. But before i get started, make sure to hit that subscribe button. So you can stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly, and so you can help the channel grow. Alright, guys welcome to the first tech, tuesday review every tuesday from now on, you’re going to see me reviewing a new tech product. This is the fitbit inspire 2.. I decided to purchase this in the color lunar white. It just seemed um. You know the most interesting color option. For me, you know not too bold, not too plain right in the middle and i’m excited to open it up and see what it looks like out of the box. So, as you guys can see, this is still sealed brand new i’m gon na go ahead today and do an unboxing and then i’m gon na go and try this out for three weeks and then i’m gon na come back and give you guys. You know my review, let you know if i think it’s worth it all of that stuff, all right. So now let’s go ahead and open it up, and here it is right out of the box and let’s see what else is in here. So we have a larger band and we also have the power cord all right. So this is the larger band and there you go, and it also comes with product information instruction guide here and let’s go ahead now and take the sticker off and there you go.

That’S, what it looks like right out of the box brand new, all right, guys so i’m, going to go ahead now and start my three weeks and then i’m going to come back and let you guys know what i think about this watch, whether i recommend it And everything like that, all right guys, i am back – it has been three weeks and now i’m going to let you know about my experience with the fitbit inspire 2., so i’m just going to show you the band side by side. So you can see the difference between the small and the large, but it does come with both um in case you need the you know: to switch up the sizes so i’m going to go ahead and switch that up and i’m going to show you guys how Easy it is to do so, so it has these little um kind of latches here right there and you just kind of move it with your thumb and it slides right out and now i’m going to go ahead and install this one. And there you go. The large band is now installed all right guys, so i tried on both the large and the small band, and this is what the large band looks like on me, it’s very large. I have to go up to the third one um from the start, just to kind of get it on me there and now i’m, going to show you guys the small band, so the small band is definitely a more comfortable fit on me and just at the Fifth, one right there and my wrist is seven inches guys and i currently do have the gesture turned on.

So you know when i flip it forward. The screen turns on there, but it does time out um. It does not have an always on display. I think that it has a nice sized screen here. You can clearly see everything you know from a distance. You could see the time and whatever other metrics you have there, and i like this watch face. I think it’s, nice and simple, and it does have these buttons on the side here and another one here. Basically, you kind of hold them it’s, like a pressure when you push on it too there’s like a little bit of vibration, and you know it can work as a back button to turn it on and off. So in terms of using it it’s really simple, you can kind of swipe up and down to get to different areas depending on what you’re looking to do, and you can swipe left and right to go through. You know all your metrics, like your steps for the day, your calories burn heart rate stuff like that, and if you go ahead and swipe up, you can see the time the date and then it shows you kind of a bigger view of all your activities and Things that you’re tracking, so i think this is very user friendly combined with the app it’s very, very simple, to use, i think, it’s pretty accurate. You know when i compare this to my garmin vivoactive 4s. I would say that the sleep is definitely more accurate here.

The sleep tracking on the fitbits are amazing: they beat garmin apple everybody. So if you’re looking for an excellent sleep tracker, this is an awesome option for you. When i did compare the steps on this to the steps on this guy, i definitely found you know my garmin viva lacto 4s to be more accurate, but this was just off by maybe, like i’d say, five percent, or so personally i love how lightweight this is. Honestly, you don’t even realize you’re wearing it. After a while it’s excellent for people who are looking for like a low profile, tracker um, you know you can accessorize it too. So it’s really easy to interchange the band and you can buy. You know a bunch of different colors. You can get the ones that fitbit has. You can get like aftermarket ones on amazon, so there’s a bunch of different options for you there in terms of what this does it’s quite powerful for the size that it’s at you can definitely use it to track all the basics. Like your steps, calories burned sleep distance, all that fun stuff and it does have kind of connect gps with your phone. So if you’re going out for a walk, you can, you know, get the gps metrics on here, because it kind of piggybacks off your phone to do that so just kind of quickly showing you guys the box here – and i do want to mention that it does Have an alarm feature, and i really like that: it’s awesome being awoken to just a vibration, a light vibration on your wrist versus hearing like a loud alarm.

I think the battery life is just amazing. They do advertise it at 10 days with my uses. I have gotten nine days out of this and i think that’s great so considering the price, the quality, the functionality, the color. Everything like that, i would go ahead and give this fitbit inspire to a 8.9 out of 10. and i give it a thumbs up. So i think the fitbit inspire 2 is an excellent entry level watch if you’re someone who’s just getting back into fitness, someone on a budget and you’re looking for a smart watch, that’s going to track all your basics, like your calories burns steps everything like that, i Would highly recommend the fitbit inspire 2 to you and, if you’re interested in getting the fitbit inspire 2, you can check out my link in the description below it’s waterproof up to a certain distance, so you can shower in it swim in it. Whatever you want to do, you basically never take this off unless you’re charging it, and i do want to say that the band is really comfortable on honestly there’s. No irritations at all. I do have sensitive skin and i found in the past that some other kind of watches, like other fitness and other smart watches, have irritated me, but this one i haven’t, had any issues with that. So i am happy to report that all right guys that’s all.