff, your overall weather, giving it to you in fahrenheit, high and low, i guess, and what your forecast is and my fingers covering the exact location information. You have the tethering app and look at this a thermometer built in it. Now this is rare. We usually don't see all of the other things like heart rate, start measuring heart rate and blood pressure and blood oxygen and have a thermometer, but this one does. However, in the watch it's only showing in centigrade, but i think you're going to find in the app we can have fahrenheit, which is nice, okay, just vibrated and that's. The history update for the thermometer overall settings, sound there's all set to six. Just because i happen to touch it. Ah that takes me all the way back anyway, clock um, your sound and volume levels, menu changing that's. What we wanted to show you too let's go ahead and do that uh. That was the list menu. If i go back this way and come over here now, i've got your typical apple layout with the turn of the dial, and if we get out of here, oh you can't get out of here. Okay, i got ta find settings again, where's my little settings icon there. It is menu change. I could go into the nine app display layout, which looks like this.

So oh yeah, it goes sideways. So you have all these different ways of displaying your apps as well, which is pretty cool so back into settings. Personal is where you set up your gender height weight date of birth, all of that which you can also do from the app and most of the time. We do that and then international stuff. Your display is where you set your timeout up to 60 seconds and the overall brightness and, of course you can adjust your units reset it and get about the watch as well. So let's take a look at the uh integrated app. Oh, you want to see some of the watch faces. Okay, we can page through those we got mickey, but he's, not animated, interesting huh. You'Ve got different final watches that have more animation in them. Is the butterfly animated, real, sensitive okay there that one's that one's doing its thing, uh, bunches and bunches of um faces available in here, large digital, but very, very sensitive and of course you can press and hold and slide through them. This way, if you want to that's a lot easier to pick, whichever one you want hit okay and you're there, but you can just change them on a fly just by twirling, the knob, so that's fun all right now, the app lay fun ware is what we're Going to install i've got it in here already i've got some step data for the day in uh feet.

Look at that distance traveled in feet, not just kilometers or miles until you get to a high enough distance. I guess and it'll switch total number of steps. Calories burned. Your basic information here, including i've, got blood oxygen, heart rate temperature and blood pressure. So a summary page starts here with today's date. I can slide over here now and start to see the development of my actual step count for the day. I can come over here to my uh sleep time now. I didn't wear this one. Last night, i wore it the night before so i'm going to change back a day, and here you go my sober time, my drunk time and my stupor time, uh. No, no! No! This is a family channel, we're, always sober, sometimes we're, more awake than others right. That'S supposedly awake time light sleep and deep sleep are shown with a pie chart which is kind of fun, and then here we're back to today, where i did a heart rate now. Each of these can also be activated remotely from the app, and i talk about that a lot as a good thing for an app because um. If you have somebody in the household that you have wearing the watch, and you want to check on them, if they're sick for example, and see how their heart rate is doing and temperature in this one as well it's as simple as just hitting start letting it Count down and the watch did vibrate so whoever's wearing.

It would know that they're being examined or if you're just doing yourself it doesn't matter. But there was a vibration when it started. We wait for just a little bit and when it's finished um, which shouldn't be too long for heart rate, usually blood oxygen is the fastest heart rate. Second and blood pressure takes longer, and likewise with blood pressure, you want to stay really still it vibrated again, and it just gave me my heart rate, but i don't see it on the watch. Only on the app same thing happens here for your blood pressure and blood oxygen. You get a reading over here as well. Now the fun part is temperature. I can come over here. It vibrated, like i said, it's going to show us in fahrenheit. It dims down a little bit because it's got this overlay on top of it saying waiting, but once that goes away, it'll brighten back up again, because the screen's so dark it's hard for me to find a place without reflections and shadows. Here we go 96.8. Fahrenheit is my current reading of temperature, so all of those four main factors with sleep time and distance travel are all represented here on the uh. The main screen very good app for that. However, when you get into sports the map isn't working like i mentioned, for gps, but i do have data that's accumulated here, and these are the kind of things that it shows. You it's not giving us altitude, at least from my test with the gps, but it does have gps in here and there aren't any other ones, although you can change from here to your walking and running and other kinds of things, it's, not really switching, but i Only have the one so far for writing.

When i come over to trend now uh this one for yesterday, i could i've got a lot of trends, so it fills it in. I guess the next day. This is a step count trend throughout the day when it accumulated it as well as mileage and calories burned. The overall sleep time is there: the heart rate, blood pressure and that's, it i'm not getting blood, oxygen or temperature, but i am getting those elements here in a trend summary. Finally, my data, which is your personal data, where you put in your information, specifically you put in uh your device information, no buttons and switches to set for anything in here. Like you normally see, your overall step target is here and uh, and about just basically that we're using version 1.99 of lay fun where hopefully they'll upgrade to 2.0 and fix a few of the things that we'd like to see differently on it all right, that's about It for uh for this one uh it's, another final apple, look alike, kind of a watch. This one stake to claim is gps that's, the big big thing going with this one it's known as the i8 pro rotating knob works, it's bluetooth, calling replaceable straps wireless charging like on me all the other ones you can come in here with the link in the Show notes to take you over to the buying page pick out the color, the combination with bands that you would like to order check and see if i've got a coupon and if i do apply that coupon.