In this video we will be seeing the newly launched fireball talk, bluetooth, calling smartwatch unboxing under review let’s get into the video first. We open this box and let’s see what it said. First, we have a manual kind of detail, so you can go through all these videos if you are required to explore all the features of this smartwatch next, we will be taking out the watch from this case and we will see how this actually looks. Let’S. Take this out from the box, the watch feels sturdy in the hand and also it’s quite big, and it will be best suitable for the big hands. Now we keep the watch aside and what else in the box we have a charging cable inside the box and it’s, not a usb type of cable it’s, a property cable. If you see the connector, you can see by yourself it’s a property charging cable and in the other end we have a usb connector, so that’s, all then let’s see what’s inside and we have a warranty registration card. So if you can register for warranty using this one and then we have a subscription card for the ee5 application for one year, we have a free subscription plan with the card. You can register it. If this is actually a good thing, we won’t see this kind of stuff majorly and we have another bold play app membership. I am not much aware of this. I will explore and i will let you know if i come across any information regarding this subscription plan and then finally, we have a ghana subscription plan.

I think we have a three month subscription plan for ghana app so that’s all in the box. Now we take a look at the watch. The watch feels good in the hand, and also the build quality looks good. There is a temper cover is already upright for the protection purpose. In the back seat we have the sensors and also in the upside. If you see we have the charging dock using the charging, only we can able to charge the watch. Now we switch on the watch. If any charge is left out, we will be able to yes it’s drawn and the display looks promising it’s actually good for the price range. Now we move from the left to right, and if you see here we will be having the menu in the kind of bubble shape in this place. You can access to all the applications whatever you want to. I have pressed a few of them and it’s actually opening good. If you move right to left from the home screen and we can able to see few of the main applications handy in each home screen, there is one main applications left out from the home screen itself. You will be able to access them, for example, bp monitoring and the heart rate monitoring on the steps on the other few of the apps are left out, so we can able to access them easily and if you move from top to bottom, there are few settings.

Are there like the display, brightness control and also some of the main features are there we can able to access them? So please let me to use this watch for some time with me and then i can share my personal feedback on this watch, so that will be helpful for some of you now i am using this watch for almost an hour before i am sharing my personal Feedback we will have a look at the futures in a high level, then i will share my personal feedback. Now we see the features one by one. Some of the main features are mentioned here, like the bluetooth calling facility and then the oxygen monitor on the heart rate, monitor and then the blood pressure monitor. And then it has some sports modes as well, and then sleep monitoring and call notification, and also they are mentioning it. It will be having a good battery life, but in the real time i will check the battery life and provide an update on the same. The watch actually looks good for the price range i have pad. It is my mobile and uh through bluetooth. I have had it and we have a app called da fit app using that app. Only you need to configure the watch in your mobile by using this app. We can access the features of the watch more easily. I have tried out some of the features and also i looked out for an upgrade of the firmware, but as of now, there is no firmware firmware.

Update is available for this watch. Maybe in future we may get, and i have tried out some of the features like oxygen monitoring and also blood pressure monitoring. I got the results very quickly and it still be accurate. Also. I will try these features for some more time so that i can provide a confident feedback on that now we look at the watch and the display looks crisp for the price range. The text are very easily readable, indoor and also outdoor also, it looks good also. The rise to wake function works seamlessly, because if you see here, the watch takes only a few milliseconds to response. So this is actually a very good at this price point, because previously i reviewed some of the other brand smart watches and it it took almost a second to respond for that it looks very promising also the features i have tested, some of them in this bubble Mode, i have tested some of the applications. Actually i opened them and i did not face any false touches, so it responds very easily and also very opening very accurately if you touch the applications, it’s opening without any big delay it actually taking only a few milliseconds. Actually, that’s good also, the touch responsiveness is good. When we move right to left from the home screen, we could see some of the main applications over here. The main marketing feature of this watch is bluetooth calling facility. I have tried it out the speaker and the my quality is pretty good for the price range it’s, not too bad, and also not too good it’s good actually for the price range.